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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pastel Amazonite in a Terrific New Rosary!

Gentle, teal Amazonite with matching, sparkly Apatite accents in a traditional sized Rosary, perfect for pockets!
Ideal for daily use, this wire-wrapped Rosary WILL NOT BREAK! The durability makes it ideal for heavy use, for carrying with you daily. The wire wrapping is double crimped at each end of the bead, then swirled around the bead itself for a remarkably durable connection. The wire is sturdy 20g--does not break or bend.
Like all my Rosaries, it's guaranteed for life. Period.

all for now, must pet the cat...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Azurite Malachite --what is it?


This lovely example of the natural stone Azurite Malachite, is now listed in my Ebay store (Etsy is having trouble with it's listing capabilities, but I will list when they fix it...)
As you can see, these stones are a mixture of bright, blue Azurite and crisp, green Malachite. This wonderful combination occurs frequently in nature, and is often offered as a Lapis Lazuli/Malachite mix. You will also find this combo in man made stones, usually made with flakes of Lapis and Malachite from the cutting floor and easily discernible by the sharp angles and strait lines seen in the transitions from one stone to the other.
These particular stones are natural. I list it as Azurite, as the coloration is clearly on the Azurite end of the continuum of minerals which make up true Lapis Lazuli
These stones look like the Earth from Space, swirled in blue and green, and are absolutely delightful. I have wrapped them in golden Jeweler's ('red') brass to bring out the richness of the colors.
The Cross is special--of Latin American origins and full of symbols: The Sacred Heart of Jesus on the Crossbar, the Dove of the Holy Spirit below. Two cherubs perch atop the Cross, and  hanging from the crossbar are two small votives--a sun on one side, and a moon on the other.
The other fun part of making this gorgeous Rosary was the Toasting of the Turquoise . I love White Turquoise (AKA Magnesite) and often use it in it's virginal white state--but I also rev up the oven and roast a goodly amount of these beads till they turn the appropriate creamy-tan tone I'm looking for. Obviously, I try to do this in the winter, cause you really need to turn up the oven and keep it there for a long time, but Slow Roasted White Turquoise is a delightful 'meal'.....I chuck a Potato or two on the side to make good use of the heat..
Again, remember to check out this Rosary at My Ebay Store for now--will get it listed in Etsy as soon as tech support exorcises the demons in its listing software....

Maxx vonMeow has a new game. It's called, 'lean in on the beadboard and bat individual items off, one by one.'  This has a corollary game, 'use those lovely claws to catch the foam pad on the bead board and pull everything off at once, then run.' But one item at a time seems to be the favorite. I think he's trying to tell me he wants attention! How dare I bead when I could be skritching his tummy! 

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Top Grade Lapis and Sterling Now Listed!

Grading stones that are not diamonds is a crapshoot--there are no set standards. But however you grade it, this Rosary features top grade Lapis
This is deeply blue, evenly colored Lapis with the addition of small flecks of Pyrite. It is natural, not dyed, and I love it! As well as the larger Cross, handmade by a skilled Mexican craftsman, there is a smaller, ornate Crucifix to allow for the indulgences granted those who pray a Rosary which has a Crucifix.

I also have the same Lapis quality in the more traditional, 6mm size--it made a lovely, custom Rosary for one of my dear customers--
The golden Jeweler's 'red' brass wire wrapping sets off the Lapis wonderfully, would you agree?

The Sterling Rosary is in the shop now--visit to see more pictures.
Don't forget the JULY ROSARY GIVAWAY DRAWING from the Etsy Rosary Guild! Want to know more?  Go to and take a chance or three on a gorgeous Rosary!

The kitties are asleep, quietly resting while the crickets sing and I blog on. Tonight they'll go to their customary places at the foot of the bed, down by the window--but not before tearing up the living room chasing toys...and each other...good thing I don't have to get up early.

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