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Sunday, January 27, 2013

3 New Cable Rosaries!

A hat trick's worth of new cable Rosaries is now in the shop at Sodalite, purple Amethyst, and classic White Turquoise with Russian Amazonite Paters!
 Sodalite is a cornflower blue to deep blue, marbled stone that is one of the components of Lapis Lazuli.  With its white Agate Paters, this is a very Marian Rosary.  It even has a Marian center, complete with crown!

Deep purple Amethyst with topaz and purple Swarovski accents make a simple, elegant Rosary. It features a Sacred Heart center and a detailed, elaborate Crucifix.
Teal green Russian Amazonite adds a punch of color to the always popular White Turquoise. Notice the Art Deco Crucifix and the Angel center!
All listed now in the shop and all under $50--Click here to visit the shop!

I recently provided a dear friend, who cares for a passel of feral cats, a heated 'cozy cat cottage' (we don't call it a cat house!)--boy, did the kitties get a chance to use it this week as the temperature dropped well below freezing!  'Grandma,' the elder statesman of the kitty clan, claimed a space on the toasty floor as soon as it arrived.  (This kitty was named Grandma because she watches over and pampers the younger cats--and they love her.)  Most of the clan--and all the younger ones-- followed Grandma into the cottage and there was quite a pile there all week--a real cuddle puddle!  The 'left overs' who declined to use the cottage, by the way, were tame enough to spend the cold weather in the house, where they will remain till the weather warms.  And I think my 4 are a houseful...

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