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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cloisonne Rosary Coming This Week!

On the bead board at
The ancient art of cloisonné --enameled metal beads--are in the spotlight in this new Rosary!
The bronze beads are enameled in royal blue with pink flowers and beautiful green leaves inset.  The Paters are large Swarovski Pearls with delicate bead caps, and chunky Swarovski Crystals add sparkle!
The Coptic-inspired Crucifix and 4-wat center add gravitas and a nice heft to this Traditional-sozed Rosary--perfect for a pocket or purse and an ideal  First Communion gift!
Look for it later this week in the shop!  Click here to visit the shop!

In Other News...
Today the morning's entertainment was kittehs versus stinkbug.  All 3 cats took their turn staring as the shield-backed bug climbed the sunny curtain to get warm.  Only Elvis Purrsley was brave enough to gingerly battle the little visitor, batting at the air around the bug without actually...touching him (eewww).
The bug didn't seem to be bothered--no smells emitted --and eventually I assisted him out into the yard and let the cats go back to sleeping in the bright, almost Spring sun.  An enjoyable time was had by all, I think (we're easily amused)!

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Starting tonight, Thursday, Feb 23, 2012 at 9pm EST,you can get a great bargain at!
15% off everything in the shop!
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Onyx and Silver in a new Rosary!

Just listed at Black Onyx and Low Tarnish Sterling Silver in a new, bold Rosary--
Sterling Bali bead Paters, Sacred Heart/ Immaculate Heart double sided center and a huge Cross in the Artform tradition, this is a unique and one-of-a-kind Rosary.
Heavy with silver, this Rosary feels wonderful in the hand!
And, as always, unbreakably wire wrapped!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Onyx on the Bead Board!

Slightly unusual and totally dramatic, this new Rosary is simple--just jet black Onyx and shining Sterling Silver!
The impressive Cross is a full 3" long and smooth and delightful to hold. I have kept everything else simple, to keep the focus on the Cross (and isn't that how it should be in real life as well?).
It will list this week--watch for an update here, and don't forget to check out the shop by clicking here!

I just obtained some box cut (cube) clear Pink Quartz for an up and coming Rosary.  The cut is stunning, the color is vibrant and Spring-ish, and once I get done drilling the holes out a bit to hold the sturdy Silver wire I'll get started--I'm excited! Pictures coming soon...

St Benedict Thin Blue Line Rosary Just Listed!

NEW at Benedict is a strong protector against Evil, and his medal is set into the Bronze Crucifix in my newest Rosary! Large 10mm Aves are a deep blue-black color with a refractive band of light blue that changes as you view it from different angles--
The blue is mirrored in the natural, undyed blue Agate Psters and everything is wrapped in solid bronze wire for an unbreakable Rosary.  The center is of the Sacred Heart.
The 10mm Aves make this a larger Rosary that prays well. It is silky smooth, with a wonderful feel in the hand.
It is appropriate for either men or women, but may be especially appreciated by police (or those who pray for them), as the Aves resembles the Thin Blue Line. And, of course, any Benedictine oblate would be pleased to receive it.
It's in the shop now--click here to visit HeartFelt Rosaries!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Apatite and Silver in a New Rosary! ON SALE

Just listed at
Deep Caribbean blue Apatite makes its presence felt in a simply elegant new Rosary! It features a lovely Crucifix complete with two tiny angels at the top of the cross and a Miraculous Medal center.  The Paters are large, 10mm Mother of Pearl ornamented with more Apatite.
Like all my Rosaries, this one is so durable (due to the wire wrapping) it is guaranteed through a life of devoted prayer.
Stop by to see the collection while the SALE is still on! Just use the coupon code DISCOUNT10 at checkout for 10% off through midnight tonight, Feb 19!
It's in the shop now--to see it (and my other designs) click here!

Friday, February 17, 2012

SALE!! At!

10% off with the coupon 'DISCOUNT10'--use it at checkout for a tasty bargain! Coupon good through midnight, Feb 19--shop now -- Click here to visit the shop!

Tensha Bead Rosary Listed!

Just listed and in the shop now at

--Pink Rose Tensha bead Rosary with white Mother of Pearl Aves!
Although it appears delicate, it is skillfully wire wrapped for an unbreakable construction!
The Japanese Tensha beads have a detailed overlay of Pink Roses, a bright yellow Daisy, and a wreath of leaves.  I've capped each on in ornate Bronze and added a small Swarovski Crystal for sparkle and interest!
The Aves are simple, white Mother of Pearl in 6mm style, making this a Traditional sized Rosary.
Please note the Ave Maria center, and especially note John and The Blessed Virgin at the foot of the Cross.

I think it was the sunshine and mild weather that inspired this Spring-time Rosary!   The cats are in the open window, sniffing the breeze and roasting their fur in the sun--we're all tired of winter! Can Spring be far behind?? 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mother of Pearl On the Bead Board!

A graceful, Mother of Pearl and sweet Japanese Tensha bead Rosary!

It's a very 19th century look that is durable despite its delicate appearance--guaranteed for a lifetime as always!
I'll try to have it listed Friday--Click here to shop the store!  And don't forget to bookmark it!

Black Pearl and Ruby Rosary Listed!

Something new at my "Ultimates' Line--
Stunning Black Pearl and vibrant red Ruby in a solid Sterling Silver Rosary! It's in the shop now, and at an introductory price!

The Pearls are high quality, AA+, and miss the top rating of AAA only because they are not perfectly matched rounds.  You won't notice that--but your wallet will...

Likewise, the Rubies are exceptional, with the vivid red that is seen in the finest rubies (these are opaque, glowing stones that I saw at a bead show and knew--immediately--that I had to have.  And after some intense haggling, I took them home!)

Crucifix, medal, and center are all ornate, hand cast from the antique originals--they make a beautiful addition to the Pearl and Ruby.
Click here to visit the shop!

Disclaimer--this post was created with a large, marmalade cat snuggled in one arm.  Any typos should be attributed to Maxx vonMeow's interference assistance !

Sunday, February 12, 2012

On the Way

Up & coming--extravagant new Black Pearl and Ruby Rosary--
You have to see the Ruby to believe it--the color is vibrant and fresh! The Pearls are AA+, large 8mm size--this is a substantial Rosary that prays beautifully.  It will be a treasured heirloom, and a crowning glory for any collection! I'll blog again when I list it--but do stop by the shop and see what else is available--Click here to visit HeartFelt Rosaries!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Just Listed at HeartFelt Rosaries! Tiger Eye and an Introductory Price!

Now in the shop,, rosy brown Tiger Eye in a Traditional size that's perfect for a pocket or  purse!

$ 99
Check out the quality of my work and take home a beautifully crafted, wire wrap Rosary that's virtually unbreakable.  
Click here to visit my shop!

Monday, February 6, 2012

A Beautiful, Unbreakable Pocket Rosary

Offered for those requesting a pocket sized Rosary that is as rugged as it is beautiful--
This Rosary features Tiger Eye Jasper and rich Bronze, with Bali bead Paters.  It will list in my shop,, later this week at a price of $99, but may be reserved prior to listing at the discounted price of $89.  Contact me through the shop if interested.
This Rosary is carefully wire wrapped for durability and will easily withstand being carried in a pocket or purse for daily use--you will hand this to the next generation!
More Rosaries in the shop--do drop by!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rubies and Pearls in a New Rosary!

Just listed at Red Rubies and AA+ Pearls--
Deep red Ruby (called 'Pigeon Blood') and creamy, top quality Pearl--all extravagantly capped in Sterling and wrapped in Sterling wire for an unbreakable heirloom!
This Rosary would make an extraordinary Divine Mercy Chaplet--or consider it for someone coming into the Church this Easter.
It is a substantial Rosary, a pleasure to pray with, and has a wonderful feel in the hand.  It is available in my shop, HeartFelt Rosaries--do stop by!