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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Big, Fat Thanksgiving SALE is on Now!

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Happy Thankgiving, everyone!

Rose de France (Pink Amethyst) is Back!

On the Beadboard at
Stunning violet-pink Rose de France--absolute gem quality--and oxidized Sterling Silver give an antique look to this new Rosary!  I have a limited supply of these very special stones back in stock, and as such, this Rosary will be forever unique.
The micro faceted Aves are brilliantly sparkly in the sun with that ethereal, pale purple with a shot of pink that makes Pink Amethyst so special!
The Vines and Branches Crucifix is one of my favorites, bringing to mind Jesus' words, "I am the living Vine." It is a substantial Crucifix, weighing in at 1 ounce of solid Sterling and measuring 2.5" long.  Actually, the whole Rosary is substantial--the Aves are plump 8mm stones, making this larger than the commercial Rosaries commonly seen.  It prays wonderfully and has a lovely feel in the hand.
As always, the double wire wrapping makes this unbreakable--you'll hand this down the generations!
I'll blog again when it lists--or just check back in the store later this week:

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Just Listed in Lapis!

New at blue Lapis in an elegant Bronze Rosary--
The bronze in this rosary was specially formulated to look like real gold, and it compliments the deep blue Lapis perfectly!  There's a center of Our Lady of Lourdes, and a medal that is double sided, with the Blessed Virgin on one side and the Eucharist on the other.  All have been hand cast from the beloved originals.
Like all my wire wrapped Rosaries, this one is virtually unbreakable by its design.
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Maxx vonMeow has been a real scairdy cat when I have visitors, and recently I hired someone to help me with some heavy housework.  At the end of the day, Maxx was nowhere to be found--and I still don't know where he hid--and only came out in the wee hours to sleep on the bed.  Me, I was afraid he had gotten out the door and spent a very long night in prayer, supplication, and tears.  I felt so far from God--why did he allow this to happen?  And then I remembered to put it on the Cross with Jesus--He understood my grief.  Wish I were more trusting, but I did my best, and God was gracious indeed.  Maxx is safe, my 'family,' which is basically my cats & me, is safe, and I've offered a Holy Hour for this blessing.  And yes, we had cat treats in celebration!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lapis!! Coming this week!

Here's a preview of my newest Lapis Rosary!  Lots of detail, top quality Lapis and done in warm, golden bronze that was specially formulated to look like 14k gold.  It'll be listed in the shop at sometime this week, so keep in touch!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cranberry Agate and bronze !

New at, rich red agate with a very special bronze  Crucifix !
There is an old tradition of adding a small red bead to a rosary as a drop of blood , to symbolize the blood Christ shed for us -- look carefully at the foot of the Cross and you will see a small , perfect garnet!
There is also a magnificent medal of Our Lady of Guadalupe. As always, the rosary is carefully wire wrapped for beauty and durability, and is guaranteed not to break !
With its 8mmAves and larger components, this is a more substantial rosary that feels wonderful in the hand and prays beautifully -- the wire wrapping on each bead gently leads your fingers from bead to bead.
It's in the shop now, so do click here to visit !

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Now Listed--Amazonite and Mother of Pearl in a New Rosary ! SALE CONTINUES!!

Mosaic Stone/ Amazonite Paters, Cafe-au-lait Mother of pearl in Bronze ! Unbreakable as always !
The Paters are special--formed millennia ago  when  sea sediment filled the tiny cracks and fissures in deposits of blue Amazonite, then slowly turned  into stone. And the Mother of Pearl Aves are also special -- get more information on my new Rosary and see more pictures by visiting my shop --click here!
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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

SALE This week!

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