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Monday, June 28, 2010

Not just another blue Rosary...

Just Listed....
Deep Caribbean Blue Apatite!  It is a delightful stone, full of color and tone shifts, paired with fat Mother of Pearl Paters and lots of Sterling! Like all good Apatite, there are bands of tones, some translucent and dreamy, others more opaque.  Although gem quality is starting to appear -- clear throughout and lighter in color --Apatite is a stone little known....yet. It is found all over the world, in places as distant as Norway, Sri Lanka, and South Africa, and is usually green or blue in color.  It is possible to heat treat this stone, something that is true of many beautiful stones, to bring out the color and intensify it. Unfortunately, it is not possible to tell if heat treatment has been done (at least with dyed stones you can rub off a bit of the dye, or whack it with a frying pan to break it and see the inside....), but it is always a possibility with these stones.  They're still gorgeous, though!!!
The Crucifix is special, too.  It is an import from an Orthodox Russian Jeweler, and has a great deal of detail worked in. I especially like the two small Cherubs that fly above the crossbeam--I'll try to post a close up in the shop in the next day or so.
Check out the shop for more pictures, and contact me with any questions.

I'm off to pet the furry quadrapeds...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

What is Tiger Spar and What is it doing in my Rosary? (UPDATE)

There's a new Rosary in the shop, with a little known stone for the Our Fathers--Tiger Spar.
The term, tiger spar, seems to be common among Asian merchants; I have not seen it in vendors on this side of the world.  I spoke with a friend who had taken a sample to her gemologist, and apparently this is a feldspar: To be more precise, the dark green is serpentine. There are bands of chautoyant material--that is, it looks different from different angles and has a certain amount of 'flash.'  In the case of these beads, the flash is brilliant teal green against a background of forest green. You can barely pick it out in the top pic, but the half hidden bead in the bottom also shows a band of it. These bands are a crystallized amazonite, so strictly speaking, tiger spar is a combination of two different minerals. I thought it was an overdyed stone, as the teal was so brilliant and intense, but apparently it is NOT--that's the property of the stone! It also comes in a form with serpentine and pink bands...would love to see that.  So Many Thanks to Kate for the info!
It's been prayed to check to make sure all crimps are silky smooth, and it's ready to go to a forever home now--check out the shop for this and more...

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fresh Rosary Bracelets!

Four, count 'em, four new bracelets, the outcome of a lazy summer weekend are up for sale now in the shops!
All in red (golden) brass and bronze, with some scrumptious garnet (absolutely A-Grade) and amethyst thrown in...
The Garnet is raspberry-tinged, very clear and immediately RED to the eye, much better than the picture shows!
The Lamp Work Glass bead was so nice, I've done two bracelets featuring it! And the fancy clasp is gorgeous on the wrist.
Two more in the shop--do take a look! They are a wonderful way to see the quality of my works at a very modest price!

I have gotten a couple of intricate Orthodox Crucifixes and I look forward to pairing them with more Garnet and who know what else? These will be in Sterling--I'll keep you updated.  Right now, I'm getting a lot of interest in some nice Lapis I obtained in 6mm size, with two custom Rosaries in the works with it. More pics to follow, but for now....time to pet the cats!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Some Lapis Facts and a new Rosary

I have a new Lapis Lazuli Rosary listed--
When I was looking up some facts on Lapis in order to accurately describe the stones I had used, I found out that ...Lapis is a rock...meaning, it is not composed of a single mineral, but of several.
Lapis is a combination of primarily Lazurite with elements of golden pyrite, sodalite and calcite--that makes it a rock! The lazurite and sodalite give it its distinctive blue, long prized for jewelry. It has been mined for over 6,000 years in Afghanistan and is found in neolithic sites that predate the lovely items found in the Egyptian tombs!


This Rosary was designed with a man in mind--simple, straitforward. The Crucifix shows Christ as the High Priest, and the center is a thick, double sided and lovely one showing the Sacred Heart on one side and the Blessed Virgin on the other in high relief.
The whole is wrapped in Tarnish Resistant Argentium 925 Sterling Silver and there are subtle Swarovski Crystal accents--altogether I was pleased with how it came together, and I hope you like it as well.


We have a small moth in the work room/living room leading my big kitty Elvis Purrsley on a merry chase. As quickfooted as Elvis is, he's had no success in ridding the world of a flying bug. Said moth continues to buzz my worklamp with just the occasional drift into the room proper where he taunts Elvis....Squeaker watches with an interested gaze but no indication she will move her hefty kitty self into the battle! Maxx just went to bed, and at this hour it would be well for me to do the same...

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Ordering a Custom Rosary... and a new Rosary is Listed

I often get requests for custom Rosaries, so I thought it a good idea to tell those of you who are not aware of this service a little about it!

Collaborating on a one of a kind, custom Rosary is a gratifying experience for both of us--and is a lot of fun as well! I just need a little info to get started--you don't have to have it all planned out, just an idea or two.  Contact me through my shop (Click Here) and we can get started! Basically, what I need to start with are: What sacramental do you want (Rosary, chaplet, Rosary-inspired Jewelry)? What stones or color interest you? Bronze or Sterling? And be sure to mention if there is any special request, such as a particular Saint's medal!  Finally, price range is important.
Next, I'll come back with some ideas and pictures of what is available in materials (or can be ordered).  You respond with what you like and don't like, and we trade emails until we come up with Your Perfect Rosary. I get many comments from folks who really liked being a part of the design portion!
At that point, you commit to the Rosary and I add you to the list. It can take up to a month to complete your heirloom once you give final approval, a time that depends on where you are on the list and whether or not components need to be ordered, etc. And that's the scoop!

You see it above, but here is another pic:
It started out as another Two  Angels Poppy Jasper Rosary, but it morphed !  I consider it a Rosary dedicated to the Holy Family, as all are represented:  Christ, Saint Joseph in the centerpiece, and a hefty medal of Our Lady of Guadalupe. I've used the same White Turquoise Paters as the popular Two Angels, but changed the bead caps; and I added connector beads between the decades and the Paters that feature rich Carnelian and Bali beads.
It is a substantial and hefty Rosary with a wonderful feel in the hand--would be perfect for Father's Day, though women will find it easy to pray as well--and it is listed in my Etsy shop (Click Here) now, and will list at 8pm ET on Ebay.

Here is a little secret for you ****contact me and mention you saw it on the blog, and I'll give you 5% off****  Just my way of saying 'Thanks.'