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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Sweater Continues--so does the SALE!

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The Sweater Chronicles, continued--

The Sweater has grown to almost 8 inches over the last week. The ribbing is done, the furrowed washboard and sentinel-like appearance belayed by the softness of the dark yarn. Above it I place the first pattern, simple so as not to upstage the extravagant yoke; the first opportunity to work with two colors. Awkward after all this time, I snake the yarn through my fingers, dove gray to one hand, and the fierce charcoal to the other. As the pattern presents itself I knit, one stitch in gray here, two in black there.  Slow at first, my hands struggle to work the yarn, until the muscles remember their task and the dance begins between right and left, dark and light.
Squeaker the cat remembers, too. She was a kitten when last I knit, and she would sit in the yarn basket and chew in half the ever moving strand of yarn while I knit it. I guard the yarn close to my feet, keeping in my consciousness Squeaker's location in the room to prevent a repeat of earlier days.
When the pattern, no more than a zigzag, is done,  I move on to the plain knitting that will add almost a foot to the length of the sweater.
I like best to knit in the morning. I rise, and examine the previous day's knitting over my morning coffee. Then, with the cats cared for and welcomed to the day and the daily Mass streaming over the computer, I take up the needles. Time is measured in rows completed. Load a stitch; wrap the yarn; pull the stitch through and send it on its way down the needle--230 stitches around the circular needle, tightly packed and ready to spring off the left needle, then worked onto the right and sent down the length to begin its journey back around. The rhythm is accented every few minutes as I unwind a length of yarn from the ever decreasing skein at my feet and puddle it into my lap. The sweater will use over 2500 yards of heathery yarn. How many stitches, I wonder? How many soft, easy breaths? I knit, watchful of each stitch but somehow detached from any harsher a reality than the clicking of two needles in the hazy morning sun. The rest of the day will be colored by the peace of a morning's knitting.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Start of a Sweater--an aside

Some thoughts on a new project....
The yarn arrived in a bulging but remarkably lightweight box. It blossomed out as the box was opened and sits by my chair side. The darkest yarn, black yarn from black sheep, is rich and full of tones--black sheep yarn--yeah, that fits Mike!.  The 20 balls of yarn, squared off by the zipped, protective bag make a soft and fluffy pillow for the odd cat visitor. Next to it is the smaller square of lighter accent yarns--the pale creaminess of the white yarn and the lighter tones of gray for the patterned portion of the sweater. Tucked in one corner are two small balls of rich, deep purple, a subtle surprise. I will add a small amount of it, but it will make a large impression.
Now comes the beginning: the painstaking knitting of the test square, testing smaller, then larger needles to find the right size for the gauge. The yarn is soft and pliable, forgiving of a rusty knitting technique.
Then the casting onto the proper needle, one stitch added after another in the dark yarn. Every 50 stitches, I slip a crystal ornamented ring onto the needle to mark my progress. The bright crystal colors glow against the black yarn. They will travel up the body of the sweater with the needles, eventually marking the boundaries of the yoke's pattern.
But for now, I take up the needles with their 200+ stitches and start the tedious process of knitting the ribbing with it's own pattern--one knitted stitch alternating with the awkward pearled stitch.
I remember being told as a child to eat my peas before I got dessert--ribbing is peas. I must get through it before I can delve into the dessert of plain knitting, row after thoughtless row knit effortlessly, stitch after stitch, in an easy rhythm.  The calming, meditative repetitious knitting is yet to come: today....ribbing.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Necklace Crazy....

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