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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Copper and Pearl in a New Rosary

Just listed at copper with perfect Swarovski pearls--
The Paters are imported Japanese beads, embellished with flowers and foliage and capped with antiqued copper caps.  The rosy copper sets of the pale beads perfectly!
Swarovski Pearls are  pure crystal beads electrostatically coated with a thick layer of powdered pearl--extremely durable, these give the look of top quality pearls at a fraction of the cost!
It is a traditional-sized Rosary with 6mm pearls.  It will fit in a pocket or purse, and has a lovely feel in the hand.
Like all my wire-wrap Rosaries, this is unbreakably constructed, with each bead double wrapped at each end, then swirled again in solid copper wire for a Rosary that will last a lifetime--guaranteed.
See it now in the store--Click here to see the listing!

The family has expanded to 4 kitties!  Meet EmilyRose Tailkinker, rescued from the mean streets 3 days ago--
She's underweight and small for her age but otherwise healthy.  And I don't think she'll be underweight for long--she's hitting the kitty chow with a passion!  She's so glad to be rescued and is loving and affectionate, and best of all, the other fur babies are accepting her into the fold!  Don't you love a happy ending?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Copper Rosary

On the bead board as we speak--Swarovski Pearls and feminine Japanese Tensha bead Paters--
All in purest copper and listing this week at, this features a Celtic Crucifix, Blessed Virgin Mary center, and double-sided Immaculate Heart/Sacred Heart medal!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New! Pewter Rosary with 'Red Velvet' Quartz!

Just listed at quartz that looks like velvet and glowing pewter!
This stunning quartz has a wonderful, matte appearance that is unique!  I've paired it with sturdy, non-tarnishing pewter for a large, impressive Rosary that prays well.
The Crucifix shows John and The Blessed Virgin at the foot of the Cross, while Mary is again featured in a flower-wreathed centerpiece.
Each bead is wrapped in non-tarnish German silver, AKA nickel silver, for non-stop shine.  The wire is double wrapped at each end of the bead, then swirled over the bead and secured again--this is an unbreakable construction technique that will last a lifetime!
Keep this Rosary by your favorite chair or at bedside for prayer, and bring it before Our Lord in church--it  prays smoothly and beautifully, the swirl of wire gently leading your fingers from one bead to the next!
It's in the shop now--Click here to see the listing!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

First Communion Franciscan Rosary is Listed!

Just Listed in my shop at
Denim blue Sodalite in a Saint Francis - inspired Sterling Silver Rosary that's perfect for a First Communion (though it will fit comfortably in a pocket or purse as well)!
The San Damiano Crucifix was the Cross in the worn down chapel at San Damiano, where beloved Francis first heard Jesus speak to him.  I thought this gentle, yet powerful Saint would be a worthy companion for a young child (and doesn't he speak to us all?).
As always, the wire wrap construction technique makes this Rosary virtually unbreakable!
It would also--because of its durability--make a beautiful pocket Rosary, and will gracefully endure the somewhat rough existence in a pocket or purse, ready for daily prayer.  It is guaranteed for life. Period.  This is a rosary to hand down the generations!
Its available now--to see the listing, Click Here!

Friday, March 9, 2012

First Communion Franciscan Rosary in the Works

On the breadboard this weekend at
Denim blue sodalite has a nuanced, tonal appearance and the occasional spidery vein of calcite. It is often found in nature as one of the components of Lapis Lazuli, but it has a distinctive blue coloration of its own.It is smashing with Sterling Silver in this Franciscan-inspired Rosary!  It would make an ideal pocket Rosary--or think of it for an heirloom First Communion Rosary!
I hope to list it this weekend-watch for it in the shop (Click here to visit HeartFelt Rosaries!)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just Listed at HeartFelt Rosaries!

A First Communion Rosary in Swarovski Pearls and Pink Coral--
Ideal for a child--but an adult would treasure it as well!
It features a double sided, detailed Crucifix and Angel Center and is completely made in Sterling Silver.
As always, unbreakably constructed with durable wire wrapping
It's in the shop now, so click here to visit HeartFelt Rosaries!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

New First Communion Rosary

Swarovski CreamRose Pearls and Pink Coral at
All Sterling, with an open-work Crucifix and Guardian Angel center--
Virtually unbreakable due to its wire-wrapped construction--
An heirloom your child will hand down the generations!
Will list this week--watch for the announcement, or Click here to visit the shop!

It's a lovely, quiet Sunday night.  Father Barron is speaking about the words of Christ on streaming video on the computer, and there's fresh oatmeal bread in the kitchen.  I've brought a thick slab of it to my work space, where Squeaker Floofytail has determined that while she isn't fond of bread--even homemade bread--she's more than happy to lap up the butter!   I'll be working on the Rosary for the rest of the evening, pleasant work!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

NEW! Cloisonne Coptic Rosary at!

Just listed at Blue Cloisonne with rich Swarovski Pearls in a Coptic inspired Rosary--
Cloisonne is an ancient technique of decorating metal beads with colorful designs, and these Royal Blue brass beads are covered with colorful enameled flowers and foliage. They create a beautifully detailed Rosary, rich in glowing bronze and with accents of Swarovski Crystal and Pearl.

Cloisonne first arose in the near Middle East, and is present in Jewelry found in the pharaoh's tombs. It is made by setting thin metal bands in design onto a metal bead or background, then filling in the spaces with gemstones, glass, or (most commonly found today) enamel. The technique spread throughout the known world, especially to the East, where the tradition continues to this day.  There are gorgeous garnet an gold cloisonné pieces from 8th century Celtic culture, many sacred Christian objects, and intricate enameled work from China.  These beads are Chinese Peony beads with an almost medieval feel.

The Crucifix and 4-way center are of Ethiopian Coptic origin and add substance and heft to the Rosary design. They have been carefully hand cast in solid bronze, then burnished to a fine patina.

It's listed now in the shop--Click here to visit the shop!