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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mysterious Apatite and Sterling in a Dandy Rosary

Just off the Bead Board and listing even while we speak in my Etsy shop, here's a wonderful, seafoam blue-green, totally natural (not enhanced) Apatite Rosary. Is it blue? Or is it green? Thus the mystery; and the layers of tone give it a chautoyancy (looks different from different angles) that's dreamy and rich.
The Crucifix and center are hand cast from Coptic originals, solid and substantial.
With 6mm Aves, this Rosary is (you can see in the picture) traditionally sized and perfect for a pocket or purse. It would make a smashing gift for young hands as well; and because it is so carefully wire wrapped, you'll have to wear through the wire before any connection breaks (good luck...)
You can see more info and pictures here: ; and it will list on Ebay Friday evening to catch all those weekend watchers!

We've had a big, noisy storm this afternoon, trees swaying, branches falling and our ancient storm siren going off..right at the end....the furkids hid behind the bathtub and have only recently come out to play again. At least the night air is cool and fresh for them through the open windows...all is well...

All for now, Blessings+

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Leafy Green African Jade and Bronze!

It has been a pleasure to watch John Cardinal Newman be made Blessed while I weave beads with wire this evening....
African jade, when high quality, has a lovely, saturated green that reminds one of fir trees in the shade. These stones certainly fill the bill. I'm pairing them with large, faceted deep, rusty Carnelian:
The bronze is beautifully done, very rich in color. And don't miss the Guardian Angel medal!
As you can see, it's not assembled yet, but that's how I work: First making the drop portion of the rosary to make sure I like the combination, then wrapping the rest of the beads. Should be up in the store Monday or Tuesday, and I'll be announcing it in Facebook then. I think it is particularly appropriate for a man, don't you?


Elvis Pursley, my youngest, tried a bit of tuna salad today and found it tasty. He is now a real nag when I make a sandwich--always the adventurous eater, that's him. He'll try most anything, from yogurt to cheesesteaks. I consider him my official food tester...
All windows open for the sweet, fall air, and a cat in each window chases the occasional moth passerby. Crickets calling, other wise quiet. The mice will be looking for an indoor home for the winter soon, much to the delight of Elvis. Hunting them, catching them, and leaving me little, dead presents is a highly favored activity to some.  The other two cats could care less....

All for now. Do check out the store for some Fall, and find me on Facebook as HeartFelt Rosaries--just trying to catch up with technology, folks!

J and the furkids

Monday, September 6, 2010

Summer's Over -- Back to Work!

I took most of July and August 'off' from Rosary making, as you probably already realized. The summer months are when I focus on making a few jewelry items to please myself, and on enjoying the weather...but I guess it's time to get back to work!

Something old and something new--a repeat of an always popular St Francis Rosary with the San Damiano Crucifix done in the warm tones of Poppy Jasper...
The Crucifix is a copy of the one in the San Damiano Chapel, which was in great disrepair. St Francis was praying fervently there one day when the Lord said to him: Francis, repair my Church. At first, the saint thought he was asked  to put the chapel back into good repair, and so he did.  But he came to realize that Our Lord had something greater in mind: The reformation of the somewhat scandal plagued Church! And so he did, God Bless him.
This Rosary is very popular with the Franciscan Third Order, and I've tried to offer it fairly regularly, so here it is again.
On a fancier note, I've got a bit of medium dark, top quality Amethyst made up into a delightful Rosary.
Green is a complementary color to purple on the color wheel, and I like the blending of the perky emerald Swarovski with the softer purple.  Take a good look at the Paters, though--they are from my dwindling supply of hand made Sterling Bali beads with Amethyst cabochons (slices). I love the way they immediately dress up a Rosary--they also feel wonderful and silky in the hand.

Both are listed in the Shops now: Check out my Etsy Store at for these and lots more.
If you like Ebay better, I'm there as well:

And if you are wondering what I was up to during my 'vacation,' here are a couple of pix:
Happy labor day to all!