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Sunday, January 30, 2011

More Pearls...

Well, it's been a banner month and the shelves are getting kind of empty...I'm working on inventory and hope to list two or three in the next week.  Thanks and God Bless to all who purchased!
For now, here's one from my Ultimate line--
Drenched in Sterling, this is a substantial Rosary with 4 oz of silver alone. It prays beautifully!
To see the listing--and learn a little about pearls and how to judge the quality--Click Here.
I'm finishing up two custom orders this evening--then on to new Rosaries. I'll try to post a sample in the next couple days...but there are kitties to be petted and made big please be patient (which is more than I can say for the furry quadrapeds)!
All for now, sore fingers (from wrapping) and all--

Friday, January 28, 2011

Lovely Lapis!

Just listed--a spectacular Lapis Lazuli bronze Rosary! This top grade Lapis has the intense deep blue of the finest Lapis, with many golden pyrite flecks!
The Paters are large faceted White Turquoise beads, capped in simple bronze bead caps.
The Crucifix, Sacred Heart center, and Mary, stella maris, medal are extravagant additions to this substantial Rosary!
It's called unbreakable for a reason--each bead secured to the next with a wrapped link of heavy gauge wire so strong and durable that you'd need to wear through the wire to break this Rosary!
Bold and simple, this is a Rosary for a lifetime of prayer!
To go to the listing, Click here

In Other News
This entry brought to you completely one-handed, as my left arm is filled with a sleepy, gently purring, yellow cat! Maxx has his priorities, and right now, filling his nearly empty Love bucket obviously takes precedence over mundane typing....
all for now...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Coming this Week!

On the bead board...some spectacular Lapis Lazuli!
The perfect blue for Lapis, these are absolutely top quality stones, gently wrapped in jeweler's brass (Golden, not brassy).  The Crucifix is a perennial favorite, and the Sacred Heart Center is a new addition.  The Aves are 8mm, making this a more substantial Rosary with a real presence.
This will list at a super, introductory price in the next day or two--I'll let you know when it lists!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Listed --Pearls and Citrine

It's in the shops now!

To see the listing, click here.  The Aves are the traditional 6mm size, but the Paters are large, hand-painted ceramic beads flanked with sunny citrine--so this Rosary prays well, and is just a tad larger than traditional, commercial ones. The wire wrapping gently leads your fingers from bead to bead--and adds opulence and richness to the Rosary. And as always, the wire wrapping makes for an unbreakable connection that means this Rosary will last into the next generation with ease!

Ohio cats addicted to feather-on-a-stick, wearing out catmom with insistence on playing...
Our new little feather-on-a-stick is quickly becoming less and less feathery as the cats play.  But I guess that's part of the fun. Maxx will drag the toy from one room to the next so it can be near at all times, the meowl with a particular tone that says, 'play. NOW.' They are endlessly fascinated, reminding me, as their sharp little claws flag the fluffy purple feathers again, that I'll never be able to get that canary I always wanted...
Here's Maxx vonMeow after a particularly satisfying session with the toy..
all for now, j

Secret Sale!!

In my Etsy shop this weekend--storewide--use the coupon 'SecretSale' at time of checkout for 15%off--only for my Blog friends! You savvy shoppers, you...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Coming this weekend!

Hand painted ceramic Paters ornament this ancient looking Rosary, with its double sided medieval Crucifix!
Genuine Swarovski Crystal Pearls make the Aves, and the Paters are flanked with genuine citrine. It's on the bead board now--check back tomorrow for an introductory price of $139!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

3 cats and a Rosary

It's a three-cat-night in Ohio, waiting for more snow, and I'm working on a new Rosary--
This will be a large and substantial Rosary, made with gunmetal black hematite and Sterling Silver.
The Crucifix is the classic St Benedict Cross, with his medal inset.  St Benedict is a strong intercessor against Evil, and the medal contains initials standing for words of exorcism against the Dark Prince: Vade retro Satana! Nunquam suade mihi vana! Sunt mala quae libas. Ipse venena bibas! (Begone Satan! Never tempt me with your vanities! What you offer me is evil. Drink the poison yourself!)  The reverse of the medal, with its picture of the Saint holding the famous Rule of the Benedictine Order, is visible on the back of the Crucifix as well.  For a fascinating explanation of the St Benedict Medal and the significance of the numerous details and initials it bears, click here.

This would make a stunning gift to a Benedictine Oblate--or any strong prayer warrior!  It will be large, as I am using 10mm Aves and 12mm Paters; and the Crucifix is nearly 3 inches (8cm)--well suited to large hands or perfect for an Altar Rosary. I must confess, though--my hands are quite small, but I love larger Rosaries and find them quite pleasing to pray!
It is about half done now--hope to get it listed tomorrow.

The Sale ends tomorrow--don't miss it! There are tasty bargains, with 15% off everything in my Etsy shop!  Click here to visit

Friday, January 14, 2011

For Young...or decide!

Just Listed:

Perfect for a Baptism or First Communion, this is also appealing to grown ups! Virtually unbreakable, this Rosary would happily reside in a purse or pocket for daily use and still be passed on to the grandkids.  Done in regal purple amethyst with Swarovski Pearl Paters and lots and lots of golden Jeweler's brass, this Rosary should delight even the most exacting buyer. (The Crown of Thorns Center and Crucifix are, as always, solid bronze, handcast from the antique originals)
Check it out at, and don't forget to browse the store--there are still On Sale bargains till 1/16/11 to be had!
All for now,

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Intense Apatite in a Powerful new Rosary!

Just Listed

Saturated, teal blue, top notch Apatite compete for the spotlight with a Powerful Ecce Crucis Crucifix in this large bronze Rosary!
The inscription on the Cross says it all--'Behold the wooden Cross on which hangs the Salvation of the world' (translated from the original Latin). Equally powerful is the attached medal--Mary with Jesus as the Lion of Judah protecting her.
Perhaps the best part--it is on SALE with the rest of my unique, handmade Rosaries this week only. Originally $239,  my Etsy shop will show 15% off through Sunday, 1/16/2011.
This Rosary is guaranteed to exceed expectations or money back. Check out the shop at  or Click Here to go directly to the listing.

And don't forget our Etsy Rosary Guild's January Giveaway contest, now in full bloom at, where I'm the featured artist for January with a lovely Rosary Bracelet to give away! Look for the giveaway info in the righthand column and enter today!

Maxx vonMeow has discovered the feather-on-a-stick toy, and it was love at first sight! He's infatuated--or perhaps addicted. Our usual, cozy evening cuddle time while I work is no more. In between naps and crunchy snacks he meowls for a play time. Over, and over...and over again. I'm hoping this gets old for him fast (I know it is for me, since if a polite meowl does not obtain a bit of play, Maxx gingerly uses his little claws to get my attention). The poor feather is already pretty beat up....will try to get a picture to post.

all for now, j

Monday, January 10, 2011

It's Back!

The first one sold in 24h...but here is another!Get it while it's hot--I won't be repeating this one again soon...

to go to the listing, click here!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Apatite and River Jasper Rosary! Sale this week!

Coming this weekend:

Some lovely, teal-ly blue Apatite with natural, multi-tonal River Jasper in a new Bronze Rosary that feels especially masculine to me. As you can see, it's in progress, but should be finished in the next day or two. Look for it in my shops sometime this week.
The best thing is--I'll be running a sale in both shops, and this will be included!

Friday, January 7, 2011

First Communion, Baptism Rosary for a Girl

Although any age would enjoy this Rosary, it is especially appropriate for the Baptism or First Communion of a girl (imho).  Soft pink Rose Quartz teamed with warm brass makes a delightful, feminine Rosary!
But don't think this is only for children! Adults will love it too for it's ornate, victorian look.
And because it is wire wrapped, it will stand up to a lifetime of use...and more. It is an heirloom that will be passed  on to the next generation.
To see the listing, click here. It's available in both shops (etsy and ebay) today. Do  stop in


It was moving day yesterday for the kitties.I moved my workroom from the front parlor to the sunny back parlor, totally confusing the cats and disrupting important (!) nap time. This was somewhat ameliorated, however, by the newly uncovered dust bunnies--and many play mice-- long hidden under files and chairs.
The newness has worn off now, and they seem to enjoy my new seating--a couch where they can all fit near to me. No more upset kitties scrapping for my lap--all can be near now.
It's delightful to be in a sunnier location during these chilly days. I have a bird feeder set up, but nobody's using it...yet. I expect they will find it soon, and the fur children and I will have a good time watching!
all for now,

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Moonstone Wedding Rosary Back!!

Just re-listed!
I  made a couple changes so it will be unique--but the absolutely top grade Moonstone-in larger 9 and11mm sizes-is still as stunning as the first Rosary!
Check it out at my shop,, today!

I get asked why I have two similar web will take you to my Etsy shop, while will deliver you to my shop on Ebay. Same Rosaries, but some folks prefer Ebay, some prefer Etsy. Choose whatever suits you, and thanks for looking!

Sneak Peak at the new Giveaway!

Each month our Etsy Rosary Guild gives away a Rosary or Rosary inspired item, and I am pleased to be this month's contributor! Here's a Rosary bracelet (one decade and an Our Father bead) done  in sweet pink Rose Quartz!

Winner will be picked at random--enter as often as you want. For details, see our Rosary Guild blog at . Enter there starting Sat., Jan 8 at 12n. The Giveaway for December is currently spotlighted in the right hand column. Good Luck!