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Saturday, January 30, 2010

My New Favorite

Carnelian and Amethyst Bronze Wire Wrap Rosary
This is my newest, guys, and I'l pretty excited about it.  The Carnelian is just fantastic quality--deep, intense color with some translucency that just gives it a glow!  The Crucifix has the Blessed Virgin and Child on the back.  I added a small but beautiful medal of the Infant of Prague, and for the center there is another medal, this time of St Anne and Mary. Then there are amethyst and Swarovski crystal accents, bali beads, and lots of 'red' brass for a warm, gold-like glow.  All in all, I liked how it came out!
We had a wee break in the weather last week, and for a half hour I was able to open the window for the fur kids...just one window (cause it get's COLD in Ohio) they had to take turns. Maxx and Elvis will share, but Squeaker (who you can see planning her attack) needs the whole sill for her largesse, and so spent much of the time looking on from the top of a packing box. Everybody got their turn at the great, magic smellothonic cat entertainment center, then returned to their places in front of the fire....good time for all.

It sold in 3 days, but I'm bringing it back for another go round--black pearls (AA grade) and moonstone!  Watch for it, probably up this week...