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Monday, June 30, 2014

Rosaries for our Law Enforcement and Military and Those who Pray for Them

coming later tonight-- Rosary for Police and those who pray for them--

There is a Pardon Crucifix with all it's indulgences and graces,  a St Benedict medal, and a Challenge coin with a Policeman's shield on one side, and the Patron Saint of Law Enforcement, Archangel Michael on the other.
I had not heard of Challenge medals before searching for a medal.  I think they started in the Armed Forces as tokens given when certain accomplishments were being recognized. They are handsome, and no detail was omitted in the design of these heavy and stunning coins.  I'll be posting this one later tonight.  It will list at $68.  See you then!
I have several, now--Army, Navy, Air Force and waiting on the Marine coin to arrive.

A New 'Ultimate' Rosary!


Every so often, I make a 'Ultimate' Rosary--one with the best and most beautiful beads and components I have. Nothing is spared to make this the finest Rosary I can make. And this is one of them.
The Pearls are large 8-9mm freshwater, AA+ on a AAA scale. They miss being AAA as they are not perfectly matched, and not perfectly round--this is essential for necklaces, but not so important when separated as they are in a Rosary--and it keeps the price out of the stratosphere.
The Paters are peach Coral, made from sustainable white Coral, and are double capped with heavy, handmade Bali beads. The Aves are capped as well, also in Bali beadcaps.
Even the connectors use Bali spacers flanked with smallpeach Pearls. And everything is wire wrapped twice at each end for a Rosary so strong it is guaranteed for life against breakage--there are no rings to come apart or flimsy, thin wiring to break!
The Crucifix was inspired by Medieval pictures, and features Jesus on one side, and Madonna and Child on the other. It is beautifully rendered, with lots of fine detail.
The center is one of my favorites--hand cast, as is the Crucifix--of the Blessed Mother.
The Rosary drapes beautifully and is silky smooth. Like all wire wraps, this is longer than the cable or link Rosaries due to the nature of the wire wrap. Large Pearls and Paters add to the length (32 inches).
As always, it will come boxed in silver and a velvet and organza, beaded bag.

Layaway is available

Check out the shop at!

Friday, June 27, 2014

A Special SALE of Bronze Wire Wrap Rosaries!

Until midnight on Sunday,  June 29, 2014 all Bronze Wire-Wraps are on sale for 40% off at  This means there are some fabulous bargains to be had, like this--
WAS $257
NOW $154

It's time to make room for some new Rosaries for the summer!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Now at!

Amazonite is the prettiest shade of pale aqua--it looks great with Silver.  Some time ago I heard it called 'the poor man's Aquamarine' but in the past few years it has become popular for its own sake, and rightfully so.  This Rosary  features plump 8mm beads, uniform in color and well cut.  Simple Apatite spacers separate the diamond shaped Our Fathers from the Hail Marys. Crucifix is the popular Pardon Crucifix and center is the Sacred Heart.  A small 'slider' rose medal slides open to reveal a Miraculous Medal. Crucifix is pewter, and the other components.  It has a wonderful feel in the hand and prays beautifully. 
For more information and pictures, go to--
The original Rosary sold quickly, so if you like this Rosary, grab it soon!  Two available. 
And while you are there, take a look around!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

SALE till Midnight!

I'm surprised this lovely Rosary has not found a home yet--the Amethyst is big, 8mm beads in a deeply saturated purple called 'grape'--The St Benedict Crucifix is nicely proportioned with the larger Aves.  There is a Miraculous Medal for the center, and a two toned St Therese, the Little Flower, medal.

I bought this Amethyst several years ago, before the prices went up. --I could not make an Amethyst Rosary like this for the price I am offering it at if I had to use Amethyst at today's pricing--Somebody's going to get a great Rosary at a great price.
You can see this and many more Rosaries, chaplets and Rosary Bracelets in my shop at  Stop by and see!  Blessings+

Friday, June 20, 2014

SALE and a New Red Rosary Made to Order!

SALE This Weekend--15% off everything in the shop!  Visit and see all the collection!

Fire Fighters and Police/EMT Rosaries with Patron Saint medals available now by!

I wanted to show you a Fireman's Rosary with St Florian medal that I
just finished as a custom order. It is wire wrapped for a lifetime of use whether it resides in a Fireman's pocket or stays safely at home.
I am also working on a 'Thin Blue Line' Police Rosary with their Patron Saint, St Michael the Archangel medal--with blue Lapis.

Duplicates of these Rosaries are available for $119 by custom order, with delivery in 2-3 weeks (they will be made to order).
You can leave a message for me by going to my shop, and clicking on the 'Request Custom Order' midway down the left side. Thank you for looking! Blessings+

Thursday, June 19, 2014

New Amethyst cable Rosary in Silver at!

 $68.  Two available
This new rosary features genuine 8mm and 4mm Amethyst of Excellent Quality. The Amethyst is called 'grape' Amethyst after the color of grapes.The purple is deep, but you can still see the purple, even in in low light.
The Our Fathers are hollow, open work beads, silver plated and very well made.
The Crucifix is a St Benedict Crucifix--St Benedict is a STRONG protector against Evil-- here is a fascinating article about the Medal--
The center is a Miraculous medal--read more about it here--
Finally, there is a medal of St Therese, the Little Flower.

The Rosary is strung with strong, 49 cable, 40# test wt metal cable, with double crimping and wire guards where the line runs through openings where the cable could be worn down and frayed.

As always, this Rosary will come ready for presentation, boxed in silver and in a beautiful beaded velvet and organza gift bag

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Life is Tough--


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Nun's Habit Crucifix 'Tenner' Rosary Chaplet

This genuine antique Nun's Habit Crucifix Makes this one-decade Rosary Chaplet, often called a 'tenner' very special indeed!  It came to me through a trusted antique dealer who specializes in Catholic collectables, and to her through the family of a Canadian Nun now long gone.

The Chaplet Aves are 9mm Swarovski Pearls in Platinum tone separated with small silver plate spacers and Swarovski Crystal Rondelles in purple/pink tones.

A big Bali Hollow Silver bead serves as the Pater, and the Chaplet ends with a large pewter Miraculous Medal.

Keep it in the car and say a quick decade on your way to work--or by your easy chair or bed.  It is sturdily made and will happily reside in a purse.--but I do not recommend it for a pocket as there is a lot of wear and tear going on in a pocket!  Or at your desk at work--there are always a few minutes to honor Our Lady  and bring you closer to her Son, Jesus.

Despite its delicate appearance, this is a pretty tough Chaplet, made with longevity in mind--it is strung on heavy, 40# lb test cable wire, crimped carefully, and threaded thru wire guardians at the connection points to protect against fraying.

Chaplets WILL break someday--if you would like this in a guaranteed not-to-break in your lifetime version, ask me about wire wrapping it.

An as always, it will arrive ready for presentation, boxed in silver and in a beautiful organza  beaded bag.

Thanks for looking and blessings+

Friday, June 13, 2014

Pearl Rosary with Stations of the Cross Crucifixat


Unique gold-plated Crucifix with the 4 Evangelists on the ends of the Cross and the Stations of the Cross on the back (Yes all of them--pretty small tho).

The Pearls are Swarovski, the most durable crystal pearls available, and the Peachy-pink Our Fathers are Checkerboard cut Swarovski as well.  There is also a Sacred Heart medal.

The wire is 'red' Brass which looks like 14k Gold, as are the bead caps  and center..

Each bead is double wrapped with wire at each end, then swirled across the bead and wrapped one more time--this makes a virtually unbreakable Rosary that will last into the next generation. It is so strong a technique that this Rosary is guaranteed against breakage for life. Period.

To go to the store listing, Click


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pardon Crucifix and Amazonite Cable Rosary

Just listed and freshly made--top quality Amazonite with Apatite accents in Silver-plate
The Pardon Crucifix is a beloved Crucifix with many blessings+ and indulgences -- want to know more?  click here
There are 2 available.  Visit and see the whole collection!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Listing this week!

Coming this week--Golden Brass, Pearl, Pink Swarovski Crystal with Way of the Cross Crucifix Rosary and Red Tiger Eye and Bali bead solid Bronze Rosary.

$99 each.
Unbreakable, wire wrapped Rosaries that will last into the next generation--guaranteed.
Will be $99 --

Sunday, June 8, 2014

SALE ends at Midnight!

Till 12MN, 15% off everything in the store, including this Cable Rosary with Swarovski Crystals and Crystal Pearls!
Or  this Sardonyx Rosary with the last of my black and white Sardonyx Paters--

And now, I think I'll make some supper and cuddle the cats!


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Silver and Citrine Chaplet at!

For your discernment--One-decade Rosary with 3" Our Lady of Carmel medal in solid Sterling with Crucifix dangle, Padre Pio center,  Citrine Quartz Hail Marys.
Keep it on the bedside table--or in the car--or the baby's bedroom to pray as you rock her.

Wire wrap, as always,  takes a lot of time and a certain amt of skill, but it creates an unbreakable Rosary.  Want to read more?  just go to the listing here--

Squeaker has some definite ideas of who shares the window beds...


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Just Listed! Onyx and Amethyst Cable Rosary

Simple and elegant, this black onyx rosary with genuine amethyst is pleasing to the eye and Soul.  A St Benedict medal for the center and a red enamelled Sacred Heart medal are enhanced by the Amethyst and Bali Bead Our Fathers, but the most striking thing about this humble Rosary is the beautiful Crucifix in Pewter and Onyx.  Each arm of the Cross has an image of one of the 4 Evangelists.  On the back a tiny but finely detailed Stations of the Cross.

See it at


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Turquoise and Lapis in Bronze--a new wire wrap Rosary!

This new genuine turquoise  and bronze Rosary is a beauty from every angle!
The Turquoise is genuine. It is not Kingman, but was quarried near that site.
The Paters come from Nepalese artisans.  Lapis and turquoise share the stage--

Simple deep blue Swarovski rondelles flank the Our Fathers and bring out the lapis in the pater beads.
also in 100% bronze--Trinity Crucifix, Mary center, Little Lion of Judah and all wire.  Read all about it at my shop,  Blessings+