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Friday, December 28, 2012

3 New Cable Rosaries!

Just listed at new Rosaries--
 Mother of Pearl/Cloisonne

All reasonably priced and in the shop now--Click here to visit the shop!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sapphire and Moonstone Rosary Listed!

Just off the bead board--stunning blue Sapphire and fine Moonstone in a new Sterling Silver Rosary!
It's in the shop now--click here to visit HeartFelt Rosaries!
The moonstone is very good quality with excellent color and blue flash; and the sapphire is genuine, hand carved in India.  Because it is opaque, it cannot be graded as gemstone quality--but the color is fabulous, and the pricing is unbeatable!
Remember the Coupon Sale is still on--15% off if you use the coupon DISCOUNT15 at checkout, so shop today!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

New Saint Michael Rosary in Natural Aquamarine!

Just listed at array of natural varieties of Aquamarine--
There is a fine Saint Michael medal and a particularly nice double-sided Cross--handcasr in solid bronze from the antique originals right here in the US.  The Lourdes center, also handcast, completes the Rosary.
Deep brown Dragon Vein Agate adds depth as Paters, and there is a hint of shine in the amber Swarovski Crystal connectors.
As always, it is unbreakably wire wrapped for beauty and durability.
For more info and pictures, click here!

Friday, December 14, 2012


15% off everything in the store this weekend!
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Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Cable Rosary

Now at
Beautiful White Turquoise with plump Citrine Paters and bronze Crucifix and Marian center!  One of 4 new cabled (wire strung) Rosaries available for Christmas giving in the shop!  Stop by and see the collection today--click here to visit the shop!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

5 New Rosaries Listed!

Now in the shop at outstanding Black 'Peacock' Pearl Rosary in Sterling Silver, another in my 'Ultimates' line--
Note the genuine Ruby accents! The components are simple: Pearls, Rubies, and lots of Low Tarnish Argentium 925 Sterling Silver!  As always, the double wire wrapping make this virtually unbreakable Rosary one you'll pass down the generations!
Stop by the store and see this Rosary and 4 other new cable Rosaries--click here!

I was getting ready to start a new, Wire wrap Lapis and Sterling Rosary, but I'm being told to put the beadwork aside and pay attention to She Who Rules the House...

Monday, November 26, 2012

Ultimate Pearl Rosary on the Way

On the bead board today--Black 'Peacock' Pearls, Ruby, and lots of Sterling Silver--
Watch for it this week in the shop--and stop by today to see what else is available!
Click here to visit!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

SALE--Blue Mystic Quartz Rosary!

Now ON SALE in the shop at blue quartz with a hint of purple--
Featuring a Padre Pio center and Sacred Heart medal, this Rosary is a stunning example of the newer Mystic Quartz technique of binding a film of titanium to the quartz under high temperature for a permanent AB finish.  The stones are outstanding--clear and sparkling, beautifully blue!
The stones are capped in solid Sterling and wire wrapped for durability.  In fact, this technique of wire wrapping is so strong and unbreakable that the Rosary is guaranteed against breakage for life.  Period.
Stop by the store and catch this Rosary while it's still on sale (through 11/26/12)! Click here to visit the shop!

Friday, November 23, 2012


Through Monday--15% off everything in the store!
Visit today for the best selection--and watch for the mystic quartz Rosary to list at a great sale price!  Blessings+

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Coming Soon--

Mystic blue quartz in Sterling Silver at
 Mystic quartz is quartz flashed at high temperature with rare Titanium for a permanent shine and refractive coating that actually becomes a part of the quartz itself.  It's a high-tech treatment that take simple quart and makes it spectacular.
This Rosary features a Sacred Heart medal and a Saint Pio (Padre Pio) center, and moonstone accents. Because it is wire wrapped, it is virtually unbreakable--this is a Rosary you'll pass down the generations!
Look for it to be listed this weekend in the shop!
Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks for looking!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Amazonite Rosary Listed!

Now in my shop at, pastel blue Amazonite in an elegant new Rosary!
Lovely and traditionally sized, this Rosary is perfect as a gift.  It is strung on durable 21-strand wire for strength and flexibility and will give you many years of use. To see more pictures--and to see the rest of my collection, click here!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Lapis Cable Rosary Listed!

Just listed at
I'm planning a series of cable Rosaries at a great price--and here's another entry--top grade Lapis Lazuli, and Lamp Glass Paters handmade over an open flame.
The Crucifix and center are lovely Art Deco pieces, hand cast in solid bronze from the antique originals, then burnished to the antique patina
Durable but flexible, this Rosary is strung on sturdy 21-strand wire cable. 
Cable Rosaries are a great way to check out the quality HeartFelt Rosaries offers --  Click here to visit my shop today!

Emily Rose ended up inside the book case this weekend--Maxx commented...
" I warned you, E.R.--don't do the crime if you can't do the time"

San Damiano Rosary of Saint Francis

Just listed at cabled (wire strung) Rosary at a great price--
Bronze and Mother of Pearl with pink Paters and deep red Swarovski Crystal accents!  The Crucifix is the San Damiano Cross associated with Saint Francis of Assisi, and it has his blessing on the back:
"The Lord bless you and keep you
The Lord make His face to shine upon you and give you peace"

This is an inexpensive way to experience the quality of HeartFelt Rosaries! There's more to come for the Christmas season, so bookmark the shop!

It would make a thoughtful gift for a baptism or a meaningful Christmas gift!

Stop by the shop and see my collection today--click here

Friday, November 16, 2012

Newly Listed--Peachy Pearl Rosary!

Now in my shop, --rosy peach Pearls in Sterling!
The Swarovski Crystal pearls are identical in feel, weight, and appearance with top quality real pearls.  They will not peel or chip and will last through a lifetime of prayer!  They are capped and wire wrapped in Sterling Silver, and they compliment the sterling Crucifix, center and Paters beautifully!
As always, this rosary is, because of its wire wrapping, unbreakable and guaranteed for life!
For more pictures and information click here to visit my shop!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pink Topaz is Listed!

Now in the shop at extraordinary gem-quality Pink Topaz in a stunning new Rosary!
This offering is another in my 'Ultimates' line--my best work, using only the highest quality components to make a one-of-a-kind Rosary--in this case, vivid Pink Topaz and an extravagant amount of Sterling Silver! This fine Rosary is entirely wire wrapped, making it virtually unbreakable--a family heirloom to pass down the generations. It features a Blessed Virgin Mary center, Saint Michael medal, and a gorgeous Crucifix you can only find in my shop. While it is costly, I think you will find it worth every penny.  Layaway available.

Click here to see this and more at HeartFelt Rosaries today!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pink Topaz on the Bead Board!

Genuine Pink Topaz in a new Rosary--coming soon to --
All Sterling from the bead caps to the ornate Crucifix with Angels to the Marian center and Saint Michael medal! The Topaz is gem quality--clear, clean, and with remarkable color. And since it is wire wrapped and virtually unbreakable (you'll have to wear through the Sterling wire), it's a Rosary to last a lifetime and more!
I'll be listing it in the next few days--follow this blog to get the listing announcement, or check out my shop, HeartFelt Rosaries!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rosy Pearls!!

My newest work in progress--peachy rose pearls and an exuberant amount of sterling silver--
Should be ready in the next week or so--watch for another post, or visit the shop at soon!

Monday, November 5, 2012

A New "Ultimate' Rosary!

Just off the bead board and into my shop at --
The latest addition to my 'Ultimates' line--gem quality Aquamarine and rich Sterling Silver with White Turquoise Paters in a wire-wrapped, unbreakable Rosary.  Everything about this Rosary is the highest quality--and best work--I can offer, from the low-tarnish Argentium 925 Sterling Crucifix, medal and center (and wire) to the extravagantly double capped Paters.  Each plump 8x6mm Aquamarine rondelle is also capped in solid sterling, for a strong silver presence against the clear, sparkling gemstones!

The  Aquamarine itself is exceptional--the end of a small store I had on hand--icy blue, microfaceted for shine, clear and even in color.  I obtained it some time back and saved it for a very special offering.  There's just enough left over for a chaplet--that's it--so this is a one-of-a-kind, unique Rosary that will never be repeated!

See it now

Layaway available

Here's Emily Rose getting ready to harvest the back 40...
Winter is on the way, but fresh grass is always in season by the sunny window!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Peaches and Cream Cable Rosary

Just listed at -- peachy pink coral and white turquoise in a very affordable cable strung Rosary--
Light and portable, perfect for the car or chairside, this traditionally sized Rosary is a delightful way to check out the quality of my offerings! Stop by the shop today and see the collection!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Aquamarine and Sterling Rosary Coming Soon!

On the bead board at -- gem quality Aquamarine set in Sterling!
The Aquamarine is stunning--clear, natural blue and microfaceted for sparkle.  Each bead is capped (the Paters especially ornately)--and the Crucifix, Lourdes center and Blessed Virgin Mary medal were chosen to complement each other.  And this Rosary is fully wire wrapped for a lifetime of use--guaranteed.
I'll try to finish it up this weekend for you.  It's a bit more expensive than my typical sterling Rosaries, but I think you'll find it's worth it!  Layaway available.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Lamp Glass and Pearl Rosary Now Available!

My Pearl Rosaries have been very  popular, and here is another in the series--just listed in my shop,
This unbreakable, wire wrapped bronze Rosary features a detailed Crucifix and Blessed Virgin Mary center, hand cast in solid bronze and burnished to a fine antiqued patina. The handmade lamp glass Paters are full of pink and blue flowers, sprightly blades of grass, and gold foil--all thickly encased in glass.  These beads are individually made over an open flame--each one is unique and special.
The Pearls are genuine Swarovski Crystal Pearls, with the same feel and weight of real pearls at a fraction of the price of AAA Pearls.  These crystal Pearls are electrostatically coated with pearl for a non-chip, durable surface that will last through a lifetime of prayer!
And, as always, it is guaranteed against breakage for life--even with daily use (thanks to the strong wire wrapping)!
To go to the listing, Click here --

I'm back wrapping beads after a week of bronchitis--next on the bead board is a sparkly sterling and aquamarine Rosary that would brighten anyone's Christmas!  Will post a pic when I get started...

Emily Rose relaxes on her favorite scratch pad after a roll in the catnip.  Happy kitty!

Friday, October 26, 2012

SALE This Weekend!

Everything in the shop is on sale through Sunday night, Oct 28, 2012!  Visit now for the best selection!  And shipping is FREE!

Swarovski Crystal on fire!
Here's a picture of a custom Rosary I just completed for a client--all sparkle and shine with Swarovski 'Black Diamond' Crystal and Sterling Silver--
If you like it, consider a custom order for something similar--something you help design for an uniquely special Rosary!  Layaway is available--contact me through my shop at with your ideas!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rosy Poppy Jasper in a New Rosary!

Just listed-- --
Look carefully at the Crucifix--there is a small, perfect Garnet.  It brings back the old tradition of including a red 'drop of blood' at the foot of the Cross!
The Poppy Jasper is a lovely mix of tones from brick red to deep mahogany and has a warm, enticing appearance.  The red tones are enhanced by the handmade Carnelian Paters and delightful, small connectors.
The center is Our Lady of Sallette, and the medal is of the Assumption.
Available now at -- stop by for a visit!

I've done several Rosaries recently in earthtones and am feeling the need for some lighter, more colorful Rosaries!  Look for a Pearl Rosary--maybe black pearl with Ruby accents and LOTS of bright Sterling--and I have some fabulous Aquamarine to work with.  There is also a strand of Pink Topaz waiting, and some fine Moonstone.  Now that the custom orders are nearly done, I hope to list more in the store!  Stay tuned...

Saturday, October 20, 2012

On the Bead Board--Warm Poppy Jasper!

In progress today at
The Crucifix is special--a small garnet is set at the bottom. This is from the old tradition of adding a small red stone as a drop of blood for a reminder.  The red of the garnet blends beautifully with the rosy earthtones of the poppy jasper, as do the carnelian connectors and Paters!
Will be working on it this weekend, so look for another entry once I list it!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Just Listed--Cafe au Lait MOP and Sapphire Rosary

Warm, nuanced, natural Mother of Pearl pairs with genuine Sapphire in my newest Rosary, now listed at --
The Crucifix is particularly fine--heavy, beautifully detailed, with a memento mori/skull and crosssbones at the foot of the cross in the traditional style. I was pleased to find the original antique, and pleased again to see how beautifully it came out when cast in solid bronze and gently burnished to a fine patina. The Sapphire Paters add elegance and Mary's color.  They are plump, melon shaped beads, hand carved in India, and each bead is slightly different and marvelously unique.
As with all my sturdy wire wrapped Rosaries, it is guaranteed against breakage for life--you'll be able to pass this down the generations!
Want to see more? Click here to go directly to the listing.

Fall is definitely here in the midwest, and the nights are chilly.  My feral cat, Smokey, turned up this afternoon after several days' absence. She chowed down, but still has not shown any interest in the insulated Cozy Cat Cottage I got her for the winter.  C'mon, kitty--it has a heated floor and everything! Ah well--maybe a sprinkling of catnip will entice her in--we'll see soon...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sapphires on the Bead Board!

Cafe-au-lait Mother of Pearl with genuine Sapphire Paters in a new, large Rosary--
The beautiful Crucifix has skull and crossbones at the foot in the tradition of antique Crucifixes.  Both center and medal feature Our Lady of Guadalupe.
Will be listing by the weekend--watch for another blog entry to announce it!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ruby and Lapis Sterling Silver Rosary!

Coming this weekend at
Top quality Lapis Lazuli with genuine Ruby Paters--and plenty of Low-tarnish Argentium 925 Sterling Silver!  The two angels Crucifix goes well with the Blessed Virgin Mary center, and I might just add a guardian angel medal as icing . I'll blog when it's ready, so stay close!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Now in the Shop!

Black Onyx Bronze Rosary with opulent Cross--
Note the St Anne center and Our Lady of Atonement medal.  The Paters are fine, decoupaged beads with flowers and pearl accents.  And all wire wrapped for an unbreakable Rosary!  Stop by and check it out!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Coming This Weekend!

Onyx and Pearl set in rosy fresh bronze--
Japanese painted beads--Onyx & Garnet Cross--St Anne and Mary medal--unbreakable wire wrapping--
Common bronze and black Onyx, raised to an uncommon beauty for your Rosary--Available this weekend at  Stop in and see the selection!  Lots more listings will be added as we move toward the Christmas season.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Back again--Sterling Chaplet!

Here's a repeat of the large Sterling One-decade Chaplet with Moonstone Aves and a fat Fluorite Pater--

The medal is Our Lady of Carmel and is quite substantial. The centerpiece is a double-sided Sacred Heart/Immaculate Heart, and like the rest of the silver components, is solid, low-tarnish Argentium* .925 Sterling silver.  To see more, click here to go to the listing!
I'm finally nearly caught up on custom orders, so get ready to see more additions to the shop in the next few weeks!

We have a new member of the kitty clan--I've been adopted by a grey and butterscotch feral kitty, now named Smokey!  She's an outdoor cat, and I'm excited to be getting her a nice insulated home and heated mat so she has a comfortable winter.  Regular meals are helping her fill out and I'll get her spayed when she's a little tamer.  Sure wish I could find her owner, but no luck.  Doting on kitties sure helps me decompress from Hospice wish me well as I add another jewel to my official Crazy Cat Lady crown!

Friday, August 10, 2012


HeartFelt Rosaries will be on Summer Break for several days starting tomorrow, Sat, 8/11/12--the shop will be in vacation  mode, but you can still see my collection on eBay to plan your next purchase (click here to visit my eBay shop!).
 I will be puttering around and working on some new projects--and the kitties will be getting more face time!  See you in a week!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

New JP2 Lapis Rosary!

Just listed at Lapis Lazuli wrapped in bronze--
This Rosary includes a lovely medal of Blessed John Paul 2 backed with Our Lady of Czestochowa dangling from the Miraculous medal center.  And because each bead is wire wrapped twice, then swirled with heavy gauge bronze wire, this Rosary is virtually unbreakable!  It will make a fine heirloom to pass down to your grandchildren!
To go directly to the listing for more pictures and info, click here! And thanks for looking! Come back often and see what's in the shop!

Friday, August 3, 2012

New Lapis Rosary!

On the bead board at --
Brilliant blue Lapis Lazuli with White Turquoise Paters, wrapped in warm bronze!  Unbreakable in construction and built for a lifetime of use, this new Rosary has a lovely, detailed Crucifix, and Miraculous Medal center that have been hand cast here in the US by a skilled artisan. Note how each bead is double wrapped at each end, then swirled around the bead with the bronze wire--beautiful and incredibly durable!
Look for it this weekend in the shop!  I'll blog again when it's listed.

My friend Patty has been blessed with a litter of of her younger strays got preggers before she could be caught and neutered...and it gave me a chance to have kittens in the house again.  The plan is to foster 2 kittens and find them homes--allowing me to have kittens for a bit without adding to the family permanently!  And I do love kittens!!  I've already named the two--Sir Purrsalot and Beata, and they'll move in when they're 6 wks old--but for now, they stay with their mommy and work on opening their eyes and growing up.

And speaking of kittens, have you visited the Scientist kittens site yet?  A rescue kitty and her 4 kittens are on a live stream 24/7 as they grow.  The kittens just opened their eyes and are just beginning to explore the world.  They're all named after scientists, so stop by and check out Tesla, Einstein, Newton, and Darwin!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Just Listed--Moonstone and Silver Chaplet!

New at!  A one-decade Rosary Chaplet in Low Tarnish Argentium 925 Sterling Silver!
As always, unbreakably wire wrapped and ready for a lifetime of use!  The large, nearly 3" medal of Our Lady of Carmel sets the tone. Teal blue Fluorite and pale, foggy Moonstone honor Mary, and both Aves and Pater are capped in Sterling. It's in the shop now--Click here to go to the listing.
Don't forget the weekend SALE--use coupon FBC15 at checkout for 15% off--this weekend only!

Friday, July 27, 2012


OOPS!  The correct coupon code for this weekend's sale is FBC15!  Sorry for the confusion--but do visit today and get 15% off your total purchase by adding the coupon code at checkout!

SALE This Weekend!!

SAVE 15% at this weekend with the coupon FB15--enter the coupon code during checkout and your discount will be automatically applied!  Sale ends Sunday, 7/29/12, at Midnight!  Stop by now and see what's available!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

NEW Swarovski Pearl Rosary!

It's finally in the store at Gold-toned bronze and genuine Swarovski Crystal Pearls--
The medal is St Francis of Assisi backed with St Anthony, hand cast from the antique original (just like the Crucifix and center). As always, this Rosary is durably wrapped in strong bronze wire for beauty and durability--so strong that it is guaranteed against breakage for life. Period.
The decoupage Pater beads are imported from Japan and add detail and a flowery motif to the Rosary.
This would be a beautiful baptismal gift--or something special for any woman.
It's in the shop now--click here to go to the listing!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pearls on the Bead Board!

This week's new Rosary--in process--
The pearls are beautiful Swarovski crystal pearls, renouned for their luster and durability and the Paters are gorgeous Japanese Tensha beads with their pink toned Roses.  Even the bronze has a rosy hue--both wire and components--and will remind you of rose gold.  It's going to be a great Rosary, amd I'll offer it at a very special price--watch for it this week!

Emily Rose Tailkinker, still a kitten, discovered that if she is very clever and fast, she can dart out the front door when I lean out to get the mail.  She did this without me noticing over the weekend--on a day the temperature was soaring over 100 degrees! Since the mailman had not come, I went back to check a couple hours later and saw a flash of black and white--Emily Rose, emerging from the shrubbery and  looking very hot!  She was glad to dart back inside and have a big drink and a lie on the cool tile! I offered a grateful prayer to God for sending me back to the mailbox and for protecting my dearly loved kitten.  We are showered with blessings! God is good! And I keep an eagle eye on that kitty now!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Simple Rosary

Just listed at  -- Rosy Poppy Jasper is always  popular in the Rosaries I offer--and here it is again in an understated, rich bronze Rosary--
The Paters are larger, faceted Cafe-au-lait Mother of Pearl capped in textured bronze bead caps. The Crucifix and Miraculous Medal center are simple in design, cast from the original antiques by hand and retaining the well-loved appearance of the originals. 
All are carefully and unbreakably wrapped in heavy gauge bronze wire to make this Rosary so sturdy you will hand it down the generations!
It's available now at! Visit today and see the rest of the collection while you're there!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Poppy Jasper Bronze Rosary Coming This Week!

On the bead board today--rich, rosy Poppy Jasper and Cafe-au-Lait Mother of Pearl--
Simply done--suitable for a man or woman. As always, carefully wire wrapped and swirled for an unbreakable Rosary! Hope to list this on the weekend--watch for an update when it lists!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Moonstone Rosary Listed!

Blue and white in honor of Our Lady, my newest Rosary is now in the shop at
 Glorious Rainbow Moonstone, with blue and pink flash, and gem quality, teal blue Fluorite--all extravagantly capped in solid sterling! The Crucifix is flanked with two praying angels, and the center is a likewise substantial Archangel Michael. Both are hand cast in Low Tarnish 925 Sterling Silver, a newer formulation with a bit of germanium included to retard tarnish!
And, as always, the entire Rosary is hand wrapped in Low Tarnish 925 Sterling wire.  Wire wrapping is a time consuming technique, and not seen in commercial Rosaries--but it makes for a handsome presentation (with it's swirling wire wraps) that is virtually unbreakable!

Click here to go to the listing!


We just got our power back after a vicious summer storm last Friday.  The kitteh's came through just fine--there was not much thunder to frighten them, just wind--though we all melted a bit in the relentless heat!  But now all is back to normal and the kittehs are back sitting in the bay window, soaking up the sun.  Emily Rose Tailkinker is--as usual--bouncing off the walls and tormenting her kitty family to play with her. The concept of quiet paws escapes her for now--maybe in a year or two lounging in the sun will seem more attractive to her, but there's still too much kitten in her for that now...they are a treat to watch as I wrap beads!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

On the Bead Board...

Coming soon to
Rainbow Moonstone with some spectacular blue Fluorite in  Sterling Silver!  There are angels surrounding Christ, and another angel--Michael the Archangel--for the center.
The Moonstone is full of flash, both blue and pink; and the Fluorite is clear and striking. And, as usual, the wire wrapping makes this an unbreakable Rosary!
I'll blog again when it's ready to go!