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Monday, February 28, 2011

Ecce Lignum Crucis

The Latin phrase on this Rosary is clear--and profound: "Behold the wooden Cross on which is hung the Salvation of the World!"
The Lapis Paters are Fair Trade beads from Nepal; the Aves are rich, tonal green  African Jade. The two go together beautifully, wire wrapped for beauty and durability in golden Jeweler's Brass.  It's listed now--to see it, and for more info, Click Here.
I'm working on the Pearl and Fire Agate Traditional sized Rosary as we speak, so look for it to be listed in the next day or two. In the meantime, if you're in soggy and cold Midwest US like me, keep warm and keep praying!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pearl Presence!

On the bead board now--a preview of my next Pearl Rosary--
Fire Agate for the Paters have a wonderful russet color,  while the pale, creamy Swarovski Pearls are pure crystal coated with an incredibly durable electrostatically applied pearl essence.
Great new solid brass beadcaps, too! I might dip them to antique them slightly, haven't decided yet .
Look for it to list in the next couple of days--I'll blog when it does!

Up Next...

On the bead board as we speak...African Jade and Lapis Lazuli in bronze--
'Ecce Cruxis' (behold the Cross) Crucifix, Madonna with Child Jesus center, Mary with the Lion of Judah medal.
Hope to list it tomorrow...stay tuned!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Well.....I tried.....

I'm trying to stock the shop, but you'll have to be patient--both the Rosaries I listed this weekend are gone...Thanks to God and to all! I'll keep working--thinking of doing something in pearl again.  But again, the shelves are pretty empty--I'll be a busy bee this week for sure!

Just Listed!

It's in my shops now--
100+ carats of A-grade Citrine that makes a magnificent statement! I'm afraid it's the only sunshine here in Ohio today though!
The  Cross, dated 1881 on the back, features three flowers flowing from one heart on the front, in honor of the Trinity. Hand cast in solid bronze from the antique original, this repro was then burnished to a fine patina that stands out in comparison to the sparkle of the faceted citrine.
Even the Paters are citrine, with a plump bronze Bali bead rondelle flanked on both sides with citrine, then wrapped securely in heavy gauge golden jeweler's brass.
Virtually unbreakable--you'll have to wear through the wire--this Rosary will last through your lifetime and into the next generation. It is inspiring for daily use and magnificent as a special occasions gift.
To see the listing, Click Here.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Crystallized Sunshine--now on the Bead Board!

Hoping to finish this up and list it tomorrow--natural citrine capped in bronze with a decidedly Victorian, 1891, Cross--
The fleur-d'lys center features a miraculous medal flanked by the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Golden Brass abounds, intensifying the soft yellow of the Citrine and giving a satisfying heft to the Rosary.
I'll blog again when it's listed...

Cafe-au-lait Mother of Pearl All Dressed Up!

The best natural (unbleached) Mother of Pearl is full of whirls and swirls of tone-on-tone earthtones--ranging from translucent to opaque, from pale cream to robust tan. I love the way it adds texture and depth to a Rosary, and I've used it again for this newly listed Carnelian- and Turquoise-accented bronze Rosary--

Although warm earthtones are the predominant tones in this unique Rosary, there's a subtle surprise in the Paters.  These brass beads were hand made in Nepal by local artisans, with rusty Carnelian inset top and back; but on the sides, the artisan inlaid just a touch of intense Turquoise for a surprising jolt of color that sets off the whole Rosary.
The Two Angels Crucifix is a perennial favorite, and the center is a Lily, a symbol of the Blessed Mother.
All in all, I think it came out well.
Check out the listing at
and remember--this cannot be duplicated; it is a one-of-a-kind Rosary, so if it is calling you, act quickly !
(By the way, these artisan beads were obtained through a Fair Trade exchange--that means the artist is being paid fairly for his work and not exploited, while encouraging a continuation of the local bead and jewelry-making community.)

For the afternoon, I'm dipping into my cache of natural Citrine faceted rondelles. I'm thinking of something in Sterling, with lots of bead caps...will keep you informed. I have a bright, sunny workroom and a lazy cat stretched out on the couch cushions and making small snoring noises. I'll make some iced coffee and turn on the classical station and enjoy a relaxed day--lounging robe, slippers, and all! Saturdays are the best!
all for now,

Monday, February 14, 2011

Now in the Shop--Nearly 100 Carats of Amethyst

Deep, saturated colors that are vivid even in low light and a beautiful Victorian Crucifix make this one of my favorites.  And listed just in time to brighten your work week!
It went together quicker than expected, considering each and every bead is capped in bronze!
The carat weight is considerable--and all A-Grade, faceted Amethyst, very clear with slight inclusions and excellent color.
It lists a little higher than my usual bronze Rosary price, but I think you'll find it well worth it!

And in Other News...
50 degree and sunny weather helped my recovery from this nasty cold--I feel human again! I even tried to open the window for the fur babies to sniff the wind and listen to the birds...but the wood is too swollen from the wetness. 'Big Screen Cat TV' will have to wait another day.  But they enjoyed canned chow for their Valentine's present and are now laid out, each in their special spot (Maxx as always right next to me), gloriously napping.  Maxx was even chasing rabbits a bit ago. Life is good.
All for now,

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Preview...Amethyst and Fire Agate Shine

Here it is so far--faceted, A-grade amethyst rondelle Aves, simply capped in brass, and intense Fire Agate Paters capped rather more extravagantly and flanked with Swarovski Crystals. Should list this week..

An Amazonite First Communion/ Baptism Rosary--or is it?

I struggled with how to title this new, Robin's-egg blue Rosary--
The cool, pastel color and traditional sizing make this ideal for Baptisms or First Communion -- but grown-ups will love it to as an unbreakable pocket Rosary for daily use! Take your pick of reasons, but do check out the listing, Amazonite Rosary , now in my Etsy shop!
Story has it that Amazonite was so named because it's blue resembled the river of the same name--but since the Amazon is mostly brown, I'm at a loss to explain. The stone was discovered in Russia, for pete's sake...
nonetheless, the color is lovely and is set off nicely by the golden brass wrapping.
I also thought the airy carved bone flower bead Paters went well with the open work Crucifix--a Crucifix that is patterned on both sides, by the way.  Then, of course, the Blessed Virgin center is an art deco piece whose shapes mirrors the cross ends--so it all came together quickly.

Next on the bead board--faceted amethyst sparkles in a new bronze Rosary!


Saturday, February 12, 2011


Just listed..
I managed to finish it this evening and it came out beautifully. Told you a bit about it in my last post, and now you can see it in its entirety.
It's in my etsy shop at .

I'm afraid the choices are on the skimpy side right now, but one I get over this rather nasty cold, and get caught up on the custom orders, I'll try to get a better selection--starting with more First Communion Rosaries for the Spring...
But for now, Nyquil and good night's sleep beckons...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Coming thisWeekend! Lapis and Carnelian in a Gorgeous New Rosary!

On the bead board now--
I fell in love with these hand made brass beads inset with rich carnelian and brilliant lapis lazuli! They set off the bronze Crucifix and center beautifully, and really accent the creamy tan cafe-au-lait mother of pearl Aves. They are Fair Trade beads,made by humble artisans in Nepal, members of a group which seeks to feature their work at a fair price with equitable shares of the sales passed along to the artisans.
This Rosary should be in the shops this weekend...
Love it already? Pre-order it and save 10% off the list price of $239! But act quickly--these beads are one of a kind and may not be available again!  To contact me, leave a message in my Etsy shop.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Aquamarine Glory

Just Listed...
A mix of tones in genuine, natural Aquamarine, from clear, pale aqua to delicate, opaque seafoam makes the Aves glow. And the San Damiano Crucifix of St Francis of Assisi makes this ideal for a Third Order or anyone devoted to the saint.
San Damiano was the rundown chapel in which the saint was praying when he heard the Lord say: "Francis! Restore my church, which you can see is in need of repair!"  The blessed saint thought the Lord was telling him to rebuild the chapel--but he soon realized the Lord had greater things in mind: the renewal and reform of the Holy Catholic Church itself!
Consider this fine Rosary for a Baptism or First Communion gift. Or carry it in your pocket for daily prayer, secure in the knowledge that this durable Rosary, because of its wire wrapping, will endure through a lifetime of prayer!

Mid-Ohio is now digging out from our portion of the great blizzard, which was, for us, two treacherous nights of ice storms. I had the singular privilege of being a traveling Hospice nurse both nights, and I marvelled at how beautiful--and how dangerous--it was out there.  God saw fit to keep most patients comfortable so I didn't have too many visits.  It was quiet and peaceful at first--then the tree branches began to break from the ice, and I could hear the gunshot-like reports as I carefully transversed the city. 50,000 people were without power in the bone chilling cold before morning--I was thankfully spared--but the dying continued to need help and the families continued to need consolation and support. And even our nurses who lived far out of town showed up for work--I work with a phenomenal team--because the need was there.
Hospice gathers a special brand of people. They stay because they are called to it (those who aren't soon find out, and soon leave) and I can see the hand of God in them, working, working: 'Whatsoever ye do to the least of these, ye do unto Me.' It's a privilege.

All for now,