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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Classic 15-decade Rosary in the style of a Nun's Rosary

A follow up on the onyx and silver 'Classic' 5-decade Rosary earlier this week.
Here is a classic 15- decade Rosary, complete with wooden Aves and a Nun's Crucifix.


The Hail Marys are 8mm Black wood separated by 6mm Double washers--very simple. The washers are nickel. The Our Fathers are Black Onyx in 6- and 8mm size. They have a different feel than the wooden Aves and are a bit larger to help you tell your beads without looking.
The Crucifix is simple in keeping with the idea of making a Rosary that a Nun would welcome.. It is simple, in the budded style of so many Crucifixes, I don't have an answer to those who want to know what metal it is--it does not react to a magnet, but neither can I find a hallmark. It polished up beautifully and the larger size is a good balance to all the black beads,
5-6 ft in total length, but because the Aves a lightweight wood, this is remarkably light for its size.
Prays beautifully, silky smooth throughout, with a nice heft in the hand.
As always, it comes ready for presentation-- in a gorgeous organza beaded gift bag.
And just in case it's been awhile since your last Rosary, instructions are included.

AND...if you're wondering why I didn't make a 20-decade version--the length was already huge--doubled and passed over a belt like the Nuns do, it already nearly hit the floor. So, St JP2,no offense.

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