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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Just received at

I wanted to show you these fantastic, handmade Nepalese beads before I work them into a Rosary...these are Fair Trade items, bought by a group who ensure the artisans are paid fairly.
I'm not sure what the base is for the beads--bone, maybe?  The artisan also insets small chips of carnelian, chinese turquoise, or brass.  Each one is unique and special. They will make beautiful and special Rosaries--I'll show them here first!  Keep checking, or sign up for my blog--
Many Blessings+

Thursday, December 3, 2015

A Very Special Rosary Bracelet in Pink Topaz and Moonstone

This new Moonstone and Pink Topaz Rosary bracelet is a one-of-kind offering. Made with beads left over from other Rosaries, this combination of pink and white looks feminine and delicate, but it threaded on strong, 49-strand, 40# test wt plastic coated stainless Steel. As with all my cable offerings, It is carefully double crimped, with a wire guardian added when possible (To prevent the wire from fraying and breaking.) .The no-lose foldover magnetic closure keeps your bracelet safely on your wrist. It will give years of prayers.
Thank you for looking!  Blessings+