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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Just Listed--Moonstone and Silver Chaplet!

New at!  A one-decade Rosary Chaplet in Low Tarnish Argentium 925 Sterling Silver!
As always, unbreakably wire wrapped and ready for a lifetime of use!  The large, nearly 3" medal of Our Lady of Carmel sets the tone. Teal blue Fluorite and pale, foggy Moonstone honor Mary, and both Aves and Pater are capped in Sterling. It's in the shop now--Click here to go to the listing.
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Friday, July 27, 2012


OOPS!  The correct coupon code for this weekend's sale is FBC15!  Sorry for the confusion--but do visit today and get 15% off your total purchase by adding the coupon code at checkout!

SALE This Weekend!!

SAVE 15% at this weekend with the coupon FB15--enter the coupon code during checkout and your discount will be automatically applied!  Sale ends Sunday, 7/29/12, at Midnight!  Stop by now and see what's available!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

NEW Swarovski Pearl Rosary!

It's finally in the store at Gold-toned bronze and genuine Swarovski Crystal Pearls--
The medal is St Francis of Assisi backed with St Anthony, hand cast from the antique original (just like the Crucifix and center). As always, this Rosary is durably wrapped in strong bronze wire for beauty and durability--so strong that it is guaranteed against breakage for life. Period.
The decoupage Pater beads are imported from Japan and add detail and a flowery motif to the Rosary.
This would be a beautiful baptismal gift--or something special for any woman.
It's in the shop now--click here to go to the listing!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pearls on the Bead Board!

This week's new Rosary--in process--
The pearls are beautiful Swarovski crystal pearls, renouned for their luster and durability and the Paters are gorgeous Japanese Tensha beads with their pink toned Roses.  Even the bronze has a rosy hue--both wire and components--and will remind you of rose gold.  It's going to be a great Rosary, amd I'll offer it at a very special price--watch for it this week!

Emily Rose Tailkinker, still a kitten, discovered that if she is very clever and fast, she can dart out the front door when I lean out to get the mail.  She did this without me noticing over the weekend--on a day the temperature was soaring over 100 degrees! Since the mailman had not come, I went back to check a couple hours later and saw a flash of black and white--Emily Rose, emerging from the shrubbery and  looking very hot!  She was glad to dart back inside and have a big drink and a lie on the cool tile! I offered a grateful prayer to God for sending me back to the mailbox and for protecting my dearly loved kitten.  We are showered with blessings! God is good! And I keep an eagle eye on that kitty now!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Simple Rosary

Just listed at  -- Rosy Poppy Jasper is always  popular in the Rosaries I offer--and here it is again in an understated, rich bronze Rosary--
The Paters are larger, faceted Cafe-au-lait Mother of Pearl capped in textured bronze bead caps. The Crucifix and Miraculous Medal center are simple in design, cast from the original antiques by hand and retaining the well-loved appearance of the originals. 
All are carefully and unbreakably wrapped in heavy gauge bronze wire to make this Rosary so sturdy you will hand it down the generations!
It's available now at! Visit today and see the rest of the collection while you're there!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Poppy Jasper Bronze Rosary Coming This Week!

On the bead board today--rich, rosy Poppy Jasper and Cafe-au-Lait Mother of Pearl--
Simply done--suitable for a man or woman. As always, carefully wire wrapped and swirled for an unbreakable Rosary! Hope to list this on the weekend--watch for an update when it lists!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Moonstone Rosary Listed!

Blue and white in honor of Our Lady, my newest Rosary is now in the shop at
 Glorious Rainbow Moonstone, with blue and pink flash, and gem quality, teal blue Fluorite--all extravagantly capped in solid sterling! The Crucifix is flanked with two praying angels, and the center is a likewise substantial Archangel Michael. Both are hand cast in Low Tarnish 925 Sterling Silver, a newer formulation with a bit of germanium included to retard tarnish!
And, as always, the entire Rosary is hand wrapped in Low Tarnish 925 Sterling wire.  Wire wrapping is a time consuming technique, and not seen in commercial Rosaries--but it makes for a handsome presentation (with it's swirling wire wraps) that is virtually unbreakable!

Click here to go to the listing!


We just got our power back after a vicious summer storm last Friday.  The kitteh's came through just fine--there was not much thunder to frighten them, just wind--though we all melted a bit in the relentless heat!  But now all is back to normal and the kittehs are back sitting in the bay window, soaking up the sun.  Emily Rose Tailkinker is--as usual--bouncing off the walls and tormenting her kitty family to play with her. The concept of quiet paws escapes her for now--maybe in a year or two lounging in the sun will seem more attractive to her, but there's still too much kitten in her for that now...they are a treat to watch as I wrap beads!