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Friday, April 29, 2011

A Sneak Peak at New Moonstone


Perfect 6mm foggy Moonstone, pale and clean with some marvelous natural blue Fluorite--just started, but I wanted you to see it.  Hope to list it Tomorrow or Saturday, so watch the blog!
I love fine moonstone--I think the angels pray on Moonstone Rosaries --

Thursday, April 28, 2011

More Lapis in a Striking New Rosary!

Here's what I've been up to between the storms--top quality lapis in shining bronze--

Fine Lapis is noted for consistant, vibrant color, sometimes with flecks of golden pyrite. It should not have muddy or dull tones. White spots are a sign of lesser grade Lapis as well, and you won't find any here. This is top drawer stuff!  Did you know that lapis is not a pure mineral? It's considered a simple rock, actually varying combinations of Lazurite, Sodalite, Pyrite and Calcite (that's the white stuff.)  It's been found in Jewelry 6,000 years old and is still valued for it's beauty.  The best is from Afghanistan, although it is found in other locations throughout the world.
The Paters in this Rosary are brass with inset Lapis from the mountains of Nepal, and it is likely that the Lapis there is of local origin; the Aves are Afghani, however.
Partner that with the openwork Crucifix and center and you have an elegant and practical Rosary--unbreakable and ready for a lifetime of daily prayer, an heirloom to hand down the generations. will take you to my shop to see this and other fine, custom Rosaries--or to go directly to the listing, click here!

I invite you to keep the dead from last night's tornados in the Southern US in prayer with me--300+ souls now in the hands of God. Requiescat in Pace. Even this far North (Ohio), the weather is touchy and stormy, sending the nervous kitties behind the bathtub for most of the day--they don't realize how blest we are here...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Perfectly Pink Quartz Now Listed!

Rose Quartz comes in a variety of intensities of pink--this lovely, natural quartz is powder pink. It absolutely glows in the sunshine!

The Paters are White Turquoise with its tan/brown matrix, capped in bronze.
The Crucifix and matching center are likewise of bronze. They are hand cast from the original antiques and burnished to the original patina.
As always, the beads are wrapped in golden jeweler's brass for an unbreakable connection. This is a Rosary to hand down the generations!
It's in my Etsy store now, and will list on Ebay later today. To go to the listing, click here!

The stores will be on vacation mode next week through Mother's day as I go out of town for a bit. Orders placed through next Sunday, May1, will be sent out before I leave...otherwise, I'll be returning May 9,2011 and dusting off the store shelves!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lapis--the Second Way!

The Sterling and Lapis Rosary listed earlier this week--now for one in bronze!
The Paters are simple Cafe-au-lait Mother of Pearl, with all their swirls and tones of color, and both Aves and Paters are well wrapped in golden Jeweler's brass. A little splash of sparkle in the Swarovski Crystal connectors adds interest.
The Crucifix is a highly detailed Victorian Cross, and I think it goes well with the gorgeous Child Mary at the feet of Saint Anne center.  To put it over the top, I added a sturdy medal of Saint Anthony on one side and Saint Francis of Assisi on the other.
The Aves are 6mm, making this a more Traditional sized Rosary, though still larger than the commercially produced type.
It will be fitting for a man or woman, and since it is wire wrapped, it will last through a lifetime of daily prayer!
To see the listing, Click Here!


I'm contemplating my next Rosary, but no inspiration yet. I have more of the sunny Citrine I offered recently, and some delightfully sparkly Amethyst, but I'm leaning toward a simple Rosary with inlaid Carnelian Paters...stay tuned.
And have a Blessed, Holy Easter!! The cats and I shall celebrate with Early Mass and a big, satisfying lunch (including canned cat food for the furbabies) followed by a soul satisfying nap. The Lord is Risen. Alleluia, He is risen indeed!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Secret Sale!

It's back...last chance till Memorial Day--15% off everything in the store for you clever blog followers!
Use the coupon SECRETSALE when you check out in my Etsy store and the discount will be provided automatically.
Coupon will be good through Easter Sunday, April 24, 2011.
To visit the store, click here!
Have fun shopping, but most of all, have a blessed Easter!

First of Lapis Two Ways in a New Rosary!

Just listed--Lapis in Sterling--

A fairly ornate Sterling Crucifix and center are enhanced by the deep blue, top quality Lapis.  The Paters are Crystal Teardrops with their bead cap bottoms and crystal drops in two tones.
And as always, it is unbreakably wire wrapped in solid Argentium Low Tarnish Sterling Silver wire for a lifetime of prayer!
To see the listing, click here!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Cafe-au-lait MOP back!

Just listed--
Swirling, layered Natural Mother of Pearl and some remarkable Agate Paters make this understated Rosary sing!
The 1930s era Crucifix includes a Latin phrase which, translated, says: "Behold the wooden cross on which hangs the Salvation of the world."  It has been carefully hand cast in solid bronze from the antique original, as have the center and Our Lady of Guadalupe medal.
With 8mm Aves, this Rosary is more substantial than the traditional, commercial varieties.  It is a pleasure to pray, and silky smooth.  And, as always, unbreakable in construction with all beads wire wrapped.
To see the listing, Click here!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

White Turquoise and Marian Blue Agate in a Upcoming Rosary!

Coming soon--

Rustic White Turquoise with a creamy tone set the stage for this Rosary, now on the bead board. The solid bronze Two Angels Crucifix is a new offering with its ornate, rather than the original plain, cross. It works well with the Eucharistic center. Both are hand cast from the antique originals, then burnished to the original patina.
But I think the most striking element is the glorious, dusky blue Paters--a rare, natural blue agate from Brazil. They are the shade of blue I have always associated with Our Blessed Mother.
Hope to list in the next day or the blog for the announcement!

Friday, April 15, 2011

My Original Saint Francis Rosary is Back Again!

A Franciscan inspired Rosary was the first Rosary I ever offered, and I periodically offer it (with minor changes) to those with a devotion to the Saint--
I've done it in warm bronze and Poppy Jasper with it's rosy overtones. Very simple, and in Franciscan brown, this rugged Rosary will last a lifetime.  It is ideal as a much used pocket Rosary because of it's traditional sizing and durable wire-wrapping.
The Crucifix is the San Damiano Crucifix from the altar of the small chapel St Francis was praying in when he heard God tell him, 'Repair my church, which as you can see is in much need.'  The dear saint thought he was to repair the chapel....but he soon learned Jesus had something bigger in mind!
This Rosary will list tomorrow  at $119--watch for an update!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rhodochrosite in a Rosary--Pink, all grown up

Just listed--some fabulous rhodochrosite fashioned into an unbreakable bronze Rosary--
Misty, dusky pink with a moonstone-like glow, wrapped carefully in golden jeweler's brass, these Aves are complimented with larger, toasted White Turquoise Paters (yes, toasted to a cream tone!)
Then there's the Crucifix, handcast in bronze from the original Pectoral Cross obtained from a Bishop's estate; and equally substantial is the solid bronze medal of the Assumption of Mary that dangles from the centerpiece.
Want to see the listing? Click here!

Rhodochrosite comes in two forms--banded, with layers of white and/or grey with the pink (the most common form)--and the rarer, purer solid rose color that can vary from light to a deep, almost glowing red-pink.  It was called Inca Rose by the Aztecs, who believed the stone was the transfigured blood of their gods, and some of the best banded variety is still found in South America. In fact, the mineral is found throughout the world--but the best deep red-pink crystals are found in the Sweet Home Mine in Colorado and nowhere else.  It's a softer stone, but will hold up to use (MOHS 3.5-4 on a scale of 10). It's simply a beautiful and unique stone!

The rain has continued, with a hard downpour this afternoon.  The cats miss the open windows, and I haven't heard a bird all day.  Work this week is full of sad, strange deaths and some gentle passings. I take comfort in the fact that the very end of this part of existence is so tenderly attended by the Angels--you can see the body softly give up the spirit at the last moments, no matter how hard the journey there was. That's what I notice in my Hospice patients--when care is taken to bring such comfort as can be given to the patient and the family, there is that moment of stillness and calm at the end.. It's an honor to help the patient and the family through this greatest of all transitions.  Mother Teresa was right--to serve them is to serve Jesus.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Ultimate Aquamarine Sterling Rosary is now listed!

Just listed: the finest Aquamarine Rosary available!
This is gem quality, eye clean, icy blue and above all, sparkling Aquamarine bathed in Sterling Silver! You will not find better, and so it becomes part of my 'Ultimate' line--one-of-a-kind Rosaries that will not be repeated.
8mm Aqua rondelles make a more substantial, yet proportional, Rosary that prays beautifully. Each bead is double wrapped at either end with Argentium 925 Sterling Silver--a highly tarnish resistant Sterling--for an unbreakable connection.  Truly, this is a Rosary you will pass on to your children!
This will be the crowning glory of one special person's collection!
To see the listing, and for more info,  Click Here!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Gem Quality Aquamarine in the Works!

Coming very soon...gem quality Aquamarine in its signature pale blue in a sterling Rosary!
These stunning gemstones are absolutely top quality, eye clean, and well cut faceted 8x6mm rondelles. I am immensely excited to be able to offer them.
The center is also an unique St Michael medal--I'll be providing close-ups when it lists--Crucifix, too.
It will be one-of-a-kind, so collectors take note!
Look for the listing this weekend, along with more details!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

To End the Weekend...Pink with a Punch of Color

Listed at long last...Rose Quartz and Raspberry Agate in a new Bronze Rosary--

Wire wrapped and unbreakable, this Rosary will grace any collection. I think the gentle pink of the Rose Quartz works wonderfully with the bead capped Raspberry Agate!
It is silky smooth and a pleasure to pray. More substantial than the traditional 6mm Rosaries, this feels wonderful in the hand!
For more info, and to see the listing, click here!

The cats and I are getting cabin fever--it's been raining all day and my back yard--the lowest spot in the neighborhood--is sad and swampy.  And no sun for the kitties to bask in! This required a lot more kitty maintenance play and petting to be done. Good thing it was my day off!


Monday, April 4, 2011

Listed--Sunshine in a Rosary! And On Sale!

It's listed--
It's raining cats and dogs here, so this is my sunshine for the day! Swarovski Pearls--durable and gorgeous--with hand painted ceramic Paters with genuine Citrine accents. It'll cheer up any day!
Consider it for First Communion, Confirmation, or just a smashing daily Rosary. The 6mm Aves make this a traditional sized Rosary that fits well in the hand or pocket! And it's wire wrapped and unbreakable!
To see the listing, click here!
Remember to use the coupon code 'Discount10' at check out for 10% off--offer ends at midnight 4/4!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Secret Sale!

This weekend--use the coupon 'DISCOUNT10' for 10% off everything in the store!  You'll enter the code at checkout.  Sale starts now and ends 4/4/11!  I'll try to the the rose quartz  and the citrine/pearl  listed for you before the sale ends...have fun looking!