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Monday, December 2, 2013

Gem Quality Rhodochrosite and Sterling in a new Wire Wrap Rosary!

It's finally done--top grade pink banded Rhodochrosite in a very pretty Rosary that will last a lifetime!
Swarovski Crystal Paters in dark, siam red add contrast.  
Come take a look  -- 
$317 introductory pricing.  Will revert to $365 Sunday, 12/8/13
Layaway available.

Sir Purrsalot is young and growing.  He eats constantly, except, of course, if he can see even the smallest glimpse of the bottom of the bowl--one of  the top ten sins a human can do.  Sir Purrsalot cannot be expected to eat from an 'empty' bowl.
Last night I head an unusual sound from the kitchen and went in to see what was going on.
Sir Purrsalot had used those lovely little pointy ends on his paws and his teeth to tear a kitty-head-size hole in the 20# bag....and stick his head he did, and was chowing down busily!
This isn't the best pic--but you can see him sitting on top of the bag which he had knocked over, leaning over the side and putting his whole head in the bag.  while this may have enhanced his dinner it made a mess for the human!
 I thought that hiding the bag in the broom closet was a great idea.  yup. He managed to get into the closet and make another big hole near the bottom of the bag. And this is what happened when we tried to take it out to fill the bowl...luckily, kitty and I agree on the three second rule, which we updated to the 10 minute rule--the tie it took to get all the chow coralled and back into a bag
I got the point.  Food dish must always be filled...Thank you, Master Kitty!

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