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Monday, September 30, 2013

Franciscan Wire Wrap Rosary

Will try to get it done and listed tomorrow--this is a special Rosary I originally made for third order Franciscans--brown for the Franciscan habit, San Damiano Crucifix and made simply--
And Because members of the order try to live simply, I tried to make a Rosary that is moderately priced and simple in construction.
It will list for $99.  If you need more than 1, contact me.  my intention is to keep one in the shop thru the holidays.
I'll blog again when it lists...

Silver and Rhodochrosite Rosary

Just listed--a Rosary with some of the best rhodochrosite I've seen--
Wire wrapped in solid Sterling, and Crucifix, center, and St Michael medal handcast in solid Sterling by a skilled US artisan.  Even the Paters are Sterling.  As always, unbreakable and guaranteed for life.
Layaway available.
Click Here to go to the listing!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Rosary inspired Blue and Bronze

Just listed at at an introductory price under $50 this week only--a Rosary-inspired necklace wire wrapped to last, and with one of my best selling Crucifixes--

 The stones are frosted blue quartz 'Aves', howlite 'Paters,' bronze beads, and lots of Swarovski Crystal. 
Because it is wire wrapped, it will not break--but in case you catch it on something there is a strong magnetic clasp in the back that will separate and save you from a sore neck!
Click Here to see the listing!

Pink Rhodachrosite in a Fabulous Sterling Rosary!

Listing tonight or tomorrow--this amazing Rhodochrosite--
The color is a perfect pinky-peach in this non-banded Rhodochrosite.  I'm piling a lot of Sterling into this Rosary, but no beadcaps on this one--I wanted to showcase the beads.
As usual, this is wire wrapped and virtually unbreakable--it is an heirloom piece that will hold up for a lifetime of prayers.  More details later...

Saturday, September 28, 2013

OOPS! Forgot one!

Also now listed--Ivory Jasper and Swarovski Crystal Cable (strung) Rosary--

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Amethyst and Carnelian Rosary in the works

Coming this weekend at HeartFeltRosaries--
It features a large, ornate Cross and Sacred Heart center. There is a small Crucifix coonnected to the center so that the indulgences may be obtained.
The amethyst is gem-quality, with even color, rare inclusions to the eye--some of the finest I've ever worked with
Hoping to list Friday!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Saint Francis Rosary in Blue and Bronze

In progress now--A San Damiano Crucifix, also known as the St Francis Crucifix and beautiful Mary in profile center--hand cast as always. The Howlite is an unusal faded denim color while the Paters are the  last Apatite left overs from another Rosary.  The Swarovski Crystal adds intensity, and differentiates between the Aves and Paters when you pray.
To visit the shop, Click on ! 
There will be lots of new Rosaries, both wire wrap and cable in the next few months--so visit often!

Monday, September 23, 2013

NEW at!

This pretty, sand-toned Jasper is a wonderful fit with Bronze in my newest Cable  (strung on strong, 49-strand beading cable)  Rosary. A little Amethyst and Carnelian add a touch of color--
To go directly to the listing, Click Here.   Do stop by!

Jasper and Amethyst in a New Bronze Cable Rosary

This pretty, sand-toned Jasper is a wonderful fit with Bronze in my newest Cable  (strung on strong, 49-strand beading cable)  Rosary. A little Amethyst and Carnelian add a touch of color--
To go directly to the listing, Click Here.   Do stop by!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

New! Blue and Bronze Rosary!

Just finished this lovely Rosary in Mary's color--
The Aves are humble blue quartz, matte, and the Paters are large, dark topaz crystals with caps.  Because it is wire-wrapped, it is virtually unbreakable and as such is guaranteed from breaking for life.
Everything seemed to work together on this Rosary--blue and deep topaz, heavy bronze presence, even the little connectors add to the look
Layaway available.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Inca Rose Rosary in the Shop!

Inca Rose is a peachy variety of Rose Quartz from South America,   It's not a stone I see very often, so I am pleased to offer this in a Sterling setting...
$369--on sale this weekend for 15% off

The Crucifix, Ave Marria center and Blessed Virgin Mary medal have all been hand cast in low tarnish Argentium Sterling from the original antiques.
Paters are simple White Jade with sterling bead caps, and there are Bali bead connecting the Paters to the Aves.
With the wire wrapping, this Rosary is virtually unbreakable and an heirloom to hand down the generations.
see it here --
 There's more in the store--stop by!

There is another kitty in the house, a rescue.  He showed up in y backyard about 2 weeks ago--he was super friendly--and super hungry.  I continued to feed while I looked for the owner--but my search was in vain. I only know someone is grieving a lost kitty.  But in the meantime, I had a new kitty outside. Eventualy the meowing and carryng on to get inside worked and I let him in.
He was not microchipped and had no collar, sadly.
So I have a new cat. 
 Sir Purrsalot,
Here he is just after a trip to the vet for neutering and shots.  He's fascinated by the bead board.
Everybody is getting along...for now...more news as it happens!

ON SALE This Weekend at

Everything is on sale -- 15% off til midnight on Monday!  I will be adding new items, so keep checking!
Each Rosary is  handmade with attention to detail and the best stones I can find.  The wire-wrap Rosaries are so strong due to the style of wrapping which double wraps each end of the bead, then swirls the sterling wire once more for beauty and durability.  These heirlooms are guaranteed for life.  Period.
I also carry a modestly priced line of cable Rosaries made with pride and usually under $50.
I will be listing new cables later today.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Up and Coming--multi Tiger Eye and Bali beads

On the bead board and listing this week at
Unbreakabley wire wrapped, this Rosary will be ready for a lifetime of use!  I'll post again when it's listed!

Apatite and Copper Rosary!

Wire wrapped and gorgeous, this new Rosary is now available at
Layaway available.

This is my latest design and first Rosary made with copper--and I love how it came out--bright and bold, with Crucifix, Mary center and scapular medal done with a rustic look.
The Apatite is very good quality, with that unmistakeable teal color.  The Paters are capped Japanese flower beads.  The components are not only beautiful on their own, but complement each other as well.
The wire wrapping is so strong that I guarantee this Rosary for life.
Stop by and have a look at the whole collection.

Friday, September 13, 2013

New Cable Rosaries at HeartFelt Rosaries!

Just Listed--new cable Rosaries at
 Apatite with Japanese Paters and Scapular medal $56
 Charoite with White Turquoise (Magnesite) $64
 Red Sediment Jasper Aves, white Jade Paters  $40  

 Frosted Quartz and Sodalite  $44
 Goldstone and Bronze with Saint Benedict medal  $46
 Pink Magnesite with Saint Frances medal.  Ideal for Baptism $44

Frosted blue quartz and White Turquoise in pewter. Saint Michael medal $44
Stop by and get more info and pictures-- 

Once more, there are unexpected surprises in the stray cat column. This little kitty showerd at my back door, kinda skinny and very affectionate--esp after eating a can of Fancy Feast in record time!
I've checked everywhere in about a 1mi distance--no flyers.  nothing in the pet lost & found--or the pound--or various internet sites to help in locating the loss.  well, he's in the house now, and has a name--Sir Purrsalot.  What he no longer has is his furballs, which were removed on Wed.  He's getting on with the other kitties just fine.  More info as time goes by...

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Amethyst Bronze Rosary with an Amazing Crucifix!

Beautiful grape Amethyst with White Turquoise (magnasite) give a very medieval tone to this Rosary.
Two angels pray at the foot of the Cross in this Crucifix and the center is a Scapular medal.
Visit and check out the collection!  Layaway is available.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Cafe au Lait MOP and Lamp Glass in a new HeartFelt Rosary

Just listed!! And ON SALE till midnight!  From
Warm, multi-tonal unbleached Mother of Pearl with green swirled American LampGlass and Lapis Paters.  The Crucifix has been cast in bronze from the original Bishop's Crucifix, which I came across by lucky chance some years ago.
The center is a filigree of Mary at the feet of St Anne.
To see the listing, click

Friday, September 6, 2013


Sale starts at noon and continues through Sunday! 15% off everything in the store--even the newest listings--
 On Sale reduced from $355 to $301 through Sunday
Stop by today for the best selection!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Blue Amazonite Sterling Silver Rosary by HeartFelt Rosaries

Just Listed--stunning, Robin's Egg Blue Amazonite in Sterling Silver in this new, unbreakable Rosary!
It features all sterling construction--even the Paters are sterling. The wire wrapping ensures a link so sturdy it is guaranteed for life!
Stop by the shop, rosaries will be listed all week!

There's a new kitty in town!  he's another stray who showed up hungry, and after some kibble purred and hed-bonked me.  He is declawed and quite small, so I brought him in the house--I have racoons who visit at night that are a lot bigger and a lot meaner!  No success yet in findinge owner but I'll keep trying!
Sir Purrsalot at his favorite activity...