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Monday, April 30, 2012

White Turquoise with a Splash of Sunshine!

Just listed--White Turquoise with Citrine Paters!
The White Turquoise is filled with character and toast brown matrix, and the Citrine is clear and refreshing.  It has been strung on strong, 21-strand cable wire and carefully and securely crimped,
Just the thing for Spring and just in time for Mother's day, this Rosary encourages prayer and reflection!
Now in the shop -- click here to go to the listing!

It's 81 degrees here in the Midwest--more like summer than spring!--and windy.  I have the windows open to catch the breeze and the kitties alternate sitting on the sills and playing with the dust bunnies the wind brought out from hiding.  They're having a great day...and I'm cleaning....

Sunday, April 29, 2012

More Lapis...

On the bead board at HeartFelt Rosaries--The Holy Family in a vibrant blue Lapis Lazuli Rosary--
Our Lady, Star if the Sea (Stella Maris) as a medal and Saint Joseph as  center complete the earthly family Jesus chose. The Lapis is quite remarkable, and it is complemented with handmade Lapis and Turquoise Paters--even prettier in person!  And all wire wire wrapped for an unbreakable, heirloom Rosary!
Will list it this week at trying to increase my inventory after a busy Easter, so check back often!

Even the kitties know how to spend Sundays!...

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Foggy Blue Chalcedony Rosary

In time for Mother's Day--mysterious chalcedony in bronze with moonstone accents--
The ornate Crucifix is surrounded in angels and there is a superb medal of the Sacred Heart.  Best of all, the center is a Saint Benedict medal--a strong defender against Evil.
All is wire wrapped in bronze for an unbreakable Rosary that will last through a lifetime of prayer!
Click here to go to the listing!

We're having a nice 'Caturday' afternoon complete with nap time surrounded by all four cats! Squeaker is being remarkably affectionate, while Emily Rose pounces on any of the others who might play--she is blossoming into a bright, active adolescent kitteh with a devil-may-care attitude.  She fit right in and now it feels as if she's always been a part of the family!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Blue Chalcedony in a New Rosary!

On the bead board at

Foggy blue Chalcedony, an ornate Crucifix with Angels, a Sacred Heart medal and a St Benedict center--all in warm bronze--This is a larger Rosary that prays beautifully.  It is wire wrapped, as is my custom, and because of the durability wire wrapping brings, this Rosary is guaranteed against breakage for life. Period.  This is one Rosary you will hand down to the grandchildren!
It will list this week at $249--I'll blog when it's ready--stop by the shop and see it!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ruby and Sterling Rosary Listed!

In the shop now--beautiful, intense Ruby drenched in sterling silver--
It's been over a year since I offered a Ruby Rosary, but I now have some superb Ruby for you.  The color is extraordinary--intensely red with a raspberry claret tone, deep but not dark, clearly red even in low light.  This is near gem quality Ruby, and I've ornamented it with generous amounts of sterling silver for a one-of-a-kind, truly unique Rosary that will not be repeated.
The Crucifix is likewise unique, showing Christ as High Priest.  The center is Our Lady of Sallette.
There are smoky blue Iolite connectors, and everything is unbreakably wire wrapped for a Rosary you will hand down to the next generation.
Durable enough for a lifetime of daily prayer and exquisitely beautiful, this is one special Rosary that will crown your collection or be the ultimate gift.
To see the listing, click here.
Check out my other listings while you're there--I'm working hard to replenish the shop after the Easter rush, so look for new items weekly!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ruby Rosary Coming Soon!

On the bead board at HeartFelt Rosaries-- intense red Ruby with smoky blue Iolite accents in Sterling Silver--
The Ruby is incredible--deeply saturated color with a raspberry tone.  I've capped each bead with solid sterling, ornate bead caps to give a heavy sterling presence to the Rosary.  The Crucifix is also unique--Christ as High Priest with the Dove of the Holy Spirit above.  It is complemented by the heavy Our Lady of Sallette center and the textured, weighty Paters.  With the 8mm Aves,  this is a more substantial Rosary that has a wonderful heft.  It prays beautifully, with a smooth and silky feel.  Altogether, it is an elegant Rosary that makes a strong, bold statement!  It will be available this week in my shop,  I'll blog again when it's listed...  Blessings+

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lapis and Citrine in a New Rosary

Just listed--brilliant blue Lapis Lazuli and crisp, clear Citrine shine in this new cable Rosary--
There's something inherently pleasing about a cable strung Rosary--maybe it's the smooth symmetry of the Aves, strung with small, gold separating beads; or the seamless way the Paters flow from the decades.  Compact and traditionally sized, cable Rosaries are great for a pocket. They grace any collection and are very reasonably priced.  Try one and see for yourself!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pink Quartz and Sterling Silver Rosary

Just Listed at
Intense Pink Quartz and lots of solid Sterling Silver!
There's lots to like--solid silver Cross and center ornamented with shamrocks (symbolizing the Trinity)--intricate Bali bead pillow shaped Sterling Paters--extravagantly capped, top quality Pink Quartz.
The intense pink color is the result of bonding titanium to the quartz in a high tech process that creates a new, permanent surface with incredible sparkle and shine!
And, as usual, the beads are double wire wrapped for an unbreakable connection that will last through a lifetime of prayer!
Stop by and see it at!  And don't forget to check out the rest of the shop while you're there!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Morning Naptime...

Obviously, I didn't get much done this morning--

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cafe-au-Lait Mother of Pearl Rosary Listed

Now in my shop,
Featuring beautiful Cafe-au-lait Mother of pearl with its swirls and bands of tone on tone color from cream to rich, golden tan.  And as they say on those late night infomercials--Wait!  There's more!
The 'more' is a set of handmade Carnelian and Lapis Pater beads, painstakingly hand fashioned by skilled Nepalese artisans and sold by a group dedicated to fair compensation for the artisans.
With 8mm Aves, this is a more substantial Rosary that is especially easy to pray.  It has a wonderful heft in the hand, and the swirls of bronze wire caressing each stone gently lead your fingers from bead to bead.
And as always, it is unbreakably wire wrapped for a durable Rosary you'll pass down to the next generation!
Stop by the shop and see this and more--but to go directly to the listing, Click here!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Pink for Spring...

On the bead board at HeartFelt Rosaries and should list this week--Mystic Pink Quartz in sterling--
Can you see the shamrocks in the centerpiece and in the cross? And the sparkle factor is off the charts!  The stones  are well cut and very even in tone--the tones you see in the picture are naturally caused by the play of shadow.  These brilliant beads will brighten the darkest day and call you to prayer.  Think of it as a phenomenal Mother's Day gift!
Pink Rosaries fly out of the store--the Rose Quartz I listed yesterday is already gone--so be prepared.  Layaway is available.
I'll blog again when it's listed.  Till then, blessings+

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Saint Francis Rose Quartz Rosary Now Listed!

Just put this in my shop at Rose Quartz and a surprise in the Paters--
The Paters are actually encased (in bead caps) pink Swarovski Crystal--they look solid bronze, but have a surprising sparkle in the sun!
The Cross is the San Damiano Crucifix, associated with Saint Francis of Assisi. This is a copy of the crucifix that was hanging in that broken down chapel the day that Francis, while praying there, heard Jesus say to him,  "Francis, repair my church, which is in ruins."  The blessed Saint thought he was being told to repair the chapel--but he soon realized Jesus had something else in mind--nothing less than the Reformation of Holy Mother Church!
This would be a fine Mother's Day gift or a special Rosary for one with a devotion to Saint Francis!
It's in the store now, priced $139. Visit the shop, or Click Here to go directly to the listing!

Emily Rose, my new rescue kitty, is continuing to blossom, and she's all energy!  No mousie toy has a chance when she's around!

(I think she's bigger already!  She sure eats enough!)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rose Quartz in a Franciscan Rosary

The San Damiano Crucifix of St Francis of Assisi ornaments a glowing Rose Quartz Rosary --now on the bead board--
Unbreakably wrapped in strong, warm bronze, this Rosary will last through a lifetime of prayer! It features 6mm natural Rose Quartz and gorgeous, ornately bronze-encased Swarovski crystal Paters and will be traditionally-sized at about 19 inches.  It is compact and perfect for a pocket or purse!  Look for it to be listed tonight or tomorrow--I'll blog again then!

Emily Rose Tailkinker, the new rescue kitty, is settling in--here she is, relaxing after a rowdy playtime--
She's putting on weight and scampering around the house --she's one high energy kitten!  But she's especially angelic when she's napping!


Monday, April 2, 2012

Cabled Rosaries for Spring!

Just listed--a new cabled (strung on wire) Rosary with a fresh look--High Grade Amethyt and Peridot in bronze!
Strung on strong, 21-strand beading wire, this compact Rosary will grace a pocket or purse with a beautiful presence.  The Amethyst Aves are 6mm--traditional sized--and the whole rosary measures approx 15".  The amethyst is AA Grade--misses AAA only because there are inclusions in the stones--but the color is striking and very intense, even in low light.
At a very affordable $59, this is ready to go out the door! Stop by the shop,, or go directly to the listing by clicking here!

Emily Rose, the new rescue kitty, is adapting well to life indoors.  She's never far from the food bowl, and is already beginning to fill out.  And she has a joyous spirit, flying through the rooms, chasing dust bunnies and toys with abandon and sliding on the wood floors.  The other cats have been remarkably kind to the little stranger--there haven't been too many hisses and I see the occasional friendly nose boop between them. Oh, Squeaker is her usual curmudgeon self, but even she is being won over. All four gather round the canned food plate in the mornings --four heads around one plate, each eating their share and nuzzling into their neighbor's allotment, very peaceful.  It will be a beautiful Easter week ... must remember to fix them all a nice Easter basket--chocolate mice, anyone?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Something Different ...

Here is a lovely cable strung Rosary in Garnet and Bronze with Swarovski Crystal--
The garnet is wine colored and rich; the bronze sets it off wonderfully!
With Crucifix and Center hand cast in solid bronze from the antique originals, and striking bronze Bali beads, this cable-strung Rosary is warm and inviting!  It is hand strung on usable and flexible 21-strand nylon coated beading wire and carefully crimped to prepare it for a life of prayer. 
Visit today to see this and more, or just click here to go to the listing directly!