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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Garnet and Moonstone in an Ornate Rosary!

In the shop at

A cross bejeweled with hand-set Garnet and Moonstone in an otherwise simple Onyx Rosary, this Cross is a unique, one of a kind creation, hand cast in bronze and set with gem grade stones.
Want more information?  Click here to go to the listing!
As always, it is wire wrapped and unbreakable, for a lifetime of prayer! Stop by today and view the whole collection!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

3 New Cable Rosaries!

A hat trick's worth of new cable Rosaries is now in the shop at Sodalite, purple Amethyst, and classic White Turquoise with Russian Amazonite Paters!
 Sodalite is a cornflower blue to deep blue, marbled stone that is one of the components of Lapis Lazuli.  With its white Agate Paters, this is a very Marian Rosary.  It even has a Marian center, complete with crown!

Deep purple Amethyst with topaz and purple Swarovski accents make a simple, elegant Rosary. It features a Sacred Heart center and a detailed, elaborate Crucifix.
Teal green Russian Amazonite adds a punch of color to the always popular White Turquoise. Notice the Art Deco Crucifix and the Angel center!
All listed now in the shop and all under $50--Click here to visit the shop!

I recently provided a dear friend, who cares for a passel of feral cats, a heated 'cozy cat cottage' (we don't call it a cat house!)--boy, did the kitties get a chance to use it this week as the temperature dropped well below freezing!  'Grandma,' the elder statesman of the kitty clan, claimed a space on the toasty floor as soon as it arrived.  (This kitty was named Grandma because she watches over and pampers the younger cats--and they love her.)  Most of the clan--and all the younger ones-- followed Grandma into the cottage and there was quite a pile there all week--a real cuddle puddle!  The 'left overs' who declined to use the cottage, by the way, were tame enough to spend the cold weather in the house, where they will remain till the weather warms.  And I think my 4 are a houseful...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Just Listed!

Just listed at rosy-brown Tiger Eye in a fantastically durable Rosary--
Ideal for daily use, it will weather the rigors of being carried in a pocket or purse--the last Rosary you'll ever need!
With  a beautiful center of Mary and an angel-tipped Crucifix, this is as elegant as it is sturdy.
For more details and pictures. click here!

Maxx vonMeow--and the rest of the clan--responded to the frigid weather here in he midwest by moving away from the cold spaces near the windows and toward the warmth of the fireplace.  Here he is warming his fluffiness on the cozy-warm bricks near the fireplace at the end of the night...with his binkie...zzzzzzzzzzzz

Monday, January 21, 2013

Joan of Arc Rosary Now in the Shop!

New Listing at
deep forest green goldstone and ivory jasper in a new bronze Rosary featuring St Joan of Arc!
Goldstone has sparkles of golden through it and a rich, deep color that sets off the bronze components beautifully.
Click here to go to the listing for more pictures and details!
As always, it is unbreakably wire wrapped for beauty and durability, and is guaranteed for life--you'll hand this one down the generations!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Coming Soon--Joan of Arc Green Goldstone Rosary!

On the bead board--dark green Goldstone with golden flecks--subtle and stunning!
The Cross and center are of Joan of Arc, and there is a medal of St Christopher dangling from the center, all of solid bronze and handcast from the antique originals.
The deep forest green Aves are both mysterious and surprising--and they coordinate well with the Ivory Jasper Paters.
Watch for the listing this weekend--I'll announce it here, so stay in touch!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Rose Quartz Rosary Listed!

Now in the shop at pink and bronze with an antique look--
Delightful Rose Quartz gives the Rosary an airy feel, while the Coptic-inspired Crucifix, 4-way center and Bali bead Paters add substance and style.  Coptic style  is noted for its textured backgrounds, and in this case, raised dots.  The dots continue on the Paters, giving a pulled-together, matching look to the components.
As always, the wire wrapping adds beauty and durability. And, as always with my wire wrap Rosaries, this one is guaranteed not to break for a lifetime of use!
Stop by the shop and read more about it--click here to visit!

Elvis Purrsley pondered the meaning of life in the windowsill as I was finishing up the Rosary tonight--with 9 lives to consider, this may take a while...

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pink and Bronze Rosary Coming Soon

In the works at pink Rose Quartz in Bronze--
Coptic inspired Crucifix and matching four-way medal center and Paters--pale Rose Quartz unbreakably wire wrapped--compact, traditional sized.  Listing this weekend--I'll announce it here, so stay tuned!

Emily Rose is pretty in pink in her Christmas surprise bed.  The bird feeder is very busy this time of year and all the kitties are enjoying watching the action.  The squirrels, ever resourceful, have figured out how to access the feeder and help themselves despite being bribed with peanut butter toast to stay on the ground--adds depth to the plot of the big window kitty 'tv!'

Monday, January 7, 2013

Caribbean Blue and Bronze Rosary Now Listed

Hot off the bead board--glorious blue Apatite paired with cafe-au-lait Mother of Pearl in a new Bronze Rosary--
The Crucifix is renaissance styled, with Jesus in the Gothic style on one side, and Madonna and Child on the other.  It is highly detailed and very striking.  The center is an ornate St George medal.
As always, it is unbreakably wire-wrapped and guaranteed to be an heirloom you can hand down the generations!
Click Here to see the listing!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Just Listed--Warm Tan Picture Jasper and Azurite-Malachite Rosary!

Here's a new cable Rosary featuring earth tones and beautiful Paters that look like the earth seen from space! The unusual blue Azurite and green Malachite beads are capped, then flanked with genuine Pipestone.  You may have seen soutwestern Pipestone before--it is used in pipes and other components sacred to many Native Americans.
Durably strung on 21-strand flexible wire, this Rosary will give you pleasure for many years. 
And it's ON SALE today at today!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Blue Apetite Rosary on the Bead Board!

Coming in the next day or two--Caribbean blue Apatite, unbreakably wrapped in golden Brass--St George Center and Medieval Crucifix hand cast in solid bronze from the antique originals here in the US--
The reverse of the Crucifix is of The Blessed Virgin holding the Christ Child done as a medieval representation.  This lovely heirloom will last through a lifetime of prayer and will only become more beautiful as it ages. Look for an announcement here when it's listed.  Check out the for the latest collection!