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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Forecast:: Sunny, with Pearls

On the Bead Board--Swarovski Pearls and sunny Citrine--

The ceramic Paters are hand painted! The bronze Crucifix and center came out a little dark in the picture--they are actually a warm tone. I love the Crucifix--stately--and the center is raised and double sided, with the Sacred heart on one side, and the Blessed Virgin Mary on the other.
Should be listed soon.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Raspberry and Pink Coming this week!

On the Bead Board--Rose Quartz with luscious Raspberry Agate in a new Bronze Rosary!
Powder pink, natural Rose Quartz plays beautifully with large Raspberry-toned Agate! It is stunning in person and I can't wait to list it....just a little work left on it, so stay in touch!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Got the Blues--Intense Blue Apatite, that is!

Finished and listed--
Deep and startling teal blue Aves are wrapped in golden jeweler's brass and complimented by larger, turquoise-inlaid, Nepalese brass beads. At the heart of it all is a bronze, budded Crucifix and double sided Assumption of Mary medal. Both have been handcast from the antique originals by a skilled artisan here in the USA.
This would be ideal for a Confirmation, or anyone entering the Church in this Easter season!
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Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Rosary with Saint Michael

A bold Rosary for those with a devotion to Michael the ArchAngel! The Crucifix, center, and medal have been handcast from the antique originals, and the St Michael medal is especially nice--
The Aves are deep brown Bronzite, and the Paters are double sided, with Lapis and Carnelian inlaid in solid Brass.
With 10mm Aves, this is a more substantial Rosary with a wonderful feel in the hand and especially well suited  the larger hands (though I love praying with larger Rosaries, and my hands are quite small).
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Cold, with a chance of snow showers tonight....Spring seems far away here in Ohio!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Coming Soon! Apatite and Turquoise in a Bronze Rosary!

Intense, teal blue Apatite blends beautifully with hand made Nepalese Paters, studded with Turquoise chips in this traditional sized, 6mm Ave Rosary--now in the works!
 Look for it this weekend!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bronzite and Fabulous Paters Up and Coming...

On the Bead Board--warm, flashing Bronzite wrapped carefully in golden Jeweler's Brass, and unique, beautiful Brass Paters...
The medal dangling from the center is a highly detailed St Michael, wings outstretched, Plunging his sword into the Devil!
Hope to list in the next week--I've got three new Rosaries in the works, so keep watching! There's a traditional sized one with intense blue Apatite and something in Rose Quartz with scrumptious red peony Agate Paters--all coming soon.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Storm at Sea Aquamarine Rosary Listed!

Done and listed this evening--
Stormy blue Agate Paters and luscious pastel micro faceted Aquamarine--84 facets per bead!
The stones --both types--are natural and unenhanced, and the natural blue Agate is a real find from Brazil!
There's lots of sterling, and most of it low tarnish Argentium Sterling, and the medal, Crucifix and center have been hand cast from the antique originals, then burnished to the original patina for a stunning finish to an extraordinary Rosary!
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In Other News...
Spring is arriving, heralded by the bird songs that float in through the open windows! The cats are enthralled--music and fresh air! Can't get much better than that!

And I have a ton of new beads from the bead show last week: some phenomenal amethyst, more Aquamarine, some great moonstone and bronzite.  I even found some very nice rhodochrosite--so stay tuned!

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Latest from the Bead Show!

Now on the bead board--some gorgeous natural Aquamarine and my latest 'find'--
Natural (and rare) Blue Agate from a find in Brazil. The color is the color of a stormy dusk--or a stormy sea, just intense color packed into a 12mm faceted bead. Agate rarely comes in other than earth tones, so this was a find I scarfed up fast! The Rosary will be all Argentium Low-Tarnish 925 Sterling excepting the ornate bead caps, and it will have a powerful presence when complete.  I'll blog when it lists!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Japan Aid Rosary Ready!

Just listed--

Cranberry Agate (a wonderful, rich red) with Snow Jade connectors and sparkling crystal Paters totally encased in ornate bead caps make this Rosary special!  I purposefully designed it in red and white--the Divine Mercy Chaplet colors--for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and the entire selling price will go to Catholic Relief Services (I was going to use Red Cross, but the Japanese Red Cross accepted only 2 million of the 9 million dollars the Red Cross raised).
I will send a pamphlet on praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet along with the Rosary. And as always, the Rosary will come ready for presentation--boxed in silver and in a beaded organza and velvet gift bag.
This unbreakable Rosary will last through this generation and into the next--it's wire wrapped, not connected with chain that can break and come apart.
Want to see the listing?  Click Here!
Thanks for looking,

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rosary for Japan

Almost ready--all proceeds go to the Red Cross Relief Fund for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami...

Cranberry agate with snow jade connectors and encased crystal Paters with bronze Crucifix and center--I chose red and white for the Divine Mercy connection.  This Rosary will be offered in my eBay shop, as eBay has a giving program that will automatically donate the purchase price to the Red Cross.
Look for a blog later this week with listing details!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Solid Brass Beads in a Powerful New Rosary!

It's in the shop!
Solid, hand made and hammered Brass beads add substance and beauty to this powerful, substantial Rosary!
The brass is bright--the Bronze Crucifix and center is more muted and adds a nice tonal contrast.
The natural agate Paters bring out the golden tones; and like the Aves, they are simply and securely double wrapped in golden brass wire for a secure, unbreakable connection.
There's a hint of fog in the white jade connectors that brings out the shine on the brass--but the beads need no help to look and feel fantastic.
Each brass bead starts out life as a little square of solid brass.  Then a skilled Ohio artisan 'convinces them they want to be round' with a hammer and die. The end result is striking!
Want to see the listing? Click here!
And check out the store for more of my work. It is getting more difficult to keep the shelves stocked, but you can look at my sold Rosaries for inspiration!
Next up: Ruby Agate in a red/white Divine Mercy-inspired Rosary with ALL proceeds going to The Red Cross for aid to the earthquake/tsunami victims in the blog for more details! 
all for now

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Coming Soon! Hand Hammered Brass Beads!

Hoping to list this in a day or so...the brass beads featured were hand made in the US from solid blocks of brass, hammered carefully into 8mm rounds--not an easy job! But the outcome is beautiful!
The natural agate brings out the golden tones, and the bronze Crucifix and center add another layer of tonal shading.  While this is gorgeous in its pristine, shiny appearance, the brass and bronze will, over time, develop a lovely patina.  (Of course, you can keep it shiny with a little Brasso polish.)
I'll be working on it today--after a final trip to the bead show to gather a few more treasures!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Ultimate Wedding Rosary

Moonstone is such a stunning stone--and look what happens when it's combined with a unique Latin American Cross!
This is moonstone of remarkable quality and size--lots of blue flash, consistent color and no dark spots or brown tones--just pure, sweet, milky fog in large 9mm and 11mm size. You won't find anything even close elsewhere!
To see the listing, Click here!


Use the coupon 'discount10' this weekend for 10% off anything in the shop! Offer ends 3/13/11at midnight--have fun, you savvy shoppers, you! To visit the shop, click here!

It's Done!

And here is the first Rosary featuring the Pectoral Cross from the estate of a Bishop, hand cast from the original in solid bronze!
The medal of The Blessed Virgin is also new--also hand cast in bronze, this time from a heavy French antique. It is highly detailed and crisp.  The Crucifix also features a lot of fine detail, front AND back, with a space for engraving if you so desire.
The Paters are large, to balance the 4" Crucifix, but silky smooth and a pleasure to pray.
And as always, it comes ready for presentation, boxed in silver and in a beaded velvet and organza bag.
To go to the listing, Click here!
And take another look at the gorgeous Amethyst and Fire Agate Rosary that is still available--

It may be a bit extravagant, but it's beautiful and a pleasure to pray!
To see the listing, Click here!

I went to the bead show today and got a great selection of some very scrumptious beads, including the best faceted amethyst rounds I've ever seen. I also have some great Amazonite, lovely top grade Lapis, and a variety of large beads in browns for Paters. Look for some of these finds to show up on the bead board soon!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Coming This Week! New Victorian Crucifix and more...

On the bead board this afternoon...
This is a new Crucifix, patterned front AND back and just flat gorgeous.  The medal is new,too, and you're the first to see them!  This will be substantial in size--the Crucifix is 3.5"! Larger Rosaries pray beautifully and have a lovely feel in the hand, in case you've never tried one.  This particular one should be listed sometime this week, and will make an elegant addition to your collection!

The Ultimate Aquamarine Rosay -- now listed!

It's listed in my Etsy shop now--mysterious seafoam Aquamarine drenched in Sterling Silver--

This substantial, 8mm Rosary glows with Natural (not artificially enhanced!) Aquamarine and is heavy in silver.
As always, is wire wrapped for durability and strength (and beauty!) and is guaranteed unbreakable. The Aquamarine is from my rapidly declining store of beads I scooped up at a bead show some time ago.They are beautiful, excellent quality and even and intense in tone. The generous use of Sterling sets off the color!
The Crucifix is a double Crucifix, thick and heavy; the center is a Lourdes medal; and the medal is St Anthony medal. All have been carefully hand cast in solid Argentium Sterling Silver--Argentium Sterling being a Tarnish Resistant genuine 925 Sterling Silver--then burnished to the original patina. The wire for wrapping is likewise Argentium, which means this Rosary will retain its luster with just the occasional swipe with a soft cloth!
This Rosary has a lovely heft and prays beautifully.
To see the listing, Click Here!

I just got some gorgeous new pieces back from the caster and I can't wait to work with them! Look for Crucifixes, centers, and medals from my personal collection in some upcoming Rosaries that I hope will honor Mary and Jesus even more than before!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Aquamarine in Silver--now on the Bead Board

The results of a Sunday afternoon's work....
Lots of Sterling, a heavy double Crucifix and a Lourdes center grace this stunner. The Aquamarine is especially nice, with a beautiful, gentle blue color with the tiniest hint of green (this is natural Aquamarine, not enhanced).
Hoping to list this Monday or Tuesday, so keep in touch!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Magnificent Sterling--and lots of it!

Here's a solid Sterling Silver Rosary for you--large, with 9mm Aves; substantial at 150g (5oz); and beautiful!
Ornate and nicely detailed, this Rosary is a stunner--and a great way to honor Our Lady in prayer!
As always, it is wire wrapped in even  more Sterling for an unbreakable construction that guarantees against breakage for this life and into the next generation.
It's listed now--to see the listing Click here!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's Ready for First Communion!

Hot off the bead board and finally finished...

Glorious Swarovski Crystal Pearls and rich, russet Fire Agate capped ornately!
Crucifix and center are solid bronze, hand cast from the original Art Deco antiques.
And as always, wrapped in heavy gauge golden Jeweler's brass for an unbreakable Rosary that's perfect for First Communion (and just as appropriate for grown ups!)
To visit the listing, Click Here!

Celebrate Sunshine!
If's kinda unusual in mid Ohio this time of year, but we've had two great big, sunny days. Nippy, but sunny and I opened the windows to air out the  house--and of course the kitties mobbed the windows, sniffing the crisp air and letting their fur be ruffled by the wind.  It was nice to give them such a treat! Rain is coming, but I think they enjoyed toasting themselves in the warm afternoon sun!

In Other News
The Nepalese bead Paters are a big hit--look for more in the future. I'm also attending a big bead show next week, and hope to find some special beads for my next Rosary...or two...or more...will let you in on the results!

all for now,