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Monday, December 13, 2010

On the Bead Board -- a special offer!

I'm working on this new Bronze Rosary--Cafe-au-lait Mother of Pearl and glorious Dragon Vein Agate--
The Mother of Pearl is full of character--swirls and golden tones, while the Agate is almost mosaic-like, with its intricate network of 'veins' enhancing the deep, rich autumnal colors. The Mother of Pearl is 8mm, making this a larger and more substantial Rosary that prays beautifully
I will be listing this Rosary at $239 this week, but for you blog followers, here's a deal--Purchase now and get it for $199.  It's one of a kind, so if it fits your style, buy now for a tasty bargain! Contact me by email at jchasse(at)rrohio(dot)com. Payment will be through Paypal or by MO, and, as always, you must be delighted--or return for full refund. Offer good till the Rosary lists in my shops on Friday!
All for now,

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Warm Poppy Jasper and Golden Bronze in a New Heirloom Rosary!

Just off the bead board and listed in both shops:
 This is a Traditional sized, 6mm Rosary--the size of most commercial Rosaries. Each plump brown bead is wrapped in heavy gauge golden jeweler's brass, swirled in the wire for beauty and durability.
Give this charmer a good yank when you get it--it's that strong!
The Crucifix and center are repros of an antique, Art Deco style Crucifix from around 1920; the medal is one of my favorites--St Anthony with the child Jesus. On the back of the medal, in French: I am a Catholic; In case of a severe illness or accident, please call a Priest.
With the bronze Bali beads and touch of color of coppery Swarovski Crystal, this is an heirloom that you can use every day...great for pockets, purses, and other rough and tumble places!
 See the Etsy listing Here

SNOW!!! And lots of it! Here in mid Ohio we missed the brunt of the snowstorm, but it still looks like 3 or 4 inches are on the way. The wind blows the snow around and that fascinates Squeaker, who spent all morning watching from her nice, warm cat perch. We're stocked up on food and kibble, and the fireplace makes the workroom cozy...and the QUIET from the snow fall and the minimal traffic make for a lovely afternoon. Back to knitting, I's been on the back burner all week. Hope your weather is better!
All for now,

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

More African Jade!

Just listed--an extravagant 8mm Rosary in bronze--
It features my all time favorite Crucifix, now in an exquisite golden bronze! Sets off the green nicely. And the Paters are large, 10mm faceted Carnelian with it's warm, rusty tone.
It's listed in my Etsy Shop now--do stop and see! African Jade Rosary

It will list on Ebay this afternoon as well.
But in the meantime, I'm going back to my knitting. The sweater only gained 2 inches this weekend, but it's looking great! Time to start a sleeve!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Two New Rosaries!!

Just off the bead board--
Intense blue Lapis lazuli and pale Mother of Pearl for Our Lady!
Simple and in the classic style, it features a double sided Crucifix with wonderful detail, and just the tiniest amount of shine with crisp, blue Swarovski bicones flanking the substantial, 10mm Lapis Paters. The 8mm Aves make this Rosary comfortable and easy to  pray, even for large hands.  It's in the shop now! Click Here for Lapis/MOP Rosary
Also new--glorious, glowing Peach Moonstone!
This is great Moonstone--pictures don't capture the depth of tone or the glow--the color is a rich butterscotch with the faintest possible hint of pink--so much like a scrumptious, ripe peach! It's also in the shop: Click Here for Moonstone Rosary

In Other News:
On the bead board right now is an intricate necklace, a special order from a wonderful customer, made to match her Black Pearl and Sterling Rosary.  She asked for earrings and necklace to match, and I'm almost done--the necklace just needs a fancy clasp...

Entirely wire wrapped, with no soldering involved, the thicker wire is tediously wrapped with fine wire for a lovely, textured appearance. Shows off the pearls, I'm hoping!

All for now,

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Sweater Continues--so does the SALE!

One day left...
10% off ALL Rosaries in my Etsy Shop through Cyber Monday! Do check them out before they're gone!

The Sweater Chronicles, continued--

The Sweater has grown to almost 8 inches over the last week. The ribbing is done, the furrowed washboard and sentinel-like appearance belayed by the softness of the dark yarn. Above it I place the first pattern, simple so as not to upstage the extravagant yoke; the first opportunity to work with two colors. Awkward after all this time, I snake the yarn through my fingers, dove gray to one hand, and the fierce charcoal to the other. As the pattern presents itself I knit, one stitch in gray here, two in black there.  Slow at first, my hands struggle to work the yarn, until the muscles remember their task and the dance begins between right and left, dark and light.
Squeaker the cat remembers, too. She was a kitten when last I knit, and she would sit in the yarn basket and chew in half the ever moving strand of yarn while I knit it. I guard the yarn close to my feet, keeping in my consciousness Squeaker's location in the room to prevent a repeat of earlier days.
When the pattern, no more than a zigzag, is done,  I move on to the plain knitting that will add almost a foot to the length of the sweater.
I like best to knit in the morning. I rise, and examine the previous day's knitting over my morning coffee. Then, with the cats cared for and welcomed to the day and the daily Mass streaming over the computer, I take up the needles. Time is measured in rows completed. Load a stitch; wrap the yarn; pull the stitch through and send it on its way down the needle--230 stitches around the circular needle, tightly packed and ready to spring off the left needle, then worked onto the right and sent down the length to begin its journey back around. The rhythm is accented every few minutes as I unwind a length of yarn from the ever decreasing skein at my feet and puddle it into my lap. The sweater will use over 2500 yards of heathery yarn. How many stitches, I wonder? How many soft, easy breaths? I knit, watchful of each stitch but somehow detached from any harsher a reality than the clicking of two needles in the hazy morning sun. The rest of the day will be colored by the peace of a morning's knitting.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Start of a Sweater--an aside

Some thoughts on a new project....
The yarn arrived in a bulging but remarkably lightweight box. It blossomed out as the box was opened and sits by my chair side. The darkest yarn, black yarn from black sheep, is rich and full of tones--black sheep yarn--yeah, that fits Mike!.  The 20 balls of yarn, squared off by the zipped, protective bag make a soft and fluffy pillow for the odd cat visitor. Next to it is the smaller square of lighter accent yarns--the pale creaminess of the white yarn and the lighter tones of gray for the patterned portion of the sweater. Tucked in one corner are two small balls of rich, deep purple, a subtle surprise. I will add a small amount of it, but it will make a large impression.
Now comes the beginning: the painstaking knitting of the test square, testing smaller, then larger needles to find the right size for the gauge. The yarn is soft and pliable, forgiving of a rusty knitting technique.
Then the casting onto the proper needle, one stitch added after another in the dark yarn. Every 50 stitches, I slip a crystal ornamented ring onto the needle to mark my progress. The bright crystal colors glow against the black yarn. They will travel up the body of the sweater with the needles, eventually marking the boundaries of the yoke's pattern.
But for now, I take up the needles with their 200+ stitches and start the tedious process of knitting the ribbing with it's own pattern--one knitted stitch alternating with the awkward pearled stitch.
I remember being told as a child to eat my peas before I got dessert--ribbing is peas. I must get through it before I can delve into the dessert of plain knitting, row after thoughtless row knit effortlessly, stitch after stitch, in an easy rhythm.  The calming, meditative repetitious knitting is yet to come: today....ribbing.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Newly Listed -- Angelic Seraphinite!

A Joan of Arc Rosary for your favorite Prayer Warrior--consider it as well for someone in the Military...
Wire wrapped in golden Jewelers Brass, the green Seraphinite is one gorgeous, ever changing stone that is striking--and hard to find in this quality. The Cross and center are solid bronze, as are the Paters.
for more info, or to order, click:
Thanks for looking!   j

Friday, November 12, 2010

Necklace Crazy....

I've been doing a lot of custom necklaces recently and it has spilled over into the shop! Check out my Etsy shop a nice selection in time for Christmas and Hanukkah! Just listed:
and its little sister:
Both in gorgeous deep blue Dumortierite!'s time to list some new Rosaries, too! I'm working on a Joan of Arc Bronze Rosary with some stunning African Jade--so check back this weekend!
Thanks for looking!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pearls and Sterling-another look

Just Listed:

Another in my 'Ultimate' line, this Rosary got it's inspiration from the black pearl Rosary recently listed. That Rosary flew out of the shop, and thought a complimentary white pearl Rosary might be a good next step!
This one is heavy with sterling and has a real 'presence' in the hand--silky smooth with a bit of heft to it (with 4 ounces of silver in it, it  ought to!)
There are genuine ruby accents--also drenched in sterling--and a lovely medal of the child Mary at Anne's knee with the sacred heart on the reverse. The center is a fine profile of the Blessed Virgin.
Best of all, there are ornate filigree Paters, handmade in Indonesia.
All wire wrapped as usual...check it out in my Etsy shop:

BREAKING NEWS....Cat transforms before your eyes!
Well, sorta....Squeaker Fluffytail has always been a stand-offish kitty. Pulled away if you tried to pet her, seldom made much contact; just a quiet cat that stayed distant (except at mealtime).  She was totally beautiful with her long fur, but periodically developed mats, which my vet's office staff removed at great peril .
This last time, because she had quite a few mats (remember, she was stand-offish an d would have nothing to do with being groomed), I had her shaved.  Lion cut, they called it--leaving the head, tail (her magnificent tail!) and legs alone and shaving the rest of her.
This changed her life.
With no mats or unseemly fur to get in the way, kitty became...affectionate! Seeks petting, purrs constantly, has become a loving, doting pet! Who woulda guessed? Not that I don't feel guilty for not shaving her sooner! She loves being short haired. I love her even more than before, and shower her with affection. And I'll keep her shaved. Long haired, mat prone kitties UNITE around the clippers!
All for now!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Black Pearl and Sterling--an elegant combo

Top Grade Black Pearls drenched in Sterling...
4+ ounces of Sterling in this substantial Rosary. The color play in the black pearls is wonderful!
Let me tell you a bit about the Pearls: they are Freshwater pearls, grade AA+. What does that mean? Well, Pearls come in all grades, from not much better than dirt (Check out the $4 so called 'AAA' 'black pearls' on the internet.) to the rare and extremely expensive Tahitians. Good Pearls are expensive. They always have been--in the middle ages, they were more expensive than any gemstone. The highest grade in Pearls is AAA, and these pearls only miss that mark because they are not all perfectly round and matched--but I challenge you to notice that in a Rosary, unlike a necklace! They have the highest rating in Luster (Very High), are 90-95% Blemish free, have a Very Thick rating for Nacre (the pearl coating) meaning at least 0.35mm thickness, and Very good rating in smoothness--meeting the criteria for AA+ grading. A thick nacre is especially important if you pray it daily--this Rosary is meant to last through your lifetime and into the next--but probably the most impressive aspect --the 'Wow' factor--of these Pearls is the exceptional Luster. The color, too, is gorgeous--deep, with overtones of pink, purple and blue (sometimes referred to as 'peacock tones'). All in all, they live up to their rating and keep the pricing on this Rosary out of the stratosphere.
Check it out in my Etsy shop:!

In Other News..
It was a particularly warm and beautiful autumn day--and I had the whole day free to finish up this Rosary while the furry quadrupeds basked in the sun, then sat in the open windows meditating. Do Kitties pray, I wonder? They are always so happy with a beautiful day, I can't help but think they give thanks!

All for now,

Monday, October 4, 2010

Something new!

I spent my weekend doing something a bit different: jewelry.  Time to get ready for Christmas! My relatives are mostly Luthern, so Rosary gifts are right out , but jewelry fits in nicely. So as long as I am making for them, I'll be listing some in the shops as well.  First up--

 It's a delightful mixture of African Jade, Swarovski Crystals, amber seed beads and wire work. It is 24" long and drapes beautifully. See it in the shop-
It will dress up the simplest outfit.
It is sturdily made--with hammered wire, extra strong braided bead thread--ready for some serious wear!

Kitty News
Squeaker Fluffytail is fluffy no more: I had her shaved to remove the mats that inevitably seem to crop up on her back and sides. And, voila!--once she was shaved, she was a totally different kitty! Affectionate, wanting/loving to be petted,  purring to beat the band--all things she never did as a long-hair! I can only surmise that her fluffy coat was uncomfortable, esp with mats, and that she is thrilled to be free of them. Maxx gave her wide berth for several days ("who is this new cat????") but all is well again. I'm thrilled that Squeaker, who always seemed stand-offish and not affectionate, has found her true self. She shall stay shaved--except for that glorious fluffy tail, of course!
All for now,

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mysterious Apatite and Sterling in a Dandy Rosary

Just off the Bead Board and listing even while we speak in my Etsy shop, here's a wonderful, seafoam blue-green, totally natural (not enhanced) Apatite Rosary. Is it blue? Or is it green? Thus the mystery; and the layers of tone give it a chautoyancy (looks different from different angles) that's dreamy and rich.
The Crucifix and center are hand cast from Coptic originals, solid and substantial.
With 6mm Aves, this Rosary is (you can see in the picture) traditionally sized and perfect for a pocket or purse. It would make a smashing gift for young hands as well; and because it is so carefully wire wrapped, you'll have to wear through the wire before any connection breaks (good luck...)
You can see more info and pictures here: ; and it will list on Ebay Friday evening to catch all those weekend watchers!

We've had a big, noisy storm this afternoon, trees swaying, branches falling and our ancient storm siren going off..right at the end....the furkids hid behind the bathtub and have only recently come out to play again. At least the night air is cool and fresh for them through the open windows...all is well...

All for now, Blessings+

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Leafy Green African Jade and Bronze!

It has been a pleasure to watch John Cardinal Newman be made Blessed while I weave beads with wire this evening....
African jade, when high quality, has a lovely, saturated green that reminds one of fir trees in the shade. These stones certainly fill the bill. I'm pairing them with large, faceted deep, rusty Carnelian:
The bronze is beautifully done, very rich in color. And don't miss the Guardian Angel medal!
As you can see, it's not assembled yet, but that's how I work: First making the drop portion of the rosary to make sure I like the combination, then wrapping the rest of the beads. Should be up in the store Monday or Tuesday, and I'll be announcing it in Facebook then. I think it is particularly appropriate for a man, don't you?


Elvis Pursley, my youngest, tried a bit of tuna salad today and found it tasty. He is now a real nag when I make a sandwich--always the adventurous eater, that's him. He'll try most anything, from yogurt to cheesesteaks. I consider him my official food tester...
All windows open for the sweet, fall air, and a cat in each window chases the occasional moth passerby. Crickets calling, other wise quiet. The mice will be looking for an indoor home for the winter soon, much to the delight of Elvis. Hunting them, catching them, and leaving me little, dead presents is a highly favored activity to some.  The other two cats could care less....

All for now. Do check out the store for some Fall, and find me on Facebook as HeartFelt Rosaries--just trying to catch up with technology, folks!

J and the furkids

Monday, September 6, 2010

Summer's Over -- Back to Work!

I took most of July and August 'off' from Rosary making, as you probably already realized. The summer months are when I focus on making a few jewelry items to please myself, and on enjoying the weather...but I guess it's time to get back to work!

Something old and something new--a repeat of an always popular St Francis Rosary with the San Damiano Crucifix done in the warm tones of Poppy Jasper...
The Crucifix is a copy of the one in the San Damiano Chapel, which was in great disrepair. St Francis was praying fervently there one day when the Lord said to him: Francis, repair my Church. At first, the saint thought he was asked  to put the chapel back into good repair, and so he did.  But he came to realize that Our Lord had something greater in mind: The reformation of the somewhat scandal plagued Church! And so he did, God Bless him.
This Rosary is very popular with the Franciscan Third Order, and I've tried to offer it fairly regularly, so here it is again.
On a fancier note, I've got a bit of medium dark, top quality Amethyst made up into a delightful Rosary.
Green is a complementary color to purple on the color wheel, and I like the blending of the perky emerald Swarovski with the softer purple.  Take a good look at the Paters, though--they are from my dwindling supply of hand made Sterling Bali beads with Amethyst cabochons (slices). I love the way they immediately dress up a Rosary--they also feel wonderful and silky in the hand.

Both are listed in the Shops now: Check out my Etsy Store at for these and lots more.
If you like Ebay better, I'm there as well:

And if you are wondering what I was up to during my 'vacation,' here are a couple of pix:
Happy labor day to all!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pastel Amazonite in a Terrific New Rosary!

Gentle, teal Amazonite with matching, sparkly Apatite accents in a traditional sized Rosary, perfect for pockets!
Ideal for daily use, this wire-wrapped Rosary WILL NOT BREAK! The durability makes it ideal for heavy use, for carrying with you daily. The wire wrapping is double crimped at each end of the bead, then swirled around the bead itself for a remarkably durable connection. The wire is sturdy 20g--does not break or bend.
Like all my Rosaries, it's guaranteed for life. Period.

all for now, must pet the cat...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Azurite Malachite --what is it?


This lovely example of the natural stone Azurite Malachite, is now listed in my Ebay store (Etsy is having trouble with it's listing capabilities, but I will list when they fix it...)
As you can see, these stones are a mixture of bright, blue Azurite and crisp, green Malachite. This wonderful combination occurs frequently in nature, and is often offered as a Lapis Lazuli/Malachite mix. You will also find this combo in man made stones, usually made with flakes of Lapis and Malachite from the cutting floor and easily discernible by the sharp angles and strait lines seen in the transitions from one stone to the other.
These particular stones are natural. I list it as Azurite, as the coloration is clearly on the Azurite end of the continuum of minerals which make up true Lapis Lazuli
These stones look like the Earth from Space, swirled in blue and green, and are absolutely delightful. I have wrapped them in golden Jeweler's ('red') brass to bring out the richness of the colors.
The Cross is special--of Latin American origins and full of symbols: The Sacred Heart of Jesus on the Crossbar, the Dove of the Holy Spirit below. Two cherubs perch atop the Cross, and  hanging from the crossbar are two small votives--a sun on one side, and a moon on the other.
The other fun part of making this gorgeous Rosary was the Toasting of the Turquoise . I love White Turquoise (AKA Magnesite) and often use it in it's virginal white state--but I also rev up the oven and roast a goodly amount of these beads till they turn the appropriate creamy-tan tone I'm looking for. Obviously, I try to do this in the winter, cause you really need to turn up the oven and keep it there for a long time, but Slow Roasted White Turquoise is a delightful 'meal'.....I chuck a Potato or two on the side to make good use of the heat..
Again, remember to check out this Rosary at My Ebay Store for now--will get it listed in Etsy as soon as tech support exorcises the demons in its listing software....

Maxx vonMeow has a new game. It's called, 'lean in on the beadboard and bat individual items off, one by one.'  This has a corollary game, 'use those lovely claws to catch the foam pad on the bead board and pull everything off at once, then run.' But one item at a time seems to be the favorite. I think he's trying to tell me he wants attention! How dare I bead when I could be skritching his tummy! 

All for now,

Monday, July 5, 2010

Top Grade Lapis and Sterling Now Listed!

Grading stones that are not diamonds is a crapshoot--there are no set standards. But however you grade it, this Rosary features top grade Lapis
This is deeply blue, evenly colored Lapis with the addition of small flecks of Pyrite. It is natural, not dyed, and I love it! As well as the larger Cross, handmade by a skilled Mexican craftsman, there is a smaller, ornate Crucifix to allow for the indulgences granted those who pray a Rosary which has a Crucifix.

I also have the same Lapis quality in the more traditional, 6mm size--it made a lovely, custom Rosary for one of my dear customers--
The golden Jeweler's 'red' brass wire wrapping sets off the Lapis wonderfully, would you agree?

The Sterling Rosary is in the shop now--visit to see more pictures.
Don't forget the JULY ROSARY GIVAWAY DRAWING from the Etsy Rosary Guild! Want to know more?  Go to and take a chance or three on a gorgeous Rosary!

The kitties are asleep, quietly resting while the crickets sing and I blog on. Tonight they'll go to their customary places at the foot of the bed, down by the window--but not before tearing up the living room chasing toys...and each other...good thing I don't have to get up early.

All for now,

Monday, June 28, 2010

Not just another blue Rosary...

Just Listed....
Deep Caribbean Blue Apatite!  It is a delightful stone, full of color and tone shifts, paired with fat Mother of Pearl Paters and lots of Sterling! Like all good Apatite, there are bands of tones, some translucent and dreamy, others more opaque.  Although gem quality is starting to appear -- clear throughout and lighter in color --Apatite is a stone little known....yet. It is found all over the world, in places as distant as Norway, Sri Lanka, and South Africa, and is usually green or blue in color.  It is possible to heat treat this stone, something that is true of many beautiful stones, to bring out the color and intensify it. Unfortunately, it is not possible to tell if heat treatment has been done (at least with dyed stones you can rub off a bit of the dye, or whack it with a frying pan to break it and see the inside....), but it is always a possibility with these stones.  They're still gorgeous, though!!!
The Crucifix is special, too.  It is an import from an Orthodox Russian Jeweler, and has a great deal of detail worked in. I especially like the two small Cherubs that fly above the crossbeam--I'll try to post a close up in the shop in the next day or so.
Check out the shop for more pictures, and contact me with any questions.

I'm off to pet the furry quadrapeds...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

What is Tiger Spar and What is it doing in my Rosary? (UPDATE)

There's a new Rosary in the shop, with a little known stone for the Our Fathers--Tiger Spar.
The term, tiger spar, seems to be common among Asian merchants; I have not seen it in vendors on this side of the world.  I spoke with a friend who had taken a sample to her gemologist, and apparently this is a feldspar: To be more precise, the dark green is serpentine. There are bands of chautoyant material--that is, it looks different from different angles and has a certain amount of 'flash.'  In the case of these beads, the flash is brilliant teal green against a background of forest green. You can barely pick it out in the top pic, but the half hidden bead in the bottom also shows a band of it. These bands are a crystallized amazonite, so strictly speaking, tiger spar is a combination of two different minerals. I thought it was an overdyed stone, as the teal was so brilliant and intense, but apparently it is NOT--that's the property of the stone! It also comes in a form with serpentine and pink bands...would love to see that.  So Many Thanks to Kate for the info!
It's been prayed to check to make sure all crimps are silky smooth, and it's ready to go to a forever home now--check out the shop for this and more...

All for now,

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fresh Rosary Bracelets!

Four, count 'em, four new bracelets, the outcome of a lazy summer weekend are up for sale now in the shops!
All in red (golden) brass and bronze, with some scrumptious garnet (absolutely A-Grade) and amethyst thrown in...
The Garnet is raspberry-tinged, very clear and immediately RED to the eye, much better than the picture shows!
The Lamp Work Glass bead was so nice, I've done two bracelets featuring it! And the fancy clasp is gorgeous on the wrist.
Two more in the shop--do take a look! They are a wonderful way to see the quality of my works at a very modest price!

I have gotten a couple of intricate Orthodox Crucifixes and I look forward to pairing them with more Garnet and who know what else? These will be in Sterling--I'll keep you updated.  Right now, I'm getting a lot of interest in some nice Lapis I obtained in 6mm size, with two custom Rosaries in the works with it. More pics to follow, but for now....time to pet the cats!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Some Lapis Facts and a new Rosary

I have a new Lapis Lazuli Rosary listed--
When I was looking up some facts on Lapis in order to accurately describe the stones I had used, I found out that ...Lapis is a rock...meaning, it is not composed of a single mineral, but of several.
Lapis is a combination of primarily Lazurite with elements of golden pyrite, sodalite and calcite--that makes it a rock! The lazurite and sodalite give it its distinctive blue, long prized for jewelry. It has been mined for over 6,000 years in Afghanistan and is found in neolithic sites that predate the lovely items found in the Egyptian tombs!


This Rosary was designed with a man in mind--simple, straitforward. The Crucifix shows Christ as the High Priest, and the center is a thick, double sided and lovely one showing the Sacred Heart on one side and the Blessed Virgin on the other in high relief.
The whole is wrapped in Tarnish Resistant Argentium 925 Sterling Silver and there are subtle Swarovski Crystal accents--altogether I was pleased with how it came together, and I hope you like it as well.


We have a small moth in the work room/living room leading my big kitty Elvis Purrsley on a merry chase. As quickfooted as Elvis is, he's had no success in ridding the world of a flying bug. Said moth continues to buzz my worklamp with just the occasional drift into the room proper where he taunts Elvis....Squeaker watches with an interested gaze but no indication she will move her hefty kitty self into the battle! Maxx just went to bed, and at this hour it would be well for me to do the same...

all for now, j

Friday, June 4, 2010

Ordering a Custom Rosary... and a new Rosary is Listed

I often get requests for custom Rosaries, so I thought it a good idea to tell those of you who are not aware of this service a little about it!

Collaborating on a one of a kind, custom Rosary is a gratifying experience for both of us--and is a lot of fun as well! I just need a little info to get started--you don't have to have it all planned out, just an idea or two.  Contact me through my shop (Click Here) and we can get started! Basically, what I need to start with are: What sacramental do you want (Rosary, chaplet, Rosary-inspired Jewelry)? What stones or color interest you? Bronze or Sterling? And be sure to mention if there is any special request, such as a particular Saint's medal!  Finally, price range is important.
Next, I'll come back with some ideas and pictures of what is available in materials (or can be ordered).  You respond with what you like and don't like, and we trade emails until we come up with Your Perfect Rosary. I get many comments from folks who really liked being a part of the design portion!
At that point, you commit to the Rosary and I add you to the list. It can take up to a month to complete your heirloom once you give final approval, a time that depends on where you are on the list and whether or not components need to be ordered, etc. And that's the scoop!

You see it above, but here is another pic:
It started out as another Two  Angels Poppy Jasper Rosary, but it morphed !  I consider it a Rosary dedicated to the Holy Family, as all are represented:  Christ, Saint Joseph in the centerpiece, and a hefty medal of Our Lady of Guadalupe. I've used the same White Turquoise Paters as the popular Two Angels, but changed the bead caps; and I added connector beads between the decades and the Paters that feature rich Carnelian and Bali beads.
It is a substantial and hefty Rosary with a wonderful feel in the hand--would be perfect for Father's Day, though women will find it easy to pray as well--and it is listed in my Etsy shop (Click Here) now, and will list at 8pm ET on Ebay.

Here is a little secret for you ****contact me and mention you saw it on the blog, and I'll give you 5% off****  Just my way of saying 'Thanks.'

Monday, May 31, 2010

Gone...for a while

Well, it's already gone, my Aquamarine Rosary. Lasted about 24 hours in the shops. This is what you missed--but I'll bring it back in a couple weeks. There was a lot of interest in it, so if you were one of the interested parties, you might want to connect with me before it relists. You can contact me at my shop at Etsy (leave me a convo there)....
Thanks for all your interest in the Rosary. It made my day, a miserable summer cold at full power day, much nicer! I'm off to cough myself to sleep tonight, but I'll dream of a beautiful Aquamarine sea in the sun...

FREE Bracelet Giveaway!!

Our Etsy Rosary Guild, of which I am a PROUD member, is starting a new tradition--a monthly giveaway of one of the member's items absolutely Free.
I'm honored to be the first chosen, and here is my offering--
The bracelet is Sterling Silver, Lamp Work and Pearls, and Swarovski Crystals.
The entry rules and more info is available on our Etsy Rosary Guild Blog. To visit (and enter) Click Here.
You can enter as often as you like, starting Memorial Day at 8am and continuing for 8 weeks. Winner will be chosen at random by
Don't miss your chance at this lovely bracelet, valued at $25!
PS--Maxx vonMeow says it works great as a dress up kitty collar!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chalcedony and Aquamarine -- Pastels Everywhere,!

I've been keeping busy over this vacation week, wrapping beads every day and building up the shop inventory.  I had two lovely sets of beads in pastels, and summer is the perfect time for them, so...

Aquamarine has always had an audience, and this is seriously good Aqua with the slight green tinge that sets Aquamarine apart from other blue stones. These stones are lovely, pale seafoam, and there is a LOT of Sterling Silver here. I always go full tilt with Aquamarine, because the bright Sterling punches up the color so beautifully!

My other pastel is a wonderful periwinkle violet, done in Chalcedony. This is a completely natural violet, found in nature, and is neither dyed nor heat treated. Try Googling Chalcedony and you'll see pictures of this stone in the rough. I added a little sparkle with Swarovski Crystal, and the White Turquoise Paters accentuate the pastel Aves nicely..

Both are in the shop now.

And finally, I'm trying to keep a Poppy Jasper Traditional Rosary in the shops--trouble is, they sell quickly. Perfect for a pocket or purse--or if you simply like the smaller, more traditional sizing--these Rosaries are made to last through a lifetime of daily use. Though I usually  use a St Francis theme with a San Damiano Crucifix, I ventured out a little with this one:
Notice the Moonstone accents with their blue flash?
It is drawing to an end *Sniff* -- and I've gotten hold of a Perfect Storm of a summer cold, slowing down my Rosary production plans as I cough and wheeze through the day. And I managed to avoid a cold all winter, too! Seems rather unfair! Squeaker has her own ideas of how I should spend my day -- if she was relaxed at my last blog, she's limp as a towel today and showing me how to totally relax (or is it yoga?) in the midst of my misery! 
All for now,   J

Friday, May 28, 2010

Garnet's Here --and More!!

The Garnet I spoke of earlier is in the shop! And it's very opulent indeed! The color is magnificent, clear and deep but obviously red even in low light. And in sun...o my....
 It's vacation week for me, and finally some quantity time to spend at the bead board! For you Benedictine Oblates and those who have a devotion to St Benedict, I'm offering a Labradorite (black moonstone) Rosary with the classic St Benedict Crucifix.

All that you love about Rainbow Moonstone is present in these mysterious, foggy gray stones--turn them and see the changing flashes of blue, green, orange/red and occasionally purple that seem to come from deep inside the ash-gray stones. The stones are anything but dull!!! And they blend beautifully with the Pewter and Enamel Crucifix that hasn't changed in the last 100 years or so.
St Benedict is a strong Protector from Evil, and his prayer of exorcism is abreviated on his medal, which is embedded in the Cross. The medal is explained beautifully by the Order of St Benedict's web page at --click on the link to be directed to the page.
And visit my shop to see this and more-- .

My vacation is here at home, cleaning, wrapping beads and spending time with the furry quadrupeds. The furkids got a break in the weather and I'm able  to keep the windows open so they can air themselves and sniff the neighborhood smells.  Squeaker shows me how to relax:
The catnip and kitty treats are flowing freely, and we all listen to EWTN for our edification. The kitties remains faithful...must share a LOL from, a funny, goofy site I love to visit...
All for now, time for the mid-morning cat massage and petting fest...j

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Citrine Rosary is back on the menu!

Some of you may remember my period of citrine madness last year ....I still have some beautiful stones, lovely sunshine yellow, carefully faceted waiting for inspiration.  Well, it came in the form of a custom Rosary, made to gift a special Priest--and I liked it so much I am going to make another for the shop!
I'll be working on it tomorrow, so look for it to be listed this week.

If I was looney for citrine last year, this year's version is moonstone. I just brought back my Ultimate Moonstone Rosary--
and some scrumptious peach moonstone/bronze Rosaries...
That wondrous inner glow that moonstone shows has got me hooked!
Do check out the shop...and contact me for more info or for custom requests!

Time to pet the kitties....


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saint Francis San Damiano (St Damian's) Rosary is back

I'd like to keep this Rosary listed at all times, many things to do that I haven't listed it in a while.
This is a simple, exceedingly durable bronze Rosary, perfect for daily use--carry it in your pocket or purse!
 The ruined church of San Damiano (Saint Damian) was where St Francis of Assisi was praying when he heard The Lord say to him, 'Francis, repair my Church!'
The Blessed Saint thought Our Lord wanted him to repair the Chapel, but he soon realized that Our Lord had something greater in mind--the reformation of the Holy Church itself. And that he did, with great holiness and simplicity. For more about the life of this fearless yet gentle Saint, go to:
This traditional-sized Rosary features 6mm red-brown Poppy Jasper in honor of the Franciscans. The Aves are capped with bronze Bali Beads to accentuate the tone on tone swirls of color from cream to rich tan of the Mother of Pearl.
And on the back of the Crucifix is the Blessing Saint Francis gave to Brother Leo: The Lord Bless Thee and keep Thee; The Lord shine his face upon Thee and give Thee Peace (In Latin) with the great Tau of the Saint.
It's in the shop now, so do stop by HeartFeltRosaries and look around!

All for now, must cuddle kitties....

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Peachy Moonstone Tale!


Moonstone--glorious Peach Moonstone with it's mysterious glow and the color of a rich, ripe peach (OK, beige with a rosy tint for the rest of you)! I have some, and I'm having a wonderful time making it up into glorious Rosaries!
I have two flavors for you: Ornate
 And Elegant--
I loved making both -- it is easy to design when the stones are beautiful, and these are top quality: even color, translucent not opaque, no spots or inclusions--just that foggy light from within that changes with your viewing angle.
The Elegant Rosary uses bronzite, with its golden overtones, for the Paters; while the more Ornate one showcases solid bronze Bali bead caps over golden lead crystal. You won't be able to see the crystal and the Paters will look like solid bali beads...until you hold them up to the light and see the sparkle!
Both Rosaries are in the shops now and at a very reasonable cost (considering the quality of the stones)--go to to see for yourself!

I have a little more of the moonstone on the way, so contact me if you have a custom order in mind--before its too late!

The furkids wore themselves out playing after a little catnip session and are now sacked out, each in their own special favorite place--Squeaker in her much loved cardboard box, Elvis Purrsley in the cat tree by the screened and open window (the night is cool and beautiful), and Maxx vonMeow in the bed, waiting for his owner to finish this and call it a night.  So Goodnight to all and a pleasant day tomorrow...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Garnet Primer -- and a new Rosary is on its Way...

I'm going to be busy today, folks...I have some spectacular Garnet on hand!!! See below for how I'm spending a lazy Saturday afternoon, but also, a little about Garnet. A part of our Ebay Rosary Guild Mission Statement addresses the need to honestly and fully describe the materials we use--You are a better buyer when you know what to look for--and what to avoid.

About Garnet...
Garnet comes in all kinds of colors, but the red is probably the most widely known. It is a nesosilicate, formed deep in the mantle or deep crust of the earth in great heat and great pressure. One particular type of Garnet is often found in the presence of Diamonds, formed in that same high pressure furnace, and Diamond prospectors use the presence of Garnet as an indicator of good things to come!
Colors include green (demantoid and grossular), cinnamon browns (hessionite, tsavorite), some lovely yellows, even black. Recently (1990s) a unique, color-change Garnet was discovered in Madagascar--blue green in morning light, red in strong afternoon light...and purple under incandescent!
Garnet is a fairly hard stone, and ranges form 6.5-7.5 on the 10 point Mohs Scale.
It was the most popular stone used by the ancient Romans and early barbarians, and there are many examples of gorgeous inlaid work of the 7th and 8th centuries found in England and Scotland.
Of course, there is good Garnet and not so good Garnet...look for transparency and a clear red ranging from claret to deep red with raspberry highlights in the best red variety stones. Lesser quality will be more opaque, have more inclusions, and often has muddy or black overtones--ick.
I love Garnet, but seldom find excellent quality in beads.  When I do hit the jackpot I buy as much as I can get, as it may be a long time before I see that quality again. I really hadn't seen much good Garnet in the last two or three years, but some sources say there has been a large, new find in Australia.
Not sure if that is why, but the Garnet I just obtained is near gem quality. Believe me, I did the happy dance when I came across it!

Garnet is a bear to photograph!!! But I've done the best I can to show you the color tones of these stones--as I said, nearly gem quality clear, saturated red that is easily noted even in low light, and luminous cranberry and raspberry highlights...

I blended A++ White Freshwater Pearls with the Garnet, and a hefty Bali bead for the Paters. I wanted to give the Rosary a Medieval feel--what do you think?
It should be listed this weekend--if I can get a good picture!
As always, contact me with questions or Custom requests...if you love Garnet, these are the nicest stones I've had in years, and though I'm trying to source more, for now...get them while you can