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Sunday, December 20, 2009

On the (Christmas) Bead Board

Can I just say I love Christmas?  I am done--yes, DONE!--with my gift making and looking forward to spending the next few days in anticipation of a wonderful Christmas Eve.  So I thought I would share a couple of gifts I've made--you will see some similar items in the shop soon, I'm sure !

Yesterday was a relaxing day working on new wire wrapping skills, and I only had to re-do and revise this pendant necklace 4 times..and it isn't perfect is harder than it looks, guys, but I'll persevere.  The pendant is a smart little fossilized Coral bead with a hint of golden red that really plays up the red brass...

The pendant itself is a cabachon; that is, a bead that has not been drilled and must be set into a design.  In wire wrapping, that means building a discrete mounting for it...then jazzing it up with swirls and other beads and whatever to finish the wire ends that remain after wrapping.  That was the fun part!  And do you like the back of the neck? I can see that this will keep me busy for a few years!

 I'm already thinking of ways to incorporate cabs into my Rosaries. I've often used a wire swirl over an oval bead in the past..and I used that idea in a zebra Onyx and Sardonyx bracelet I just finished this afternoon

I really enjoyed making the clasp...but the bead board is littered with false starts!

And speaking of litter (groan)--the kitties are getting ready for the holiday, too.  I'm prepared: Large container of catnip, fresh kitty grass, a new toy and 4 of those teeny tiny cans of gourmet catfood (their  favorite flavor, chicken primavera) and a new scratching post. I moved their little, much-loved cardboard boxes near the fireplace so they can be warm and cozy.  And extra tummy scritches all around for a truly contented Christmas day!

May your Christmas be blessed and happy!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Rosary Inspired Necklace

First off, Merry Christmas!

But I'm really blogging because I want to show you a necklace I just completed as a custom order for a special young man--I was just so pleased I wanted to share...

His idea was a Rosary inspired necklace using some beautiful Peacock Black Pearls he provided and moonstone.
We tried several different 'Pater' stones, but he was right...Moonstone, with it's opalescent qualities played on the pearls' own shimmer.  I made mock ups of ideas and emailed pictures, and he would respond with what he liked and didn't like....well, in seeing the different options, he came to feel that there needed to be a strong Sterling presence. I got out my bead caps and went to work..
And a bit of...well, actually, a LOT of...Sterling accents gave it an opulent, rich feel.
I think he chose the perfect Cross, don't you?
Of course, this is not a 'real' Rosary--it is a necklace with the look of a Rosary, with 'Paters' and 'Aves', and a drop with a Cross at the bottom

I especially like the neckline in the back:

The whole thing is wire wrapped, so it will stand up to heavy use with ease--and, as we all know, sterling won't tarnish if it is used everyday.

I love the challenge of bringing an idea along and developing it into one, unique and special item--and I think my clients enjoy 'playing' with beads as well.

All for now, the kitties say hullo...