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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New at!

The preview of this striking Rosary generated more interest than any others I have offered in quite a while...sometimes simple is best.

The 8mm Onyx Hail Marys shine with the Sterling wire wrap, and the 12mm silver plated Our Fathers are especially nice.

The Crucifix is a lovely Pewter and Ebony one, with the 4 evangelists---Mathew, Mark, Luke and John.  On the back are the Stations of the Cross in wonderful detail.

The solid Sterling Silver center is Our Lady of Sallette..

Each 8mm Ave is looped at each end, double wrapped, then swirled in sturdy solid Sterling wire for a connection to strong and durable, the Rosary is guaranteed against breakage for life. Period. This Rosary will last into the next generation!

It is silky smooth and prays well--the swirl of wire on each Ave gently leads your fingers from one bead to the next, and it has a pleasing heft in the hand.

With larger components and Paters, this is a slightly larger Rosary than the traditional, commercial variety. Well crimped and silky smooth, it is a pleasure to use.

Length 28".

A reverent and meaningful gift, this will suit a man or a woman.
As always, this Rosary comes ready for presentation--boxed in silver and in a beaded velvet and organza gift bag!

LAYAWAY available

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Black and Sterling Silver Rosary Crucifix with Stations of the Cross

On the Bead Board--
A simple, elegant black onyx wire wrap Rosary with the Stations of the Cross on front and back of the crucifix. The work is well done and highly detailed, though small (in order to fit on the Crucifix).
This Crucifix is Pewter with onyx insets and is one of the nicest I've seen in a long time
The wiring is solid Sterling wire, as is the Our Lady of Loretto center.
Our Fathers are Bali-style Silver plated over copper.
Notice also the small Crosses used as connectors
Unbreakable wire wrapping! Guaranteed for life against breakage!
I'll blog again when it is listed.
Click and stop by and see the collection!

Apatite Rosary Bracelet Listed!

This Rosary bracelet is made with the leftover beads from an Apatite Rosary I just listed.
The  Our Father bead is  Bali-style, silver plated heart flanked with azure Swarovski beads.
A magnetic closure makes it easy on. 
A silver-plated Crucifix dangles gracefully from the Our Father beads. 
It will arrive ready for presentation in a beaded gift bag.                    

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Silver and Apatite in a new Rosary!

In the shop now--
This rich looking, intense blue Apatite, coupled with large, Silver plate Our Fathers and a beautiful picture of Our Lady is my attempt at giving you a Rosary that is wire-wrapped at a lower price without sacrificing the quality. I have (for the first time) used silver plate in the Our Fathers and Pewter in the Crucifix, center, and accent beads. The wire, however, is solid Sterling.
The Apatite is 6mm, the traditional size for commercial Rosaries--it has a nice heft when held, and prays beautifully.
It will come boxed in silver and in a beaded velvet and organza gift bag.
As always, the wiring is guaranteed against breaking for life.
Thanks for looking!

ON SALE! The Ultimate Black Pearl and Ruby Sterling Rosary

ON SALE this Weekend at
Peacock Pearl 8mm with solid Sterling Silver components! 
Was $844--Now $750

Friday, December 27, 2013

On the Bead Board!

Apatite and Silver Rosary--this one is an experiment --tho the wire is 100% Sterling, the Our Fathers are silver plate and the Cruifix and center are Pewter.  The idea is to offer the option of a wire wrap
at a lower price point of $199.  Here's a pic of the Rosary in progress...
I'll blog when it is listed.

Thursday, December 26, 2013


After Christmas sale going on--
Swarovski Crystal and Pearl Rosary Bracelet  was $20--now $17. Only one available--get it while you can!
Lots of bargains available-  stop by today!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

New Rosary Bracelets at!

Four New Bracelets in the shop now!
Top left is Aquamarine and Amazonite with Swarovski Crystal and magnetic closure;
Top right is Amethyst and Swarovski  Crystal Heart with silver plated crosses;
Bottom Left is Picture Jasper with Citrine and a BVM medal;
Finally (and hardest to photograph) a fat, 12mm Ruby Swarovski Crystal Our Father and red Tigereye  Hail Marys with more Crystal spacers.

All but one bracelet done on a relaxed and lovely Christmas Day, surrounded by cats and Christmas music.
The day started at 5am, when the kitties gathered around the bed and informed me it was time for breakfast.  Having been up late for Midnight Mass, I took afront to the earliness of the hour and turned over.  Maxx vonMeow gently batted at my cheek with a soft paw and when that did not receive the expected reponse, let out the pointy ends just enough to give me a hint of what was coming if I didn't get out of bed now.  Being their obedient servant, and to prevent being shredded, I got up, fed them (with an extra can of chow for Christmas), and tried to get to sleep again, but no use--so it's been a long day.  After lunch, I puttered at the bead board to make these bracelets--sometimes with a cat in my lap.  It was a wonderful, quiet day.  I hope your Christmas was wonderful as well.   Blessings+

Merry Christmas from HeartFelt Rosaries!!

May the blessings and grace of this sacred day remain with you  all year!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Honor St Therese with s special Rosary-Now at

Just listed for those with a devotion to the Little Flower--some excellent quality Lapis with pewter Crucifix and center, and antiqued silver plate Paters...

Lovely Lapis in a new Cable Rosary

Just listed--
Cable Rosary-- Lovely quality 6m Lapis Aves with Paters, center, and Crucifix in Pewter. 
Wire wrap, unbreakable Sterling Silver Rosary with Foggy Quartz and unpolished Aquamarine. St Gabriel medal (Pewter), Swarovski Crystal flanking the Pater bead. Small top quality Aquamarine heishi  serve as part of the Pater, and also as spacers.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Aquamarine Silver Rosary on the bead board!

At in the next day or so--
Unbreakably wire wrapped and guaranteed against breakage for life!  The Aves are frosted Agate, the Paters are fabulous 12mm frosted Aquamarine with Swarovski Crystal and polished Aquamarine heishi. All Sterling.
The wrappings are consistant, and obsessively tested for 'stickies'.  The Paters use 20g wire to keep them from bending with use, and the rest of the Rosary is 22g, still a sturdy wire.
Watch this blog for notification of listing!  Blessings+

Friday, December 13, 2013

Now in the Shop!

Just listed @ $20--fabulous blue goldstone, Swarovski Crystal and Bali bead!  Visit and see more!

SALE!! 15% off Through Monday!

Everything in the store marked down--come visit and see for yourself!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sparkling Blue Goldstone Rosary Bracelet

Coming tomorrow--the best goldstone I have seen in years!  Stop by and see it and more!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Aquamarine in Silver Now in the Shop

Now Listed at
This is a larger Rosary, with 9mm Aquamarine Aves.  Wire, Crucifix and center are solid 925 Sterling Silver--the bead caps are Pewter, but they worked so well with the rest of the Rosary that I've kept them.  Note the Azure Swarovski Crystals used as spacers between the Aves and the Paters. 

Check out the shop and see the whole collection--there's wire wrapped Rosaries, Cable Rosaries, and a nice selection of Rosary Bracelets (great stocking stuffers!) visit today!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Two New Rosaries on the Bead Board!

In process and hopefully in the shop at later tomorrow--
 The Crucifix in this simple, black onyx Rosary is an amazing Pewter Crucifix with the Stations of the Cross front and back.  Did you notice the little Archangel Gabriel medal hanging from the Holy spirit center?
This one is Aquamarine with Sediment Jasper Paters in Sterling. It's a larger Rosary, with 9mm Aves, and prays nicely.
More info and links when they are listed!  Check in on Sunday!  blessings+

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pink Foggy Quartz with Bronze Cable Rosary in the shop Now!

A wonderful thing happened as I made up this new bronze cable rosary--the pink quartz took on an almost lavender tone--it looks like a fine pink amethyst--just a lovely, mysterious look.

I'm expecting my Lapis order to arrive in the next couple of days, so expect Lapis rosaries and bracelets in the next week--I'll let you know when they're ready

Monday, December 2, 2013

Gem Quality Rhodochrosite and Sterling in a new Wire Wrap Rosary!

It's finally done--top grade pink banded Rhodochrosite in a very pretty Rosary that will last a lifetime!
Swarovski Crystal Paters in dark, siam red add contrast.  
Come take a look  -- 
$317 introductory pricing.  Will revert to $365 Sunday, 12/8/13
Layaway available.

Sir Purrsalot is young and growing.  He eats constantly, except, of course, if he can see even the smallest glimpse of the bottom of the bowl--one of  the top ten sins a human can do.  Sir Purrsalot cannot be expected to eat from an 'empty' bowl.
Last night I head an unusual sound from the kitchen and went in to see what was going on.
Sir Purrsalot had used those lovely little pointy ends on his paws and his teeth to tear a kitty-head-size hole in the 20# bag....and stick his head he did, and was chowing down busily!
This isn't the best pic--but you can see him sitting on top of the bag which he had knocked over, leaning over the side and putting his whole head in the bag.  while this may have enhanced his dinner it made a mess for the human!
 I thought that hiding the bag in the broom closet was a great idea.  yup. He managed to get into the closet and make another big hole near the bottom of the bag. And this is what happened when we tried to take it out to fill the bowl...luckily, kitty and I agree on the three second rule, which we updated to the 10 minute rule--the tie it took to get all the chow coralled and back into a bag
I got the point.  Food dish must always be filled...Thank you, Master Kitty!

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Good News--there's a great sale starting at now--and it is the first time I'm offering 20% off!  Sale ends 11/29/13 at Midnight.
Layaway available.
Don't forget my cable Rosary listings--under $50, but made with the same care--and Rosary Bracelets under $15.

Thanks for looking and Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

New Bracelets and an Amethyst Rosary in the Shop!

Just listed--Amethyst and Pewter heart Paters in a Cable style--and 2 more Stocking stuffer bracelets--

The shop
I'd tell you more, but kitty is asleep on my shoulder and I'm having a heck of a time typing with one hand.  Everyone is sleeping except me. The kitties had a wonderful afternoon, esp Sir Purrsalot and Emily Rose, who played all day.  Now is my time to relax.  Do stop by the shop if you can!

Red Swarovski Crystal Rosary with Japanese Bead Paters

Listed and in the shop--  This deep red Rosary has an opulent, rich look, in no small part because of the beautiful Paters.
As always, unbreakable wire wrap construction will last a lifetime.
BVM center and Scapular medal
Stop by and see the whole collection, from modestly priced Rosary bracelets to high end, 'Ultimate line' Rosaries at

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Red Crystal Bronze Rosary Listing later tonight

Remember my Red Crystal overload?  Well, here is another--and the pile-o-beads didn't shrink too much!  Here's a picture of the Rosary in progress--and for a bargain, read this all the way through!
Red Crystal, solid Bronze components, fine Japanese bead Paters
SAVE MONEY--order this prior to my listing it on Etsy and I will lower the price to $199--send me an email ar (remove the spaces)
j chasse  at  r r ohio dot com

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Another Rosary in my "ultimate' Line!

Just listed at --Natural blue-green untreated Aquamarine!

Every so often, I make a Rosary that pulls out all the stops-the very best in beads, lots of sterling silver. the best Crucifix and center I can find.  This is my newest 'Ultimate' Rosary.  It is heavy in sterling silver, with extravagant bead caps on every bead.  Careful double wire wrapping makes it  unbreakable -- you will hand this down to the next generation!
A superb gift! Guaranteed for life!
 Layaway available.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Red Crystal Pewter Rosary (and the story behind it!)

Just Listed--
The Aves are a beautiful, deep ruby red.  They are connected to the white turquoise (AKA Howlite) by small pewter Crosses.   Red Holy Spirit center adds to the sumptuous, extravagant appearance.
The story behind this offering explains why I'm using crystal for the Aves for the first time:
I use a lot of small crystal beads as accents, and I was running low on deep red off to find more. And after some searching, I did--or thought I did.  The color and cut were beautiful and the price was right--so I ordered a boatload of them.
They arrived from China on Saturday and I opened them with high expectations....only to find I had ordered a larger size.  I now had a boatload of red crystal in a size I don't usually use.  What to do?  Well, I will be keeping red crystal Rosaries in the shop for some time to come, and at an affordable price  ...and Rosary bracelets in pewter and in bronze...and Chaplets...and anything else I can think of :)
This Rosary came out well, I think! Visit to see this and much more!  Blessings+

Monday, November 18, 2013

Aquamarine in a new 'Ultimate' Sterling Rosary

On the bead board at -- Natural Aquamarine and lots of Sterling Silver!
Natural, untreated Aquamarine has green overtones--it's gorgeous, mysterious.  This is excellent quality Aquamarine and I thought it fitting to play up the color with  Sterling components.  The Crucifix is a smaller version of the Two Angels Crucifix, with angels on either side of the Crucifix.  The center is an ornate Blessed Virgin Mary medal. Each bead is capped in Sterling and double wrapped at each end using the Wire wrapping technique--and it is nearly impossible to break.
Will list this week--so watch for it to post to blog

Sunday, November 17, 2013

New Wire-Wrap Rosary and Rosary Bracelet

New Rosary and Rosary Bracelet Listed! 
 Wire-Wrap Turquoise Howlite and rusty red Jasper.  Divine Mercy center & Trinity Crucifix
Cable Turquoise Blue Howlite Rosary Bracelet with Blue and dark amber Crystal

SALE! Store-wide 15% off!

15% off till MN 11/17/13!
There's little stocking stuffers under $16--

Beautiful Cable Rosaries under $40--

Even the Wire-wrap Rosaries are 15% off--
Stop by and see for yourself!

Friday, November 15, 2013

SALE This Weekend!

15% off store wide This Weekend!! Visit today!

Handmade Wire Wrap Rosaries and Cable Rosaries--all marked down till midnight on Sunday, 11/17/13

Wednesday, November 13, 2013