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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Stormy Blue Brazilian Quartz 'Ultimate' Rosary On the Bead Board!

Listing soon--another Rosary in my "Ultimate" line.  This is a very special, soaked-in-sterling,  elaborate Rosary that starts with Natural Blue Quartz from Brazil--8mm Hail Marys and big 14mm Our Fathers.  Add a 10mm Pearl on each side, and elaborate bead caps.  The center is a medal of Mary at the foot of St Anne, her mother. There is a gothic-inspired medal of the Assumption dangling from the center; and one of my most popular Crucifixes finishes it up.
This Rosary is wire wrapped --will not break, and that is a promise!
More info later.  Hope to get it into the shop next week.  Contact me at with questions.  Layaway will be available.

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