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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's Soup! The Black Pearl Rosary is back! Now with Rubies!

Finally finished a new Black Pearl Rosary, heavy in sterling, with some absolutely wonderful Paters!
Yes, REAL 6mm rubies, thank you for asking...

These are AA+ grade Pearls with wonderful luster...for more info on how these pearls were graded, see my listing.  You know, pearls come in all varieties, from dirt cheap (and worth dirt) to pricey--it pays to know your pearls, and I studied hard and looked harder to find these. They are magnificent, though I feel sorry for the oyster....

I'm working on some Traditional sized Rosaries at a good price--great for pockets and purses, and heaven knows wire wrapping makes them unbelievably durable for everyday use.  These Rosaries use 6mm beads for the Aves--the most common size in commercial Rosaries.  But they are made with the same attention to detail as any of my more substantial 8mm Rosaries and will last through a lifetime and into the next generation.  Here's what I'm working on tonight:

Lapis and warm Sunstone Rosary
Suitable for men or women, but wouldn't it make a lovely First Communion Rosary?

Just listed:

Natural Apatite and Foggy Quartz Rosary
Very feminine, do you think?

All are, or will be soon, available at, along with several other new Rosaries!

In other news, the Kitties are fine--they've taken up eating as an olympic sport and hope to qualify for 2012. I don't know if it's winter weather or what, but they are going through large bags of kitty crunchies in record time...and begging for treats shamelessly. They tell me it's true love, but I suspect Whisker Lickin's soft cat treats are the real reason for all the affection...

all for now,  j