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Friday, September 25, 2009

Kinda Like Potato Chips -- This week's Rosary bracelets

I've been told that my Rosary bracelets are like potato chips...hard to stop with just one.  And that's as true for me as for my patrons!  They are small, light, and much quicker to design and make than a full Rosary...and they are a lot of fun!

This week I have three new ones: One 'true' Rosary bracelet, with 10 Aves and a Pater--

Lapis and Champagne Moonstone Bronze Rosary Bracelet

And two Rosary-inspired versions, one with a plump Blue Goldstone and a Coptic Cross, and another in Garnet, with a 'Spotless Rose' for the Pater and Our Lady featured with a Miraculous Medal enclosed in a Cross--

All on Ebay now!

Next:  I need to get busy and make some Rosaries for the Store!  Stay tuned! 
Hopefully, I won't mold from the damp, cool Midwest weather we're having.  Even the Cats smell dank after they sit in the window for awhile!  Maxx is very cuddly--I think he just wants to lay on warm skin instead of cold old floors. I'm hoping he will be a good foot warmer this winter!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

HeartFelt Rosaries' Blog has moved!

I guess you found me!  Ebay is 'retiring' it's blog platform, so you will find me here from now on--same stuff, new location.  So, having said that...
Lots of stuff in progress, but I just listed this very feminine pale pink Rose Quarz Sterling Rosary with an amazing Crucifix, and pink rose lamp work glass Paters:
And I'll give you a teaser--I finally found the Sterling Reparationist Cross I have been looking for for months, and the makings of a new Garnet Rosary is on the board now:
Maxx, Elvis Purrsley, and Squeaker continue to haunt the open window screens, each perching in their own window and leaving little kitty nose marks on the glass if I do not meet my obligations to open the windows quickly enough.  The screens are pock-marked where they've used their claws to try or another of the multitude of flying creatures that head for the lighted room at night!  But for now, back to wrapping beads...
Y'all come back, now!