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Friday, March 27, 2015

Rosary Bracelets now listing!

Just listed
What do you do with a trunkfull of leftover beads? Make Wrist Rosaries and Rosary-inspired bracelets!
Tonight, I am listing this gorgeous, multi stone full 5 decade Rosary bracelet.  The stones are divided into groups of 10 and a Our Father bead.  There is Golden Tiger Eye,Excellent quality Charoite, blue Jade and red dyed bone. The Our Fathers are Topaz Swarovski with gold Crosses, andBali beads in Bronze and Slver.  the last Our Father bead is an Aquamarine bead smuggled out of Afghanistan several years ago.  the last decade is a fun yellow bead called 'confetti. Finally, small Crucifix and  Miraculous medal completes this pretty-as-a-picture  bracelet.

It will be delightful with your spring outfits, and special because you can pray with it anywhere
I have all kinds of left-over beads, and the beads in these bracelets run from everyday beads to expensive (but homeless) beads--like the Afghani bead and the top quality Charoite.
Thank you for looking !
This bracelet will arrive in a silver box, and in an organza beaded and tasseled bag, ready for presentation

Keep checking back -- there's more to list, and bunches of new Rosaries coming!

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Renaissance inspired Rosary in pink Rhodochrosite with an amazing Crucifix by

Just finished this Pink Rosary--the Rhodochrosite and Sterling Silver combined for a feminine appeal.  The Crucifix is amazing--two sided, with Christ on the front, and Our Lady and Child Jesus on the back.  The detail is crisp and the silver shiny. Mary as a child sits at the feet of her mother, Saint Anne, in the detailed center.
This Rosary is unbreakable.  Promise.  See the full description at
Shipping is free.

Visit the rest of the shop at, an Etsy shop

Friday, March 20, 2015

Blue Aquamarine Rosary Listed!

This Rosary showcases some really beautiful Aquamarine in a larger sized bead--take a look--

Pale Robin's egg blue Aquamarine in Sterling and Pearls is even prettier in person! Plump 9mm faceted Hail Marys are separated by tiny Pearls, while the Our Fathers are bigger, capped in Pewter and flanked with Caribbean Blue Crystal rondelles.

Crucifix and center are solid Sterling Silver.  They have been hand casted from antique originals and gently burnished to the original patina.
They work well with the larger beads.  Length 21"

Those with arthritic hands and men with large hands will find this larger sizing easy to pray.  It is silky smooth and has a nice weight in the hand.

This Rosary is made with strong, 49-strand, 40# test wt plastic coated stainless Steel.  It is carefully double crimped and  a wire guardian protects the wire connection at the Crucifix from fraying. It will give many years of prayers.

As always, this Rosary comes boxed in silver and in a delightful beaded organza gift bag--ready for presentation.

Amethyst is back!

Just Listed--  Excellent quality Amethyst in Silver !

This new Rosary features excellent Amethyst paired with Purple Sea Sediment stones and Silvery Pewter Cross/Crucifix and center.
As the large Cross is just that--no body of Christ--I have included a small Crucifix as a medal so as to allow the 15 Promises as given by Our Lady 
to be obtained.
Each plump 8mm Amethyst is separated from the next by varigated 6mm purple Sea Sediment beads and tiny lavender glass beads. This makes for an elegantly long Rosary which is a pleasure to pray.
This Rosary is made with strong, 49-strand, 40# test wt plastic coated stainless Steel. It is carefully crimped with two crimps and wire guardians at each connection point. It will give many years of prayers.
As always, this Rosary comes boxed in silver and in a delightful beaded organza gift bag--ready for pressentation.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

New things, Blue things at

Two lovely blues--rich, subdued blue Dumortierite with onyx, and Banded Agate in it's cheerful color variations
Lots more coming tomorrow and all the way through the weekends
Just relisted after selling out twice in 8hrs--

Varigated Blue Quartz with Guadalupe Medal

Friday, March 13, 2015

Classic Black Rosary #2

Here is a classic black Rosary, updated.
The Hail Marys are 8mm Black Onyx separated by 4mm silver toned Bali spacers. The Our Fathers are large, deep grey-black moonstone.
The Crucifix is larger, with a detailed pattern around the periphery and a St Benedict medal embedded in the Cross.
Prays beautifully, silky smooth throughout, with a nice heft in the hand.
As always, it comes ready for presentation--boxed in silver and in a gorgeous organza and velvet beaded gift bag.
And just in case it's been awhile since your last Rosary, instructions are included.

Dumortierite and Onyx Rosary!

Just finished and in the shop--
Dumortierite is not too well known, but I don't know why--it is a lovely minor gemstone with a deeper and darker blue than Lapis, with which it is often compared.
This Rosary features black Onyx Aves and dumortierite Paters,
The Crucifix is a heavy, enamelled one with a St Benedict medal placed above and behind the Corpus--St Benedict is a strong protector against Evil.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Rainbow Rosary, Sterling Silver, Marcasite, Swarovski Crystal

On the beadboard and hoping to list in a day or two.  This Sterling Silver and Swarovski Crystal Rosary features a very special Marcasite and Sterling Cross, Marian center and elaborate Bali bead Our Fathers.  It would make a loving and holy Easter / Confirmation / or First Communion gift!

As with all my wire-wrap Rosaries and Sacramentals, this Rosary will not break--each bead is wrapped with a single strand of Sterling Silver--no loops

Only 1 available--may reserve it now
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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Rainbow Rosary Swarovski Crystal Sterling Silver OL Untier of Knots Easter First Communion Confirmation by HeartFelt Rosaries

Just off the bead board--genuine Swarovski Crystals in the colors of the Rainbow and wrapped
in Sterling Silver --
The fat Swarovski Pearls are a generous 10mm capped in silver, and the Hail Marys
are genuine Swarovski.  They are arranged in the colors of the rainbow.

This is a unbreakable wire wrapped Rosary--perfect for  an Easter gift -- the recipient  will be .
able to hand it down to the next generation

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