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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pearls and Sterling-another look

Just Listed:

Another in my 'Ultimate' line, this Rosary got it's inspiration from the black pearl Rosary recently listed. That Rosary flew out of the shop, and thought a complimentary white pearl Rosary might be a good next step!
This one is heavy with sterling and has a real 'presence' in the hand--silky smooth with a bit of heft to it (with 4 ounces of silver in it, it  ought to!)
There are genuine ruby accents--also drenched in sterling--and a lovely medal of the child Mary at Anne's knee with the sacred heart on the reverse. The center is a fine profile of the Blessed Virgin.
Best of all, there are ornate filigree Paters, handmade in Indonesia.
All wire wrapped as usual...check it out in my Etsy shop:

BREAKING NEWS....Cat transforms before your eyes!
Well, sorta....Squeaker Fluffytail has always been a stand-offish kitty. Pulled away if you tried to pet her, seldom made much contact; just a quiet cat that stayed distant (except at mealtime).  She was totally beautiful with her long fur, but periodically developed mats, which my vet's office staff removed at great peril .
This last time, because she had quite a few mats (remember, she was stand-offish an d would have nothing to do with being groomed), I had her shaved.  Lion cut, they called it--leaving the head, tail (her magnificent tail!) and legs alone and shaving the rest of her.
This changed her life.
With no mats or unseemly fur to get in the way, kitty became...affectionate! Seeks petting, purrs constantly, has become a loving, doting pet! Who woulda guessed? Not that I don't feel guilty for not shaving her sooner! She loves being short haired. I love her even more than before, and shower her with affection. And I'll keep her shaved. Long haired, mat prone kitties UNITE around the clippers!
All for now!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Black Pearl and Sterling--an elegant combo

Top Grade Black Pearls drenched in Sterling...
4+ ounces of Sterling in this substantial Rosary. The color play in the black pearls is wonderful!
Let me tell you a bit about the Pearls: they are Freshwater pearls, grade AA+. What does that mean? Well, Pearls come in all grades, from not much better than dirt (Check out the $4 so called 'AAA' 'black pearls' on the internet.) to the rare and extremely expensive Tahitians. Good Pearls are expensive. They always have been--in the middle ages, they were more expensive than any gemstone. The highest grade in Pearls is AAA, and these pearls only miss that mark because they are not all perfectly round and matched--but I challenge you to notice that in a Rosary, unlike a necklace! They have the highest rating in Luster (Very High), are 90-95% Blemish free, have a Very Thick rating for Nacre (the pearl coating) meaning at least 0.35mm thickness, and Very good rating in smoothness--meeting the criteria for AA+ grading. A thick nacre is especially important if you pray it daily--this Rosary is meant to last through your lifetime and into the next--but probably the most impressive aspect --the 'Wow' factor--of these Pearls is the exceptional Luster. The color, too, is gorgeous--deep, with overtones of pink, purple and blue (sometimes referred to as 'peacock tones'). All in all, they live up to their rating and keep the pricing on this Rosary out of the stratosphere.
Check it out in my Etsy shop:!

In Other News..
It was a particularly warm and beautiful autumn day--and I had the whole day free to finish up this Rosary while the furry quadrupeds basked in the sun, then sat in the open windows meditating. Do Kitties pray, I wonder? They are always so happy with a beautiful day, I can't help but think they give thanks!

All for now,

Monday, October 4, 2010

Something new!

I spent my weekend doing something a bit different: jewelry.  Time to get ready for Christmas! My relatives are mostly Luthern, so Rosary gifts are right out , but jewelry fits in nicely. So as long as I am making for them, I'll be listing some in the shops as well.  First up--

 It's a delightful mixture of African Jade, Swarovski Crystals, amber seed beads and wire work. It is 24" long and drapes beautifully. See it in the shop-
It will dress up the simplest outfit.
It is sturdily made--with hammered wire, extra strong braided bead thread--ready for some serious wear!

Kitty News
Squeaker Fluffytail is fluffy no more: I had her shaved to remove the mats that inevitably seem to crop up on her back and sides. And, voila!--once she was shaved, she was a totally different kitty! Affectionate, wanting/loving to be petted,  purring to beat the band--all things she never did as a long-hair! I can only surmise that her fluffy coat was uncomfortable, esp with mats, and that she is thrilled to be free of them. Maxx gave her wide berth for several days ("who is this new cat????") but all is well again. I'm thrilled that Squeaker, who always seemed stand-offish and not affectionate, has found her true self. She shall stay shaved--except for that glorious fluffy tail, of course!
All for now,