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Sunday, July 31, 2011

White Turquoise Charm Bracelet

Just Listed--at!
Fat, White Turquoise nuggets and intricate Bali beads blend together with 10 religious medals, Swarovski Crystals in Topaz and Ruby, and Crosses, all in warm bronze in my newest Catholic Charm Bracelet.  I've been having fun with a full bag of religious medals,all hand cast in solid bronze from the well-loved originals.  Padre Pio is there--Our Lady of Guadalupe--Saints Peter and Paul--St Benedict--Our Lady of Carmel--and more!
It's a refreshing break from wrapping beads for Rosaries!  Do come visit and see the other offerings!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

What I do in my spare time...

Took a break from Rosary making today and worked up a couple of Religious Medal Charm Bracelets for the shop--

Both bracelets start with a simple, wire wrap bracelet--one features some very nice, natural Aquamarine, and the other Dragon Vein Agate (with it's autumnal green over brown coloration). Once the bracelets proper were complete, I ornamented them with a handful of solid bronze religious medals, Swarovski crystals, and (on the Dragon Vein bracelet) genuine Peridot and cafe-au-lait Mother of Pearl. The medals are all sorts of saints, Jesus and the Blessed Virgin.  There's even a Guardian Angel medal on one!
They're in the shop now and you can read more about them by clicking here!
They are very well- and carefully-made to last, with heavy, non tarnishing bronze wiring to compliment the medals, and will stand up to years of use.
Either one would make a beautiful and meaningful gift--or wear one yourself as a quiet witness to your Catholic faith!

 I came upon this quote from Edmund Burke, 18th cent. writer--(paraphrase, I don't have the exact wording):
"Though no man may draw a line between night and day, on the whole it is reasonably possible to tell darkness from light."
It's very useful in discussions with cultural relativists or anyone on a slippery slope..hope you find it helpful when you find yourself stuck in the gray areas and needing clarity.

All for now, Squeaker is agitating for a treat and a belly rub...

Now Listed--Kingman MineTurquoise!

It's in my Etsy shop,, now--
Top quality Turquoise from the world famous Kingman Mine, wrapped in bronze for an unbreakable Rosary!  The Cross is Eastern European, with three birds for the Holy Trinity; and set in the middle is a large Kingman cabochon--stunning!
With 6mm Aves, this is a traditional sized Rosary that prays well--
The Cross is a HeartFelt Rosaries exclusive!
Check out the listing by clicking here!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

New--Kingman Mine Turquoise!

Tonight I'm working with fantastic Kingman Mine Turquoise--
Yes, genuine, highly regarded Kingman MineTurquoise with its slight green tinge and vivid color. The bronze Cross is also set with a fat Kingman cabochon--a HeartFelt Rosaries exclusive.  Look for this to list this weekend!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sapphire and 14k Gold--Now in the Shop!

The ultimate Sapphire Rosary--near gem-quality Berry Pink Sapphire bathed in 14k gold in a one-of-a-kind Rosary for the serious collector--
Now listed at  While I have offered gold Rosaries as custom items in the past, this is the first public offering --rich, saturated pink in plump 6mm faceted Aves is perfectly matched in the larger, 8mm Paters, and accented with solid 14k gold wire. Even the connector links are ornamented with solid 14k gold beads! The Crucifix and matching center are lovely and lacey.  They have been hand cast from the original antiques and polished to a high shine.
I believe it is one of the finest Rosaries available, hands down.
To go directly to the listing, which has more info and pictures, click here! You'll be able to contact me there for any questions or comments.  Lay away is available.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Peacock Pearls and Bronze Rosary

On the bead board at like peacock feathers and a fine Bishop's Crucifix--

These are AA+ quality pearls in Taupe, with the fine sheen of multicolored peacock feathers--purples, greens,blues, reds. Looks splendid with the warm bronze!
And the Crucifix -- a HeartFelt Rosaries exclusive -- Hand cast from a Pectoral Cross in the collection of a late Bishop.  Note also the intricate bronze Paters!
Coming soon to my Etsy shop - stop by and visit!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Just Listed at!

Cranberry Agate and White Turquoise Wire Wrap Unbreakable Bronze Rosary!
The SALE is still on --15%off with the Coupon SECRETSALE through 7/18/11!  The deep, wine-colored Aves are softly faceted, while the White Turquoise adds an elegant touch. The Crucifix is cast from the original 17th century antique Mission Crucifix, well worn. The dove of the Holy Spirit makes the centerpiece, and from it hangs a lovely medal of The Blessed Virgin.  All components, including the Bali bead caps and the wire, are solid bronze. It will make a beautiful gift--for someone you love--or yourself!
To see this listing and more, visit my Etsy shop,

WELL...I did it!
I found a home for my tv at last.  I gave up television over a year ago and couldn't be happier. There are other ways to spend time that are more productive--and when I need outside noise, I listen to the classical station or  stream EWTN on the computer.  And I've learned to appreciate silence--and bird songs!
My petite friend brought her big ole guy husband to retrieve it, but the tv won that round--it's very big and has the old style big picture tube that's now going the way of the dodo--and was just too darn heavy for them. We needed 2 burly men...and a van...all to be arranged. I'll use the empty space in the entertainment center to store...more beads, of course.  You can't have too many beads ...

I have cushion cut cube London Blue Topaz that will make a fantastic Sterling collector's Rosary...the latest batch of goodies from my caster is in the mail, and it contains Sterling Two Cherubs Crucifixes--utterly stunning and only available at HeartFelt Rosaries--one of which will ornament this Rosary. 
Also in the caster's package--my 14k gold Crucifix and center for the Pink Sapphire Rosary.  Look for that rather special offering next week!


Cranberry Agate and White Turquoise Bronze Rosary!

On the bead board--deep red Agate with a well worn c1700 Mission Crucifix!
Crucifix, center and medal hand cast from the original antiques in solid bronze.  The  deep red Agate is faceted and elegant, and as always, is unbreakably wrapped in sturdy bronze wire!  Listing in the next day or two at!

Friday, July 15, 2011


Save 15% off everything in the shop this weekend!  Enter the coupon code SECRETSALE at checkout for 15%  off your total purchase!  Coupon valid 7/15 - 7/18/11!  Have fun looking...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Midnight Blue Lapis and Bronze Rosary

It's liste--top quality, deep blue Lapis wire-wrapped in solid bronze for an unbreakable Rosary--
The Renaissance-inspired Crucifix is double-sided, with the Child Jesus in His Mother's arms on the back of this highly detailed Cross. Jesus is also present in the Sacred Heart medal that dangles from the ornate Scapular medal that serves as the Rosary center.
The Paters are a real work of love by my caster--each one patterned in two halves, then carefully joined and cast in solid bronze.  I think the bronze is a wonderful companion to the Lapis. And for an even ore antique ook, I added ruby red Swarovski Crystal accents--it's alltogether an opulent, rich look!
Since it is wire wrapped--double wrapped at each end of the bead, then swirled again in durable, strong bronze wire--it will easily hold up to a lifetime of fervent prayer--this is one to hand down the generations!
Want to see the listing? Click to go to my Etsy shop--you'll see this and more.

I hope you had the chance to see the Pink Amethyst Rosary when it listed, cause it sold within hours--but the search is on to find more gemstone-quality stones for the next one-of-a-kind Rosary--watch this space....

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Soon--Lapis and Bronze!

On the bead board -- midnight blue Lapis in solid Bronze--
The medieval Crucifix is double sided, with the Blessed Virgin holding the Christ Child on the back.  Our Lady again shows us her Son in the ornate center, and the medal is of the Sacred Heart with Bernadette and Our Lady at Lourdes on the back. All have been hand cast from the antique originals in solid bronze, then burnished to a fine patina.
The Rosary itself is unbreakable -- double wrapped, then swirled in sturdy and strong solid bronze wire.  All loops are closed loops, wrapped again for strength--this Rosary will last into the next generation!
I'll be listing this Rosary this for an update, or visit my shop at
You'll also find me on Ebay-- search for HeartFelt Rosaries to see my items!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Now Listed--Pink Amethyst and Sterling!

New--the ultimate Pink Amethyst Rosary, drenched in Sterling, big and bold!
Pale, gem quality Pink Amethyst, aka Rose de France, pairs with an ornate Vine and Branches Crucifix and medal of the Blessed Virgin for a stunning presentation.
This is a substantial Rosary, both in carat weight and in the weight of silver (nearly an ounce in the Crucifix alone)! The Amethyst is wonderful, with the pastel purple accented with a strong pink presence as should be seen in top quality Pink Amethyst.  These beads are skillfully cut, consistent in color and absolutely clear, for a brilliant sparkle; and each one is capped in more Sterling.  Even the Paters are special, highly detailed Sterling Bali beads. And I managed to keep it under $1000!
To see this Rosary and more, visit!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rose de France (Pink) Amethyst-- Gem Quality Rosary!

On the bead board -- Difficult to find gem-quality Pink Amethyst, known as Rose de France--
The finest Pink Amethyst is a pale lavender with a decidedly pink cast -- these stones will amaze you! They pair beautifully with Sterling Silver, antiqued for an old world look.  The Amethyst rondelles are a hefty 8x10mm, making this a more substantial Rosary with a lovely feel in the hand.
Will be listing soon at --do stop by!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

St Francis Rosary Now in the Shop!

A Rosary for St Francis of Assisi and St Benedict!
The San Damiano Crucifix honors St Francis, and the center is a St Benedict medal with its strong protection against Evil.  For more info/details on the Rosary, see the listing at -- or just visit the shop at!
Check out my earlier blog posts for the history behind the San Damiano Crucifix and the St Benedict medal!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

St Francis' Rosary in Bronze!

On the bead board-- a Bronze and Poppy Jasper Unbreakable Rosary with a San Damiano Crucifix, St Benedict medal center, and Blessed Virgin Mary medal--
San Damiano (St Damian) was the rundown chapel in which St Francis of Assisi was praying when he heard Jesus say, 'Francis, repair my Church, which as you can see is in ruins.'  St Francis at first thought he was to repair the broken walls and windows--but he soon came to understand that Jesus had Holy Mother Church in  mind!
I periodically offer this Rosary for my Franciscan friends of the Third Order--or any one with a devotion to St Francis.  This time around I added a lovely St  Benedict medal as well.  It is sturdily made and double wire wrapped to last through a lifetime of prayer, and it stands up against the heaviest use, finding a secure home in your pocket or purse!
Will list sometime this week......more info then.....will be in my shop,  Do visit!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Garnet and Bronze Listed!

Finally listed--Gem quality, AAA, Garnet in a fabulous new Joan of Arc inspired bronze Rosary--
The stiff, solid bronze wire is tough to work with, but it is super strong and tarnish callouses are developing nicely, thank you . And it makes a beautiful, tight wrap that holds its shape.  I'm loving the way the warm bronze matches the Crucifixes, centers, and medals.
And speaking of medals, the picture doesn't show it, but there is a lovely medal of the Holy Infant of Prague attached to the center by a hand crafted chain...
When I say gem quality Garnet, I mean it.  And I give you the criteria so you can judge for yourself in the listing -- to see the listing, click here--or just go to my Etsy shop,!

The cats and I have had a relaxing 4th of July, with cold drinks (ice cubes in the kitty water bowl) and our favorite tuna fish sandwiches all around.  I spent most of the afternoon trying to get a good picture of the Rosary--Garnet is HARD to photograph, and the day was overcast when what I really needed was bright sunshine!  Maxx vonMeow was sleeping at my side, content with the occasional tummy rub, and Squeaker and Elvis Purrsely sought out the cat tree and groomed each other...and slept.  Should be interesting at dusk--we can hear the boom of the fireworks here, scaring the poor kitties ....
Hope you had a great holiday!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Garnet and Bronze Rosary--Coming July 4!

On the bead board now--Perfectly clear, beautifully colored Garnet  and St Joan of Arc--
Intensely red, even in low light, this is fabulous garnet.  Wire wrapped for an unbreakable Rosary with super strong bronze wire--this will last a lifetime! Watch for it to list at sometime tomorrow, July 4!  I'll blog again then...