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Monday, January 30, 2012

Stunning Pearl and Ruby Rosary!

On the bead board this week at
Large, 8mm, AA+ Freshwater Pearls drenched in Silver and genuine Ruby Paters! 
Pearls come in a variety of qualities and price ranges--and good Pearls are pricey, to be sure.  These are high quality, carefully graded pearls that mis the highest grade of AAA only because they are slightly off-round--not noticeable in this Rosary.  They are graded with a  nacre (pearl coating) of thick to very thick, they are 90-95% without flaw and luster is very high--all in all, a very high rating--one look at these pearls and you will see why!
The Paters are large, 10mm rondelles of genuine Pidgeon Blood Ruby (yes, that's the color name!)--rounded and smooth with deep, rich, intense red color.
And all are capped in Sterling Silver for a rich shine.
No expense was spared--the unique Crucifix, center, and the wire wrapping is all done in genuine Argentium 925 Sterling Silver, a low tarnish Sterling that holds its shine with only the occasional buff with a soft cloth.
This exceptional Rosary will list later this week--be sure to visit my shop,, to see it! I'll blog again when it lists--so watch this space .

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Just Listed at HeartFelt Rosaries!

Icy Pale Green Amethyst in Argentium Sterling Silver--
Unbreakable construction--gem quality, eye clean Amethyst--guaranteed for life 
Now listed at at $599, this Rosary showcases some of the new supply of Green Amethyst that is hitting the market (and causing quite a stir).  The stones are gem quality, clear and micro faceted for maximum sparkle, and they glow in the light! I've used an Art Deco setting of Crucifix and Marian center, with ornamented bali beads (handmade) for the Paters.  
As always, each bead is double wrapped at each end, then swirled in low tarnish Argentium 925 Sterling Silver for a shine that lasts, and a durability that will last your lifetime and more.
I take pride in the workmanship, and guarantee each Rosary for life.  Try one and see-in fact, I am so sure it will exceed expectations that I will pay your postage if you return it!
Come visit the shop, HeartFelt Rosaries and buy with confidence--come be part of the HeartFelt Rosaries family!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Green Amethyst Coming to!

On the bead board today--pale, evanescent Green Amethyst in Sterling! This is gem quality Amethyst, clear and clean, micro faceted for sparkle and shine--
Unbreakably wire wrapped in sturdy Sterling wire, this Rosary will last into the next generation.  With large, 8mm Amethyst, this Rosary is more substantial than the typical commercial Rosary and has a wonderful feel in the hand.  If you have never prayed on a larger Rosary, you will be pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it is to pray.
It will list in a day or two on and I will blog again when it does.

The Citrine Rosary you saw in preview last week sold before I could list it--sorry if you were waiting--I'll list more Citrine soon!  I'd like to do a Rosary in Citrine and golden Bronze--what do you think?

Stay in touch for the latest updates on up and coming Rosaries--and let me know if there's something you'd like to see brought to life--and don't forget that you can custom order a Rosary created uniquely for you (contact me through the shop)!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Nature's Gift Rosary Now Listed!

Here is a Rosary with an earthy, natural feel--forest green African Jade and Desert-toned Picture Jasper in bronze--
There's just a hint of sparkling sunshine in the genuine Swarovski Crystal beads connecting the Paters to the Aves--I think this brings a bit of Summertime lost into the gray of winter!
Unbreakably wire wrapped as always, this is now listed in the shop and can be viewed at  Stop by for a visit today!

I haven't reported on the Terrible Trio for a while--they are fine.  I recently got a mattress pad electric bed warmer, which has proven to be a cat magnet.  It's not uncommon for all three to be hogging the bed at night, dead weight over my feet and back as they dream through the chilly evening--and it haas been more than chilly with a couple of light snowfalls this month.
I think of the kitties out of doors and hug mine a little closer--and put out a bowl of food and water for the ferals in the neighborhood.  And wait for Spring.

Luscious yellow Citrine in Sterling in the works--

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Coming to This Week!

On the bead board now--elegant, earthy African Jade with Picture Jasper Paters!
The green jade is vibrant and lush, while the picture jasper is full of dark brown veins and dappled tan.
Wire wrapped for beauty and durability, this Rosary is virtually unbreakable and will last into the next generation!
Note also the Lily center--the Lily represents Our Blessed Mother.
See it in the shop later this week--I'll blog when it's listed!

Gold and Silver in a Two-toned Garnet Rosary!

I was so pleased with how this custom order turned out, I have to share!

This is custom made for a client to present to his wife on her birthday.  The Crucifix and center are solid gold, as are the small accent beads flanking the Paters.  The wrapping is done in sterling wire for a terrific visual punch.  And notice the large heart-shaped garnet on the dangle--a personal touch added by the client--from a garnet the couple mined themselves.
See what fun it is to design your own unique Rosary with my help?  If you're interested, you can reach me through my shop at!  Do come visit and browse the shop!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Just Listed at HeartFelt Rosaries!

Warm red Jasper flashed with bronze and White Turquoise in a new Rosary from
featuring a medal of Saint Michael and a center of the Divine Mercy, this Rosary can be prayed as a traditional Rosary, or as the Chaplet of Divine Mercy (instructions for both are included).
To read more about it, click here to go to the listing!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Request for OL Guadalupe Medals/Rosary

I was asked if I had a Rosary of Our Lady of Guadalupe and wanted to show you two of my favorite medals, which can be added to any Rosary--rhe one on the left is a Rosary center, and the one on the right is a free hanging medal. Both are in stock and ready to grace one of the Rosaries in the shop--or a new, custom Rosary designed just for you!

Now Listed at!

This new Aquamarine Rosary is now available! Click here to see the listing!
I prefer the natural Aquamarine with its faint green tinge to the 'enhanced' stones--what do you think?

New Rosary of the Divine Mercy Listing this Week!

Beautiful, muted, winter apple red Jasper and toasted White Turquoise pair with a Divine Mercy center and Victorian Crucifix in bronze for my newest Rosary--

You'll find it at in the next day or two, $249.
There is a lovely medal of St Michael as well--and, as always, wire wrapped for a virtually unbreakable Rosary.
Because of the red and white coloration, and the Divine Mercy medal, this Rosary is especially suited for the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

You can find more info on the Divine Mercy and St Faustina on, and you can see the Chaplet done--in song and beautifully-on EWTN every day at 3p.