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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Just received at

I wanted to show you these fantastic, handmade Nepalese beads before I work them into a Rosary...these are Fair Trade items, bought by a group who ensure the artisans are paid fairly.
I'm not sure what the base is for the beads--bone, maybe?  The artisan also insets small chips of carnelian, chinese turquoise, or brass.  Each one is unique and special. They will make beautiful and special Rosaries--I'll show them here first!  Keep checking, or sign up for my blog--
Many Blessings+

Thursday, December 3, 2015

A Very Special Rosary Bracelet in Pink Topaz and Moonstone

This new Moonstone and Pink Topaz Rosary bracelet is a one-of-kind offering. Made with beads left over from other Rosaries, this combination of pink and white looks feminine and delicate, but it threaded on strong, 49-strand, 40# test wt plastic coated stainless Steel. As with all my cable offerings, It is carefully double crimped, with a wire guardian added when possible (To prevent the wire from fraying and breaking.) .The no-lose foldover magnetic closure keeps your bracelet safely on your wrist. It will give years of prayers.
Thank you for looking!  Blessings+

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Rosary Bracelets are On Sale this Weekend!

I'm putting Rosary Bracelets on sale this weekend!  It's a lovely group--see a couple pics below--and every one is selling for $25.  I'm listing more this evening, and a third set on Sunday, November 8.  And yes, that IS real Aquamarine in the first picture, and real Amethyst in the second!  So Shop today--these make lovely presents, -- get them while they're still available at!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

New! Marian Blue and Black Onyx in a New

This elegant black and blue Rosary is a joy to pray--Onyx Hail Marys and magnificent blue Japanese beads for the Our Fathers  are capped in tiny Brass bead caps,and separated with simple black seed beads.

Miraculous Medal, medal and Crucifix add bits of shine and gold throughout the entire Rosary
length is 20.5"/52cm.
The cable is strong, 49-strand Stainless steel wire with a 40# test weight. to prevent breakage under normal conditions.
It is double crimped at the connection points for increased durability.

As always, this Rosary will come boxed in silver and in a beaded Organza bag.

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Life's Tough--

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Royal Purple Swarovski Crystal Goldstone Apatite Bronze Rosary at

Royal purple and toasty goldstone with apatite accents and multi-faceted crystal Hail Marys meld with handcast bronze Cross and Divine Mercy center.
The Hail Marys are cut in the 'disco ball' style, one with many more facets than the typical faceted bead. They are shiny and sparkly, not too dark, clearly medium purple even in low light
The cable is strong, 49-strand Stainless steel wire with a 40# test weight for durability. Treated with respect, this Rosary should give you years of prayer.
Length 21"

As always, this Rosary will come boxed in silver and in a beaded Organza bag.

NEW Rosaries coming this week at!

This new Rosary is a larger Rosary, built for a man's hand.  The beads are brown with golden flecks, and they are gorgeous. To bring a little spark there are tiny topaz seed beads between each Hail Mary, and a slightly larger set on each side of the Our Fathers.
The Cross is Edwardian, burnished to a glow, and there is a Miraculous Medal center. Both have
been hand cast in solid Bronze from the antique originals by a skilled artisan here in the US.
Free Shipping

Come visit the shop and see all the new things listing throughout the week!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Ultimate Lepidolite and Sterling Rosary Now in the shop!

This is the first cabled Rosary I have offered in the "Ultimate" line, and it is gorgeous!The Paters are especially worth notice--they are Bali beads with cabochons set into them on both sides.

They are no longer available; however, there is a similar one, an oval, available but extremely expensive. Still, they make this Rosary special.

These beautiful and unique purple  beads exemplify the best in Lepidolite--rich hues of purple from grape to lilac, and a crystalized bead structure that gives the beads a goldstone-like sparkle.  Opalescent purple seed beads and AA quality 4mm Amethyst spacers enhance the color.
The  Our Fathers are very special--Bali beads with AA Amethyst cabochons (flat back beads) in Sterling Silver.
Crucifix, (with the traditional 'drop of blood' at the foot of the Cross)Blessed Virgin Mary center and  and Mary with Jesus, Lion of Judah medal have been hand cast in solid Sterling from the original antiques, and buffed to a high shine.
Length is 20 inches.
This is a cabled (strung) Rosary, strung on strong, 49-strand Stainless steel wire with a 40# test weight -- a sturdy cable to work with. Connections were also double crimped.
As always, this Rosary will come ready for presentation, boxed in silver and in a beaded Organza bag.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

NEW at --

Gunmetal black/gray non-magnetic Hematite, shiny and faceted, shares the stage with a unique St Benedict Crucifix in this new Rosary.
The Crucifix has a medal of St Benedict embedded--This Saint is especially powerful against Evil.  This is actually a bit complex, with a lot of information.--
Will explain each facet of the medal--take a look--
There is also a tiny Divine Mercy Medal, and a Miraculous Medal for the center!

Stop by and see the whole collection!  Several new Rosaries will be posting tonight and tomorrow and I'll announce when they have posted here, so keep checking.

Thank you for looking, thank you for listening and may God Bless you!

Friday, July 31, 2015

New Wire Wrap Rosary in Cafe-au-lait Mother of Pearl and Moss Green Jasper with Unique Cross

This larger, 8mm Rosary is a pleasure to hold.  Did you notice the elaborate Bronze Cross with a Fleur d'lys for the Holy Trinity?  For those who lant a Crucifix for the 15 Promises, there is a smaller Crucifix as well.\
Stop in and see the whole collection!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

New Bracelet at

Simple and lovely, thisone-decade Rosary bracelet uses 8mm Onyx for the Hail Marys, antiqued copper beads with a carved bone for the Our Father, and a lovelyclasp, also antiqued.  A small Cross dangles from the Our Father
To pray this Rosary bracelet, start with the Our Father bead, then move around the bracelet, ignoring the clasp and ending back where you started.
NOTE:  this sample bracelet is missing an Ave!  Yours will have all 10 beads!
Length 7 1/2in.
Comes ready for gifting, in a beautiful beaded and tasselled bag!
See my whole collection at!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Yup, Another SALE!

Last week's sale went so well I am bringing it back--but with even better value--

SALE continues with two new listings -- stop by and see more pics and details  at
WAS $99, NOW $58
WAS $78  NOW $64

Two more sale items -- a great value --ends soon!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summer SALE

SALE just starting, with about half the Rosaries  marked down to give you a real value for your hard earned money.  For example --  here are 3 Aquamarine Rosaries, original prices started at $149 -- now $99 each thru Sunday night.  Stop in today and check out the collection at !  Thanks and God Bless!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Two new cable Rosaries to start your weekend!

Finally, it's Friday!!Are you as happy as I am about this?  First listing is this clouds and sky blue cable Rosary.

and the second, also a cable Rosary features pretty blue and green Aves  with precious little Chinese Birdcage beads

I hope to get 3 or 4 more cabled Rosaries up this weekend with great prices--use them for little gifts, for celebrations, for encouragement.  Let me know what you think!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

SALE Ends at midnight, July 4 at

SALE--Red, White and Blue SALE is still going strong!! 20% off every red, white or blue Rosary or Chaplet in the shop!
Here are two Rosaries that share the wonderfully faceted 'disco ball' Crystal! The larger number of facets in this style make for incredible sparkle!
Want to see more?  Here are links to both below  $215.20  Was $259  $129

Here are two Rosaries that share the wonderfully faceted 'disco ball' Crystal! The larger number of facets in this style make for incredible sparkle!
Want to see more?  Here are links to both!

Remember--the sale ends at midnight, Fourth of July.      

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Red, White and Blue SALE

To get you in the mood for a great Fourth of July, here's a 20% OFF sale--Anything in the shop that's red, white or blue is included!  Stop by and see the selection--here's a very, very good value--AAA Garnet with genuine Ruby Our Fathers... $349, now $279 till 7/4/15 midnight.

Here's a Rosary bracelet wire wrapped with some of the leftover Garnet.  Even the clasp is pretty!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Not-Quite-Southwestern -- a New Cable Rosary from

Assorted glass beads, rustic in color, looking like beads from ancient days became the Aves (Hail Marys) in this new Rosary. The Paters (Our Fathers) are antiqued Copper beads.
Separating the Aves are fine Pipestone, a stone common in the upper midwest, and held as Sacred for Many Native American tribes. Pipes used in Religious ceremonies were frequently made of this soft brown rock
The original idea for this Rosary was to make a Southwestern Rosary using the antiqued Paters for their Turquoise coloration, but when I saw them against the bag of multi shaped and sized beads, the Rosary just designed itself, and everything fell into place.
The Cross is drop dead beautiful--heavy, polished to perfectioh. A small, bronze Crucifix can be added like a medal, from the center for those of you who wish to obtain the numerous indulgences available to those with a Rosary with Crucifix. There is no charge to add it in. Simply leave me a note when you order. 
The cable is strong, 49-strand Stainless steel wire with a 40# test weight. to prevent breakage under normal conditions. 
The Rosary is 19" long. It will be a bit stiff when it arrives. Over a short time, and with use, it becomes softer as the cable relaxes slightly.
As always, this Rosary will come boxed in silver and in a beaded Organza bag.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Caribbean Blue Cable Rosary Now in the Shop!


It only looks delicate! 
This small (13.5in.) has been strung on heavy, 29-strand 40# test Stainless Steel cable wire. It is carefully double crimped at all attachment points, and wire guardians protect the wire against fraying.
The center is Our Lady of Guadalupe backed with the Divine Infant of Prague. Like the simple scrolled Crucifix, the center is Pewter and will not discolor or wear off.Swarovski Crystal Hail Marys are separated with small seed pearls and the larger pearls of the Our Father are often called 'potato pearls,' but I much prefer the term 'baroque pearls.' 
Ideal for children or small hands, it is silky smooth and a pleasure to pray.
As always, it comes ready for presentation--boxed in silver and in a gorgeous, beaded gift bag.

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

AAA Garnet and genuine Pigeon Blood Ruby, in Sterling by HeartFelt Rosaries


Solid 925 Sterling Silver and absolute AAA Garnets with real Ruby Our Fathers,

Cableed and a pleasure to pray on the silky beads.

See more at visit!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

FYI Just completed! Marcasite and Moonstone Rosary

This Rosary is quite possibly the finest I  have ever made.  It was a custom order in collaboration  with the buyer, who provided the glorious marcasite Cross, center and medals.  I added the beads--AAA gray Moonstone and marcasite bead caps over onyx rondelle Fathers.  It is a one-of-a-kind Rosary that will embrace the renewal of vows for this dear pt and friend.  Just thought you'd enjoy seeing it.  Blessings+   jc

Friday, June 5, 2015

Crystal and Lapis Rosary is back!

#2 in a series--this Rosary sold out quickly the last time I posted here is another chance@
Very nice, 8mm Lapis and sunny amber Crystal Our Fathers.
There's even a little slider medal--that's a medal with a rose on top and it slides away to show The Blessed Mother
Read all about it at
Thanks for looking!  Blessings+

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

More New Rosaries in the $39-50 range on the Way!

More Rosaries are coming this week at a great price.  These always go fast, so keep checking in!  A Rosary doesn't have to be expensive to look expensive, you know.  I will be posting a new Rosary in that price range nightly for the next week or so, and hope to see you there.  Here's what listed tonight--

The bracelet is actually a one decade chaplet, done in memory wire for a perfect fit, and will never drop off your wrist!
Now, back to work for me.  Let me know what you think of the new offerings,   Blessings+  jc

Thursday, May 21, 2015

New at SALE

Here is what's come off the beadboard in the last 2 days--
Pretty, pink but not garish, this sweet little Rosary would be great for birthdays, baptisms, weddings, and 'just because..' days
WAS $144, ON SALE PRICE $122

Friday, May 8, 2015

I'm back--and look what I brought!

I'm back after a bit of down time with the blog--hoping all is now well. is my newest Rosary--

This ornate Rosary is a simple mix of some wonderful peach Swarovski, white jade, a marvelous marcasite Cross with Sterling bead caps, and pewter bead caps on the Hail Marys. The crystal is cut in the with more facets and more sparkle. Pewter caps and separator beads add a strong silver presence. The Our Fathers are also capped, but in Sterling. The center is the Divine Mercy backed with Our Lady of Guadalupe.

The Cross is solid Sterling Silver with marcasite accents. I never liked marcasite until I saw it in the final product. It is gorgeous and well made.

The whole Rosary is held together on strong, 49-strand, 40# test wt plastic coated stainless Steel. It is carefully double crimped . It will give many years of prayers.

The center is a Miraculous Medal, and a medal of Therese the little flower , and a small Crucifix hang from that center. The Crucifix is there so that the 15 Promises, which require a Crucifix can be said

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Royal Purple Rosary Cable silver Seraphinite Miraculous Medal medal

Just off the bead board--purple and Silver--


Seraphinite is a lovely purple stone first found in Russia in the 1840's. Interesting enough, Charoite, which is a green stone was also found in the same area around the Ural mountains. It is becoming more and more popular, and I had a chance about a year ago to get a few strands of each. I kinda hate to see them go.
These are 8mm beads, varying in shades, with Swarovski Crystals in purple separating them and seed beads on either side to add just a hint of intense color.
This Rosary is strung on super strong 40#, 49-strand stainless steel cable wire for durability, and is double crimped.
The Crucifix and Miraculous Medal center are pewter, and the Our Fathers are silver plate over copper .
This is a very simple Rosary that allows the Apatite to shine!
Length 21"
This Rosary has a smooth and silky feel, fits well in the hand and prays well. The royal purple color is especially appropriate in a Rosary, as a reminder that Jesus is King and Mary,his mother and perfecrt Disciple, has given us this Rosary, and longs to help you get closer to her Son 
See this Rosary and more at!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Raspberry Red Wire Wrapped Sterling Rosary Listed!

Raspberry-red and Sterling Silver Rosary, unbreakably wire wrapped, is ready to go!

This Rosary is heavy with sterling, weighing in at 87g--it is substantial but not too heavy--it prays well.  The stones involved are often referred to as 'Brazilian Ruby.  Except that it is not ruby (is probably fired Topaz or Tourmaline) and most likely not from Brazil, it's a pretty name.

Read more about this new Rosary through the link above.  Contact me with questions.   blessings+

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Classic 15-decade Rosary in the style of a Nun's Rosary

A follow up on the onyx and silver 'Classic' 5-decade Rosary earlier this week.
Here is a classic 15- decade Rosary, complete with wooden Aves and a Nun's Crucifix.


The Hail Marys are 8mm Black wood separated by 6mm Double washers--very simple. The washers are nickel. The Our Fathers are Black Onyx in 6- and 8mm size. They have a different feel than the wooden Aves and are a bit larger to help you tell your beads without looking.
The Crucifix is simple in keeping with the idea of making a Rosary that a Nun would welcome.. It is simple, in the budded style of so many Crucifixes, I don't have an answer to those who want to know what metal it is--it does not react to a magnet, but neither can I find a hallmark. It polished up beautifully and the larger size is a good balance to all the black beads,
5-6 ft in total length, but because the Aves a lightweight wood, this is remarkably light for its size.
Prays beautifully, silky smooth throughout, with a nice heft in the hand.
As always, it comes ready for presentation-- in a gorgeous organza beaded gift bag.
And just in case it's been awhile since your last Rosary, instructions are included.

AND...if you're wondering why I didn't make a 20-decade version--the length was already huge--doubled and passed over a belt like the Nuns do, it already nearly hit the floor. So, St JP2,no offense.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Classic Black Rosary with Silvery Bali Beads from

A Classic revisited


Simple--Onyx and silver-plate Bali beads in black and silver
The Crucifix is a very popular one--highly detailed with the symbols of the 4 Evangelists on the front, and all 14 Way of the Cross stations on the back (yes, they are all there-just tiny)
The Rosary itself is strung on strong,  40# test, 49-strand, nylon coated beading wire and solidly double-crimped for durability.  The multiple strands of the cable wire add strength. and though it will be fairly stiff on arrival, the wire will soon relax a bit and the Rosary gain flexibility.

Check out the quality HeartFelt Rosaries offers at a great price!
As always, this Rosary comes ready for presentation--boxed in silver and in a beaded organza gift bag!
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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Baby Blue Aquamarine and Pearl Rosary by

This utterly charming baby blue Aquamarine and Pearl Cable Rosary just listed. It is larger than the commercial Rosaries, with the Hail Marys at 9-10mm.  It feels wonderful in the hand--substantial.

 Those with arthritic or just plain large hands will find this much easier to pray than a small Rosary.
Think of it for baby showers ('mom' can pray it through the pregnancy and later, it can be the 'something blue' at the wedding)...Baptism...birthdays...and how about Mother's Day?

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

AA+ Black Pearl Rosary just added at

Excellent Pearls with Silverplate and Pewter components

This Rosary features AA+ black / Peacock freshwater Pearls and a San Damiano Crucifix. It is simple, with hematite and silver plate connectors. The Our Fathers are 10mm Silver over copper. 
The Pearls have a deep glow with touches of purple and magenta -- thus the Peacock attribution. These pearls are very well matched with minimal size variation.The nacre is thick, and the shine is excellent. They have earned their AA+ rating!
The Crucifix is also known as the Crucifix of St Francis of Assisi. Why? Because it was in the small, broken down chapel at San Damiano when he heard the voice of our Lord saying, '"Francis--repair my Church, which you can see is in disrepair.". At first, the Saint thought he was to go from parish to parish, fixing chapels and churches which were in need of physical repair. Later, he came to understand that it was not the small churches who needed repair--It was the big R repair of the Bride of Christ, and he had been chosen for the job. 
This Rosary commemorates St Francis, a humble man of great spirituality. Third order Fransiscans would enjoy this simple Presentation, and I hope you do too.
Rosary is 23In--it drapes beautifully when prayed, and is silky smooth, a pleasure to hold.
It is strung on heavy 40# 49-strand steele cable and carefully crimped at all connection points.
It will arrive boxed in silver and in a glorious organza, beaded and tasseled bag, ready to present.
Thank you for looking. Blessings+

Friday, March 27, 2015

Rosary Bracelets now listing!

Just listed
What do you do with a trunkfull of leftover beads? Make Wrist Rosaries and Rosary-inspired bracelets!
Tonight, I am listing this gorgeous, multi stone full 5 decade Rosary bracelet.  The stones are divided into groups of 10 and a Our Father bead.  There is Golden Tiger Eye,Excellent quality Charoite, blue Jade and red dyed bone. The Our Fathers are Topaz Swarovski with gold Crosses, andBali beads in Bronze and Slver.  the last Our Father bead is an Aquamarine bead smuggled out of Afghanistan several years ago.  the last decade is a fun yellow bead called 'confetti. Finally, small Crucifix and  Miraculous medal completes this pretty-as-a-picture  bracelet.

It will be delightful with your spring outfits, and special because you can pray with it anywhere
I have all kinds of left-over beads, and the beads in these bracelets run from everyday beads to expensive (but homeless) beads--like the Afghani bead and the top quality Charoite.
Thank you for looking !
This bracelet will arrive in a silver box, and in an organza beaded and tasseled bag, ready for presentation

Keep checking back -- there's more to list, and bunches of new Rosaries coming!

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Renaissance inspired Rosary in pink Rhodochrosite with an amazing Crucifix by

Just finished this Pink Rosary--the Rhodochrosite and Sterling Silver combined for a feminine appeal.  The Crucifix is amazing--two sided, with Christ on the front, and Our Lady and Child Jesus on the back.  The detail is crisp and the silver shiny. Mary as a child sits at the feet of her mother, Saint Anne, in the detailed center.
This Rosary is unbreakable.  Promise.  See the full description at
Shipping is free.

Visit the rest of the shop at, an Etsy shop

Friday, March 20, 2015

Blue Aquamarine Rosary Listed!

This Rosary showcases some really beautiful Aquamarine in a larger sized bead--take a look--

Pale Robin's egg blue Aquamarine in Sterling and Pearls is even prettier in person! Plump 9mm faceted Hail Marys are separated by tiny Pearls, while the Our Fathers are bigger, capped in Pewter and flanked with Caribbean Blue Crystal rondelles.

Crucifix and center are solid Sterling Silver.  They have been hand casted from antique originals and gently burnished to the original patina.
They work well with the larger beads.  Length 21"

Those with arthritic hands and men with large hands will find this larger sizing easy to pray.  It is silky smooth and has a nice weight in the hand.

This Rosary is made with strong, 49-strand, 40# test wt plastic coated stainless Steel.  It is carefully double crimped and  a wire guardian protects the wire connection at the Crucifix from fraying. It will give many years of prayers.

As always, this Rosary comes boxed in silver and in a delightful beaded organza gift bag--ready for presentation.

Amethyst is back!

Just Listed--  Excellent quality Amethyst in Silver !

This new Rosary features excellent Amethyst paired with Purple Sea Sediment stones and Silvery Pewter Cross/Crucifix and center.
As the large Cross is just that--no body of Christ--I have included a small Crucifix as a medal so as to allow the 15 Promises as given by Our Lady 
to be obtained.
Each plump 8mm Amethyst is separated from the next by varigated 6mm purple Sea Sediment beads and tiny lavender glass beads. This makes for an elegantly long Rosary which is a pleasure to pray.
This Rosary is made with strong, 49-strand, 40# test wt plastic coated stainless Steel. It is carefully crimped with two crimps and wire guardians at each connection point. It will give many years of prayers.
As always, this Rosary comes boxed in silver and in a delightful beaded organza gift bag--ready for pressentation.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

New things, Blue things at

Two lovely blues--rich, subdued blue Dumortierite with onyx, and Banded Agate in it's cheerful color variations
Lots more coming tomorrow and all the way through the weekends
Just relisted after selling out twice in 8hrs--

Varigated Blue Quartz with Guadalupe Medal

Friday, March 13, 2015

Classic Black Rosary #2

Here is a classic black Rosary, updated.
The Hail Marys are 8mm Black Onyx separated by 4mm silver toned Bali spacers. The Our Fathers are large, deep grey-black moonstone.
The Crucifix is larger, with a detailed pattern around the periphery and a St Benedict medal embedded in the Cross.
Prays beautifully, silky smooth throughout, with a nice heft in the hand.
As always, it comes ready for presentation--boxed in silver and in a gorgeous organza and velvet beaded gift bag.
And just in case it's been awhile since your last Rosary, instructions are included.

Dumortierite and Onyx Rosary!

Just finished and in the shop--
Dumortierite is not too well known, but I don't know why--it is a lovely minor gemstone with a deeper and darker blue than Lapis, with which it is often compared.
This Rosary features black Onyx Aves and dumortierite Paters,
The Crucifix is a heavy, enamelled one with a St Benedict medal placed above and behind the Corpus--St Benedict is a strong protector against Evil.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Rainbow Rosary, Sterling Silver, Marcasite, Swarovski Crystal

On the beadboard and hoping to list in a day or two.  This Sterling Silver and Swarovski Crystal Rosary features a very special Marcasite and Sterling Cross, Marian center and elaborate Bali bead Our Fathers.  It would make a loving and holy Easter / Confirmation / or First Communion gift!

As with all my wire-wrap Rosaries and Sacramentals, this Rosary will not break--each bead is wrapped with a single strand of Sterling Silver--no loops

Only 1 available--may reserve it now
 Visit my shop at and see the whole collection!