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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New St Benedict Rosary

Lovely, banded Tiger Eye dresses up a simply elegant Rosary in bronze!
It's on the bead board now; creamy, toasted White Turquoise and rich, rosy brown Tiger Eye with its unique refracted bands that change with the angle of viewing!  The Crucifix is a detailed St Benedict Crucifix--the Saint's medal, a powerful protector against evil, is visible on front and back. I'll tell you more about it when it lists in the next few days!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Friday Sale!

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

LISTED!! Thin Blue Line Rosary!

It's done--deep black tiger eye with a blue refracting line running through it in a Rosary especially fitting for Police and those who pray for them--
The 'thin blue line' is a term common to law enforcement and indicates the small, dedicated cadre of police that separate the innocent civilians from the forces of evil.  It also describes these lovely tiger eye Aves with their single blue line which changes depending on the angle of viewing. These are special stones, and you need to see them to fully appreciate them--the pictures do not do them justice!
Mary is there in the centerpiece for her intercession,and there is a big medal of Saint Michael for protection!
The Rosary is substantial, with 10mm Aves. It is silky smooth and prays beautifully.
And because it is fully wire wrapped--and double wrapped at that--it is UNBREAKABLE, and guaranteed to last through a lifetime of prayer
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Monday, May 16, 2011

The Thin Blue Line Rosary

The thin blue line is a colloquial term for police and law enforcement officers--they are the thin line protecting us from the evil and danger around us. I was browsing beads when I saw them--tiger eye beads with a blue so deep it looked black circled with a thin blue line of refracted light! I knew this would be a special Rosary for someone, and it's on the bead board now...
I'll get it listed this week,but you can reserve it in advance by contacting me through my Etsy shop at  Price: $349. Thanks for looking!

Now Listed--Gem-grade Amethyst Rosary

Hot off the bead board on a Sunday Evening...
Understated, elegant, with my best Amethyst and Moonstone set in sterling silver! The Amethyst is breath-taking, with phenomenal sparkle from the special microfaceted cut and the moonstone is full of flash.  If you've followed the blog, you might recognize the smaller moonstones as the last of the AAA beads in last night's Moonstone and Fluorite Rosary (it sold within hours, so do the happy dance with me).
Want to know more?  Click here to go to the listing!

I take great pride in showcasing top quality stones, and finding the best available--whether semi-precious or precious--is a passion. In other words, putting my best before the Lord for His Glory and your can be assured that I will honestly and fully describe the stones I use, and you may have noticed I try to tell you why I've graded the stone as I do. I'm always available for questions. And I have a gemologist friend for the tough calls !

But enough for now--I have something really special for my next blog! Watch this space...


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Amethyst and Sterling--This Weekend!

On the bead board--
Gem-grade Amethyst, microfaceted for sparkle, with magnificent Moonstone--full of blue flash--is simply wrapped in solid Sterling in this timeless Rosary. The Cross shows Saint Francis in prayer, and a prayer of blessing is on the back--'The Lord bless you; The Lord turn his face to you, show mercy to you and grant you peace. The Lord bless you!' (signed with the Tau of Saint Francis)
I hope to list this tomorrow--watch for  another announcement when that happens, and be ready--yesterday's Moonstone and Fluorite Rosary sold within hours of listing!

Moonstone Listed!

Now in the shops--

Exquisite Moonstone and glorious blue Fluorite make an unique, one-of-a-kind Sterling Rosary!
I've been blogging about these top quality stones, and I promised to talk about what to look for in a top quality Moonstone.  There's a lot of common sense to it--here's what to look for:
 Foggy white color that is consistent throughout. It should not be blotchy; it should not contain black or solid white inclusions, and the color should be clean, without off colors. It should be translucent, not opaque. Rainbow moonstone should have a good deal of blue 'flash'--a shimmer of blue seen from various angles. Size should be consistent, and the larger the stone, the rarer it is. Great Moonstone seems to have an inner glow that is unmistakable and ethereal. As I've said before, I think the Angels pray on Moonstone Rosaries...and this batch of Rainbow Moonstone lives up to top quality billing!
This is a traditional sized Rosary, compact enough to nestle in a pocket or purse. And being wire wrapped, it is strong enough to withstand daily use into the next generation!
Think of it for a Bride, or as a meaningful Graduation gift--or as a thoughtful, prayerful addition to your life in the Spirit.
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Up and Coming....Moonstone

Face it, I love foggy, mysterious, Rainbow Moonstone with it's blue flash. On the bead board tonight--some absolutely top grade Moonstone with equally good, intensely blue Fluorite--
Watch for it later this week. I'll also be explaining why this batch of Moonstone is so exceptional with a tip or two on how to separate the good stuff from the not-so-good!
There's a nice selection in the shop now, so do

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Peach Moonstone Rosary--Now Listed

Peach Moonstone is beautiful--translucent, peachy tan with a wonderful glow!
This is the LAST of the peach moonstone in 8mm, and it's so lovely I've been reluctant to sell it--but here it is, wrapped in golden jeweler's brass, with ornate bali Paters and a heavy, double cross. The center is a Miraculous Medal.
It's in my Etsy shop now--to see the listing, click here!
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Rainbow Moonstone with deep blue Fluorite Paters--top quality moonstone, as you'll see, and all wrapped in sterling.
Also, especially for those in Law Enforcement, a Very Special Rosary--Blue Tiger eye (black with a thin blue line)--you'll have to see it, and I'll post a teaser later this week.

I'm back from visiting relatives last week, and I had a chance to visit the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Crosse, WI--twice--and it was a powerful experience. The Shrine is set atop one of the high hill/buttes near the Mississippi river and it is peaceful and stunning at the same time. The priests are Franciscan friars and I could feel their holiness. It's a large Shrine, and very busy in the summer, but if you are anywhere near, please consider a pilgrimage -- it will deepen your faith and open your spirit!
For more info, click here--
All for now--it's Make Big Over the Kitties time...