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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Simple but Striking Red Wire Wrap Rosary Now in the Shop!

$199  --  get 15% off till midnight Sunday 8/3/14!

This unbreakable wire wrap Rosary features 'Brazilian Ruby' (Aka red Jade), moonstone, and silver--it's that simple.
Each beautifully colored and cut Ave is wrapped twice wrapped at each end, then swirled across the bead and wrapped once more for a Rosary so sturdy and durable, it will NOT break. There are no open loops for the wire to slip through or to break--only solid 22g Sterling Silver, and you'll have to wear through it. For that reason, it is guaranteed against breaking for life. Period.

The Crucifix, two-sided Sacred Heart, Immaculate Heart center, and Scapular Medal are solid Sterling, hand cast from the original antiques by a skilled artisan right here in the US.

The paters are a rather new variety of Bali beads, also Sterling Silver. The leaves on the Paters correspond nicely with the leaf design on the Crucifix.

This Rosary has been obsessively crimped to avoid 'stickies' so common in wire wrapping.

It is 27" (70cm) long, silky smooth and a pleasure to pray. The wire wrapping swirl over the bead gently leads your fingers to the next bead.

A meaningful gift, this Rosary is durable enough to happily reside in a pocket or purse and daily use.

As always, it will come ready for giving--boxed in silver and in a lovely beaded gift bag.

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