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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Rose Quartz Rosary Listed!

Now in the shop at pink and bronze with an antique look--
Delightful Rose Quartz gives the Rosary an airy feel, while the Coptic-inspired Crucifix, 4-way center and Bali bead Paters add substance and style.  Coptic style  is noted for its textured backgrounds, and in this case, raised dots.  The dots continue on the Paters, giving a pulled-together, matching look to the components.
As always, the wire wrapping adds beauty and durability. And, as always with my wire wrap Rosaries, this one is guaranteed not to break for a lifetime of use!
Stop by the shop and read more about it--click here to visit!

Elvis Purrsley pondered the meaning of life in the windowsill as I was finishing up the Rosary tonight--with 9 lives to consider, this may take a while...

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