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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Carnelian Rosary Listed!

Now in the shop at
Features acid-etched, 'crackle' Carnelian beads for Aves, and smooth, handmade Carnelian Paters. There is a story behind the double-armed Caravaca Crucifix--here is an explanation from
  • According to legend, during the 13th century the city of Caravaca was under Moorish Muslim rule. The rulers destroyed all crosses in the town upon taking over. The Moorish chief held a priest named Chirinos prisoner. The chief ordered Chirinos to perform a mass to satisfy his curiosity of the Christian service. Chirinos told the chief he could not perform the mass, because there was no cross available. The chief accused the priest of lying, at which point, two angels appeared carrying a two-armed cross for the priest's service.
This sturdy, unbreakable Rosary is a bit larger than the commercial variety.  It is a pleasure to pray,  and will last a lifetime! Visit the shop to learn more--Click here!

The Shipping dept. has been busy sending out packages--they do a great job--Here's Squeaker Floofytayl double checking an order.  Stray Kitty hairs are generously included at No Additional Cost!

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